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Primer on the Gross Receipts Tax
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The Economist on Georgia
10 Commandments for Drinking
To paraphrase Mark Twain
NPR understands the reason for campaign finance laws
Vote for my kid's Moe's video
A Question of (Business) Ethics
Georgia on my mind
We should make up a new game called "Spot the Broken Window!"
Phonecall for Mr. Orwell. Is there a Mr. Orwell in the house?
Building Brand Equity: EFW Index lecture
Mises Wins!
Eat your heart out Leibniz FAIL
Externalities explained...
facebook ad -- FAIL
Jocks > Nerds
"I know the rules"
The Bear
Best sentence I've read today
When is war murder?
Disneyland University
EFW Call for Papers
Warack Obama
Higher education in the 21st Century in a single picture.
The Higher Education Bubble?
The Silverdome as an "investment"
Libertarian moments in the movies: "I wanna smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in the non-smoking section."
Libertarian moments in the movies (in honor of Veterans Day)
The plural of anecdote is data, Campbell
More libertarian movie moments
"We meddle."
Ummmm...I think I'll let Tyler read this one and blog on it
Best sentence I read today or probably will read this week.
The FTC is here to protect you, dear reader.
Ok, maybe I am a sore loser but...
Final word on the Ohio CAT
Are Economics Departments the most dsyfunctional?
More on Norma Rae
MIE: Dead Alumni Edition
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Mr. Rogers Obama: Can you say, serve the state? Yes you can!
Markets in Everything: Fake Presidents
My health care rant
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To guarantee or not guarantee? That is the question.
Southern Miss Economics, RIP?
Britain The U.S. needs a Bill of Rights
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Auburn makes the Top 10
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Doing Business caves into ILO!?!
Running is countercyclical?
Gourmet Beer Bill in Riley's Office!
Gerald Scully, RIP
Baseball #'s
Cowen & Tabarrok steal APEE logo!
Yeah, well, except for the secret police and the concentrations camps.
Freddie Mac job opening.
Mission Creep
If it matters, measure it!
Shleifer on Stiglitz
Mother Nature is one ungrateful whore.
A Chicken (and cell phone) in every pot!
File under: Anything will happen that can.
Boston Marathon Today
Take the terrorist quiz for yourself!
xkcd on Borders
Tax Day tidbits
Libertarian blind spots
Should I start a new category called "Illegal in Alabama"?
Good Journalism = Bad Economics
Some simple math from xkcd
xkcd: Association equals 'look over there'
Congrats, &tc.
Nice pic, Art, but...
An NFL bleg
Corruption & the Financial Crisis
Economic Freedom Correlates with Peace
Carden - Lawson Running Throwdown
Building Brand Equity: Mises Podcast
Acemoglu almost discovers Public Choice?
Great Rant: I hate kids
Building Brand Equity: Cato Book Forum
Could this be any worse?
APEE Young Scholars Program
Doh! That darned Law of Demand again!
Walter Block does a Larry Summers
Laura Ingalls! You've been a very baaaaad girl!
Mas sobre "No mas!"
No mas!
In the spirit of Don Boudreaux...
Who knew Ron Paul had a blimp?
Base ball in Auburn in 1866
Hey honey, does this taste funny to you? showing Ayn Rand some love
The Bailout...
Forbes 535 v. the US Congress
The Leisure of the Theory Class: Part 172
From the mouths of babes...
Politics 2000 Interview
VATs v. Sales Taxes
I wonder when I'll be asked to talk about the Big Bang at a physics seminar?
New EFW out today
Thanks for nothing, literally.
Prediction Time
Devalue and grow?
Headlines that probably should have been revised
My Name Is Earl Eric
Apologists of the world unite!
Building Brand Equity: CAT podcast
You lose some; you win some!
Next up: Putin sets world record in pole vault!
Georgia comic
Georgia picture
Hey! What gives you the right
With peacekeepers like these...
Another POV on Georgia
Dear John (Edwards)
Point Shaving
Ratings everywhere, everywhere ratings
You're fired. It's only "fair".
Badwater Congrats!
Recent press
Book Bleg
How about you just fly your f*ing planes...
More on Jarts
Yard signs revisited
We're all Keynesians price gougers now!
Just a bit outside low
High School rankings
Dr. Mankiw meet Drs. Coase and Tullock
Geologic time includes now.*
Dr. Ricardo I presume?
Too safe at any speed?
Funniest sentence I read today.
Ohio about to pass the "Loan Shark Full Employment Act"
No one's a Keynesian now!
A Haiku for my city?
xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.
Speaking of happiness research...
Are you happy?
Boston Marathon Post
"Freedom for Zimbabwe" By MORGAN TSVANGIRAI
APEE in Vegas.
Jarts: The Missile Game
Grab Bag
The Secret to Making Poor Nations Rich
A Tale of Two Teachers
Economists Who Run
Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin
Friedman made my car not start today!
Buckley, RIP
Is the Starving Man Free?
Fun v. Danger
I'm an idiot: Marathon Edition
APEE Essay Contest Winners Announced
Libertarian Bingo
War Eagle!
Hiking for Dollars
Letter Wars
Classic Lileks
John Stossel at APEE
"The poor souls"
John McCain? Say it ain't so!
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.*
Markets in Unclaimed Baggage
"A Freer World is a Better World" by John Stossel
State of the Union BINGO
Friedman/Smith/Rogers Quotes
"an opus of avalanche activity"
Run, Lance, Run!
Local Rent Seeking
APEE/MBMI Contest: New Deadline!
Papers please! Papiere bitte! Papeles, por favor!
Economics Communicator's Contest: Deadline Feb 1
Marketplace on Public Radio
EconoBlogging at Ohio University
Running/Hiking Year in Review
Count the cliches!
Market in...Stranger Life Insurance
Winter Break
From Today's Inbox: Academics for Paul
I say fix their rates, but make them give back the Lexus.
University taglines
Brother can you spare a visa?
There oughta be a law
'Rounding third and heading for home'
SEAs, etc.
Re: Two cheers for Bob Tollison
APEE Young Scholars Program
To whom does wealth belong?
A Rod. All the time.
The Ultimate Resource to air on PBS
Misc updates
On Running Efficiency
Re: The hell that is Zimbabwe.
Pollution a positive externality?
Stop me before I choose again!
The World Freedom Atlas
Rodrik on Economic Freedom
Buckeye Podcast
Tasting Protectionism
Should DUI be illegal?
Er, thanks.
Indian Run 60k
APEE Essay Contest
Waiting to call 911 II
Yeah, wait for it...
A chip off the ol' block.
Erie Marathon Report
EFW in the Economist
Economic Freedom of the World: 2007 Annual Report
What would Tyler's Inner Economist think of this?
When is a CAT a dog?
Advice to Freshmen
Consumer Protection = Less Information?
Charleston Peak
Are taxes like prices?
Doh! (Law of Unintended Consequences Edition)
Corporate Welfare or Bigger Government?
Say it ain't so, Bear
"Doping debacle"
Daniel Sickles
In today's inbox...
Harry Potter (no spoilers)
Farewell, Antioch by George Will
Why do I still get the daily newspaper?
Cultural Wars
Ashland Chautauqua
Too high? Too low? Just Right? None of the above?
R.I.P. Antioch College
A Cowen Moment?
Checking in from France
Skybus rules
Schumpeter gets some respect
Paging Dr. Smith
Building Social Capital (Facebook Group)
I sure am glad the government is there to protect the "little guy"!
Unleashing Capitalism in WV
Sherrod Brown on Adam Smith
Sen. Brown replies
Commencement Blues Part XII
Capitalist acts between consenting adults?
"Markets in Everything"
World's worst metaphor?
Grab bag
The Ultimate Resource
Boston recap
Holy #$*@!
Boston Marathon
Randy Barnett Lecture in Columbus tomorrow
Congrats (and Go 'Noles)
Worst First Pitch EVER!
From ABBA to Zeppelin, Led: Using Music to Teach Economics
Ben Powell on Penn & Teller's Bull$h!t
The Baseball Economist
Nesbit/Sobel Nascar News
No Smoking Comrade
Now this is real March Madness
Forgive me this snarky anarcho comment, but...
Kilimanjaro Trip Report
Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Reaction to rejection letter
MPS & Kili
Non-price rationing in action
Wisconsin Gov. Proposes Taxing Big Oil
Economic Freedom Fund(s)
We're the Government and You're Not
Economical Theft Prevention
EFW Power Point Show
Economic Freedom of the World: An Interactive Map
Draft Walter Williams
The Power of Choice -- Tonight
Oh really, George?
The scourge of immigrant labor
Remembering Milton Friedman (1912-2006)
Google's Gapminder
Deadline extended...
Nifty Maps
New uses for Viagra
Markets in Everything: Country Edition
2006 Running Year in Review
Markets in Everything: College Town edition
Things I wonder about....
That damned law of demand (again)
Movie Bleg
Dartmouth's grade inflation approach
Instructor Incentives offer
New Adam Smith sidebar quote
The economics of married life
Spring Semester Lectures at Capital University
Two cheers for the Bowl system
Running and Skin Cancer
My enemy's enemy is my friend--Sports Edition
APEE Economic Communicators Contest
This I already knew...
Corporate Tax Rates
Guatemala Hiking Trip Report
Today, I am sad.
The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservatism?
Headline of the day
EFW Communique
Former student writes about law school
Testing the Alchian-Allen Theorem
Georgia Hiking Trip Report
Georgia Trip
Ohio Voting 101
Save the Elephants: Don't Buy Ivory Soap
Where are all the free market economists?
Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity
Journalism 101: Got No Story? Make one up.
Why libertarians shouldn't attempt to build a home addition: Week 1 Edition
Economic Freedom data
Annual Nobel Prize prediction
DoL data
She is so hot; I'm voting for her!
APEE Essay Contest
ATTN: Columbus Readers. Ben Powell to speak at Capital today
North American Economic Freedom
Capital Woes
Economic Freedom Debate
Choose Life Ohio.
Ohio The Heart of It All
Search and Rescue & the Wisdom of Crowds
Professor v. Cell Phone
Things that make a libertarian mad--Part 2,187.
Economic Freedom of the World: 2006 Annual Report
God and Unions
Sobel v. FEMA
...for the ease of the masters.
Vintage turf battles
Buy APEE stuff!
Eulogy for Maynard Ferguson
In the news...
Mont Pelerin Society Essay Competition
Tullock insults
Higher Ed Commission Report
Great debate finishing line
Competition is a beautiful thing
Why I hate cost-benefit tests.
Curriculum Movie/Book Bleg
A cop with a sense of humor?!
Goggins dies in SF marathon
Score one for the good guys.
Division of Labour Cafepress Store!
r u a nerd?
(Unsolicited) Advice for New Runners
WSJ Letter to the Editor
Grab bag
BBQ List
Rock, Paper, Scissors or Penalty kicks?
July 4 5k Result
July 4th envy from around the world
Sunk Cost Reasoning?
Should I say good-bye to my pre-run bagel?
Say it ain't so: Harry's Toast
Adam Smith in USA Today
No you can't; yes you can...
Vintage Milton Friedman Video
Tax Foundation Report on Ohio's Tax Burden
Mohican 100
Open Letter on Immigration
Libertarian Professors...
Memo to self: Never make predictions.
Vietnam Iraq
Maybe if he opened his eyes when he swings...
Skype hype
Happy 283rd Birthday to Adam Smith
Wanted: University CEO
My favorite former professor in the news...
Conservative Rock?
Amusement Park Pricing
Kudos to the Capital CRs
Time to dust off the old c.v.?
Say it ain't so Ken.
Price Discrimination Paper
Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Wall!
Off to college again...
Toby Davis, RIP
Government 101
If at first you don't succeed...
Reflections on the First Year of Econ Grad School
Movie Time
Happy Belated May Day
Big Brother Daddy
Index of Globalization
Racing to the Top: How Global Competititon Disciplines Public Policy
Economic Development Bulletin
Congrats to Lynn and Todd
Hiking Trip Reports
APEE Las Vegas!
Chief Executive Boards International
In the news: A barber and his dog
Good Bye Mike's Beer Barn
Geekonomics 101
On the Inefficiency of Non-Price Rationing
Lessons from Studying Abroad
Marathon mess-ups
When is a mountain just a mole hill?
An oldie but a goodie.
Ignorance Revealed: A Student Perspective
New website for the Muffins
Internalities and the Economics of Self Control
MPS Essay Contest
Ignorance Revealed!
Time inconsistency and my Italian vacation
The Party Identification Project at Capital University
I'm going to Disneyland Boston!
Grade Inflation
Slippery Slope--Taiwan Edition
Revising Dr. Smith
Need some anti-foreign aid talking points?
Lecture at Marietta College
William Easterly says, "The West Can't Save Africa"
Milton Friedman Clips
Huntington Park
Summer Camp U
I wish economists wrote more for newspapers...
The Leviathan (Ohio Edition)
Why the EEOC should be abolished...
80's Arcade
World Marathon Majors
Triumph of the redistributionist left
The Man Who Would Be King
The World Series of Running?
Economic Impact Studies: Marathon Edition
Why we run.
Blog plug
Memo to self:
Intellectural Diversity on Campus
Anatomy of a "Crisis"
Legal Incidence v. Economic Incidence
Academic Conferences and Welcome to Brad
Why is so much children's literature so good?
Heritage index released today
Book/Movie Bleg
2005 Running Year in Review
Illarionov quits as Putin's advisor
Adam Smith, the original Intelligent Design advocate? Huh?
Ian Vasquez on Arab Economic Freedom
Google will eat itself
"The Central Role of Economic Freedom in Democracy"
Lance Armstrong sued for libel
Deconstructing Adam Smith
APEE 2006 -- Last Call
Smith v. McCain
It's going to be expensive keeping warm this winter!
Dear Osama...
Streaming Munger
Blogging is good for your career
"Who are these guys?"
Lileks on Astrology
Don't like the weather gas prices? Call your Congressman!
FIRE lobbies Phi Beta Kappa
Transportation Costs
Umm Ali or O'Malley?
APEE Essay Contest Deadline, Dec. 1
Arab Economic Freedom Index
What if we all won the lottery?
Do as I say...
President Bush gets it right,
Cato's Doug Bandow to talk at OSU
Call the election police!
Nightwine Award!
Brad Smith was right!
More on the risks of running
It should be...
2004 Global Labor Survey
K. G. Mungowitz to talk at Capital U.
Name Game
Ohio Issue 1: The Two Billion Dollar Boondoggle
B.C. Comic strip today
Who Dey!? Who Dey!? Who Dey Think Gonna Beat Dem Bengals!?
Mommy Knows Worst : Highlights from the Golden Age of Bad Parenting Advice
Work and Live Longer?
Why do Americans Work So Much More than Europeans?
Health Care Rationing in Canada
Transparency International Chief Talks About Corruption In CIS
Top Ten Reasons Not to Run Marathons
Columbus Marathon
World's worst job interview
Public Goods
The Orwellian World of Antitrust
Mr. Ohio Wyoming?
Positive v. Normative Medicine
As the most anarcho blogger here: Hopefully this will NOT change soon.
Supply Contracts
Space Beagle Blog
Rita report
Boudreaux Column
Vintage Base Ball with Conan
SD Padres?
Rummel v Gartzke
IMF Report
(UN)Constitution Day Bleg
More on Doing Business In
I bet the trains run on time in Singapore too.
Is Hong Kong really #1?
Business Regulation measure
"Beef" -- The Rest of the Story
EFW News Roundup
Sachs v. Easterly
Nothing is new.
Don't Cry for Me, Venezuela
Economic Freedom and Peace
Economic Freedom of the World: 2005 Annual Report
Gas Tax Debate
R.I.P. "Beef"
Government Priorities?
How high will gas prices go?
Oh Boo Hoo
APEE Essay Contest
Go Bobcats
Frank and Ernest on the Multiplier
First the Sox beat the Yankees...
Reykjavik Marathon
Go 'Noles!!!!
First evolution, next intelligent design, and now this....
More on "doing nothing"
PPP v. Exchange Rates
Adam Smith on the virtue of "doing nothing"
More London Blogging
Adam Smith, 1723-1790
Florida State Wombats?
London Blogging
London Blogging
Is your college becoming a diploma mill?
Another Google Map App
Is the London Tube Safe?
Are you spending too much time in airports?
Potter Blogging
D.C. Blogging
How Many States/Countries Have You Been To?
Thomas Paine, the original blogger?
Ohio gets an F in Fiscal Discipline
Charleston Peak Trip Report
More fallout from Indian EF study
They don't call it Sin City for nothing
Indian Economic History Lesson
More Uses for Google Maps
Economist resigns over economic freedom study
Freedom = Socialism?
Economic Freedom of North America 2005
Hey babe, what's your sign VO2 Max?
This is too good to be true, but wouldn't it be great!?
Coasian Fire Rescue
Who was John T. Flynn you ask?
What Free Market?
Calvin and Hobbes
Howl's Moving Castle
Grad School Blogging
Online Gambling Ban?
What are the last five movies you've seen?
Hamilton Naki
Agri-Subsidies: Good or Bad for the Third World?
Medical Stats Revisted
Brad Smith's Letter of Resignation (reprinted with permission)
More on Medical Statistics
Welcome Back, Brad!
Where's the Ooomph?
Why we need tort reform...
FSU has God on its side
De Gustibus: Beer Edition
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San Diego Bound
Happy Capitalism Day!
Do you want to pay less in cell phone taxes?
History 101
Measuring Labor Market Flexibility
So Deep Throat wasn't Pat Buchanan after all!
Adam Smith Statue
Examples of non-price rationing
Laffer Curve and Tariffs?
Marathon #2
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Why aren't feminists free marketeers?
Half Dome Trip Report
New Governance Indicators Released
Laffer Curve of Life II (Chicago Marathon Results)
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The Laffer Curve of Life
Stick shifts and safety belts have all got to go
Car Safety
This is how I want to die
Obesity and Dementia
The Perfect Rainbow
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Libertarianism 101
Sirico on Pope Benedict XVI
Where's the Oomph?
Relative Prices v. Inflation (cont.)
Think Tank's Ideas Shifted As Malaysia Ties Grew
Those poor exploited violinists!
Drink more water! Drink less water! What's a runner to do?
Little House Review
A look inside the sausage factory
FEC Commissioner Brad Smith to Speak at Capital University
Brothels ask to pay taxes?
The Unbalanced Academy
Friedman on Drug Prohibition
Historic Bus Service
Time Preference
Schiavo Dies
Markets in Everything
Pam Reed Runs 300 miles!
Black Amish?
How low? How low can you go?
Robots: yuck
Perverted Economist
Jousting Peeps
Congress shall make no law...
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On the Economics of Baseball Stadia
On the Economics of Buskers
OU President acting "like a 3-year-old"
Good day for hiking
Big Brother
To pledge or not to pledge?
Import Surplus
Google blogads
The Economics of AIDS Prevention
Jim Morrison video found
Newsflash: Dog Bites Man.
Income Distribution Data
Lies, Damn Lies, and No Statistics!
What a year!
They're people too.
Speaking at Trinity College
Re: Rx
Trading Game
The Factors of Production
Doctor's Office Transcript
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Soviet Film
Privatization Debacle
Initial Observations on Southern Caucasus
Choose Life?
Off to the Caucasus
Kentucky Politicians v. the Elasticity of Demand
Copyright v. Theft
They can't be serious
Costa Rican Libertarian Presidential Candidate to Speak in Columbus
State Park Fees
Privacy v. Efficiency
Privatizing Snipers
You've got hate mail!
Hey pal, do you have the time?
Drug Reimportation
Supreme Court DUI
Rand at 100
Cultural Competency
Those poor rich folks?
Vertical Integration?
Calling out the profs
Adverse Selection
Where's the Oomph?
Easier? Harder? Well one of those...
The One and Only Tullock II
Early Base Ball
How should you adjust for inflation?
It's a small world?
Ohio TEL Proposal
Reason #2638 to love capitalism
Junk Science?
Martin Luther King, Jr.
What countries would you buy or sell?
Inflation? We don't need no stinkin' inflation!
No Kid Rock at Bush concert
Free Market Money
The Fate of One-Dollar Coins in the U.S.
Commencement Address
Battle of the Sexes II
Battle of the Sexes...
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How Does The Right-Wing Media Craft Its Message?
Is reintroducing conscription good for South Africa?
Does this dress make me look fat?
Adam Smith's "natural course of things"
Free Speech on Campus
Illarionov R.I.P. II
Socialism: If at first you don't succeed...
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Welcome to 2005
Medical Quiz
Price Expectations and Demand
Commencement Blues follow-up
Chiroquacks at FSU?
Demand Elasticity?
Illarionov R.I.P.?
The Deadweight Loss of Christmas
Reason # 426 I need to get a job in the south...
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
No Virginia....
Commencement Blues
Service Learning Rant II
Reps enjoy sex more than Dems?!
ECKonomics or EEKonomics?
Nutcracker News
There oughta be a law...
Data Mining 101
Let them read books
Donkey Pollution
Malaria Politics
Goliath meet David
Still more on bias in the academy
More on bias in the academy
Bias in the academy
MRI Bankers' Guide to Foreign Currency
Diamonds are forever, even if you aren't
W wins the 'burbs
Thinking about safety
The democratic sword cuts both ways
Speaking of Scotch...
What's in a name?
Textbook Rant
The Christmas Price Index
Thanksgiving Recap
Art Laffer, meet O.J. Simpson
$10,000 just ain't what it used to be
Charter Schools
People with too much time on their hands
Thanksgiving Dinner Prices
Bias in the academy
Cost-Ineffective Safety
Cost-Effective Safety
Economic Freedom in Sweden 1950-1970
Damned Sunk Costs
Service Learning
We must count EVERY vote (twice)
The Empire Strikes Back (at the FCC)
Why Johnny’s sociology professor is a Marxist
"Shame on you" is right.
Miracle Baby
Ashland U: No room at the inn.
The Practical Man
I wonder what would happen...
"You just can't trust voters"
Those lousy liberals (and conservatives)
Peggy Ryan
Richard Vedder to talk at OSU
More on Moore
I'll take some Heinz ketchup with my crow.
My Prediction...
7 for 7!
You go John!
I'm voting for...
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Kerry's Tax "Plan"
What I Learned in South Africa
Cuban Dollars
Darn Foreigners
Undergraduate research?
Carson v. Stalin
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Reimportation revisited
French 101
Kydland and Prescott win
Marathon Result
Free Speech on Campus or Not
Korea then and now
Ain't Technology Grand?
I couldn't help but laugh...
You just keep thinkin', Butch.
My Nobel Predictions
George Will on Ohio
The Reimportation Question
Economic Freedom and Civil Society
A structural deficit?
Oprah, the IRS, and Deadweight Loss
Lutheran Crusaders?
The Regulation Tax
Soccer Socialism
Sen on Hayek
Random Musings
Income v. Wealth in Hong Kong
Risky Business
Hong Kong Here I Come
Never too young to be a skeptic
More on Political Sign Restrictions
Sportsmanship is dead!?
No-Labor Day Weekend
New Life for the Interstate Commerce Clause?
Bush v. Kerry
Political Yard Signs
To vote or not to vote?
Spontaneous Order blog
To the right of Stalin?
Service Learning or Brainwashing?
I've got the first day of school blues...
An "A" for Effort?
Red Pens v. Self Esteem
Red Barchetta
God is a Republican and Santa Claus is a Democrat.
On Marxism
Barbarian Invasions
The Law of Supply Rocks!
Is this something to be proud of?
Safety nazis will be the death of us all
Mont Pelerin, etc.
Hot Profs = Better Profs?
Children should be seen but not heard.
Game Theory Question II
What is wealth anyway?
Dan Savage on goth girls
Bengal Cats
Joltin' Joe's Record
Game Theory Question
Hong Kong and Singapore?
Easy Profs = Better Profs?
Self Righteous Anti-Gun Statement
Cable TV Bundling
Econ Journal Watch
At the margin or on average?
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Sorry, Rock, union rules
10 Consequences of Economic Freedom
Who favors concentrated wealth?
I've got the BMV Blues
Big Government and Economic Freedom
Lance Armstrong Rules!
Economic Freedom of the World
More Choice = More Competition
Re: Harry Potter, Capitalist?
Adam Smith's Pin Factory

E. Frank Stephenson
Getting a Supersized Diva to Sing?
On Climate Change Damages for Bangladesh
Hey Kiddies I Bet You Didn't Know That Today Is ...
Quick Hits on the Minimum Wage
This is Disturbing
Boudreaux on Blinder in the WSJ
Incentives Matter: Obamacare's Marriage Penalty
Bootleggers, Baptists, and Porn Star Condoms?
Property Rights and Investment by Chinese Firms
Something Else Caused by Global Warming Climate Change?
The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations Hard Bigotry of Hard Bigotry
Some Giggles Courtesy of The Smoking Gun
Paging Elizabeth Warren
Bolivarian Paradise Update
Spousal Tasing Prompted By Gridiron Bet
If Looks Could Kill
Skipping on Down Ye Old Road to Serfdom
A Headline for My Lefty Friends
Competition Saves Lives--Who Knew?
Briefly Noted
Berry College Wins Billboard Dispute with Tennessee
Joe Stiglitz's Cognitive Dissonance
People Respond to Perverse Incentives: Beijing Divorce Edition
Nattering Nabobs of Ignorance and Crackpot Theories
Mike Lester on
Don Boudreaux and Art Carden to Speak at Berry
Minimum Wage Nonsense
A Happiness Bureau for the Bolivarian Paradise!
Vetoing With Their Feet?
Your Daily Dose of Eminent Domain Abuse
George Leef Now Writing for Forbes
Happiness Adjusted GDP Update
Quick Hits
Might Obamacare Be Like the Wal-Mart Run?
How does employment protection legislation influence hiring and firing decisions by the smallest firms?
Got a Light, Dr. Laffer?
Unemployment Benefits and Unemployment in the Great Recession
The War on Coal Is Punishing Indian Country
On McAuliffe and "Dead Peasant" Insurance
Maybe He Should Have Started with Remedial Anger Management
The Problem with the Holdout Problem
Jimmy Carter on Middle Class Stagnation
Involuntary volunteering: The impact of mandated service in public schools
Voluntary Disclosure and the Strategic Behavior of Colleges
The Effect of Employment Protection Legislation On Hiring
Casey Mulligan on Obamacare's Tax Incentives
This Guy Could Be a GOP Senate Candidate
If a Public Choice Tree Falls in the Woods Would a Behavioral Economist Hear It?
Sports Econ Time
Tragedy of the Schwinn Update
Markets in Everything: Grammar Grumble Mugs
The Life and Times of the Unaffordable Care Act
"It looks like a good day for Mr. Alban"
Confusing Costs and Benefits
Quick Hits
Other Than That, Mrs. Lincoln, ...
Apparently Households Do Not Have Zero Transactions Costs
Markets in Everything: Vick Dog Chew Toy Edition
Time for Chair Control?
(Perverse) Incentives Matter: New York Housing Program Edition
The Effect of Live Vs. Internet Classes
The Effect of Employment Protection on Teacher Effort
Houston, We Have a Principal-Agent Problem ...
Where's the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau When You Really Need It?
Wonder How the French Fare in the World Happiness Report
Undergraduate Research Opportunity
Paging Dr. Galston ...
Are Tenure Track Professors Better Teachers?
Marriage as a Child Investment Commitment Device
San Francisco's War on Women?
Guess the Professor's Department
Low Wage Employers Impose Costs on States?
The Response of Medicare Part D Spending to Closing the "Donut Hole"
Bruce Yandle on Declining Labor Force Participation
Online (Lack of) Learning
Two Interesting Reads
An Entrepreneur Abhors a Vacuum
Average Marginal Labor Income Tax Rates under the Affordable Care Act
Government as Venture Capitalist or Political Entrepreneur?
The Woman of the School Lunch System
Stop Us Before We Drink Tax Again
Archers of Pot
Should College Be Free
So Maybe Them Dang Foreigners ...
I Think We May Now Know Why Plants Crave Electrolytes
Compare and Contrast
"I don't want to be loved by an economics major"
"Your raisins or your money"
“Capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid”
What Kind of Thieves?
French Happiness Update: Smashed Egg Edition
Incentives Matter: Disability Benefits Edition
Incentives Matter: European Footballer Edition
The Effect of the Minimum Wage on Employment Growth
Now Batting .125, Paul Buchheit
On The Individual Mandate and Personal Responsibility
On Bookstores and The Long Tail
Markets in Everything: Bird Poop Facials
Confusing Costs With Benefits
For Soccer Geeks
Just Wondering ...
Do slums matter? Location and early childhood preventive care choices among urban residents of Bangladesh
No Vans Land
Does Christina Fernandez Read the Journal of Political Economy?
Stuart Banner on Baseball's Antitrust Exemption
Mike Lester on Mickelson's Tax Bite
On Pols and Distractions
A Royal Drive Thru Delivery?
Podcast on Occupational Licensing
Politics Without the Romance: Texas Cigarette Tax Edition
Georgia, Trees, and The Lorax
An Open Letter To Valerie Schoepf
Climate Change Policy: What Do the Models Tell Us?
Are bigger governments better providers of public goods? Evidence from air pollution
San Jose State suspends collaboration with online provider
Football Frenzy: The Effect of the 2011 World Cup on Women’s Professional Soccer League Attendance
Pure Detroit
Inflation Adjusted Mug
The Kid Must Have Ordered a Happy Meal
Let's Hope He Doesn't Get Any Sexual Assault Training
The Price System Comes to the Health Care System
More Evidence on the Bennett Hypothesis
Incentives Matter: Swedish Death Tax Edition
Land Titles and Happiness
A Rather Gross Markets in Everything ...
The Greedy Hand: Colorado Pot Tax Edition
Everyone calm down, there is no “bee-pocalypse”
Great Moments in Publik Skooling
She Should Have Had a Concealed Carry Permit
Keystone and the Canadian Train Crash
NEA Comes to ATL
Abbott and Costello on Unemployment
Lazy Journalist Picks Up on Lazy Congress Theme
What Irrelevant Stats Cannot Tell Us About Obamacare
Mike Lester on the IRS Scandal
Federal Regulation and Aggregate Economic Growth
Pot Belly Pigs?
Trade Deficits: If the Media Can Learn, Maybe Peter Morici Can Too
Economic Freedom and Labor Market Conditions
Maybe a Lazy Congress Is a Good Congress
Jim Couch
Incentives Matter: UK Tax Edition
Really High Heels
The Medicaid Magnet Hypothesis
Look a Squirrel: New York Bowling Shoe Law Edition
Looks Like French-Style Happiness is Spreading to Sweden
Ten Thousand Commandments
State teacher union strength and student achievement
On Occupational Licensing as a Barrier to Entry
Berry Sues Tennessee's Higher Ed Commission
Here's A Rarely Seen Headline
Toilet Paper Shortage in the Bolivarian Paradise
The Greedy Hand: Florida Red Light Camera Edition
Iron Man? No, the Real Hero is the Super Multiplier
Did the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Lead to Risky Lending?
I View This Glass as Half Full
Always Low Prices?
Green (Failure) Is Universal
Gay But Not Happy
Where's the ACLU When You Need It?
International Aid Blunders
Margaret Thatcher
How Mr. Selfridge Created the Modern Economy
CIA, Crony Capitalist
On the Falcons and a New Football Stadium in Atlanta
Recommended Reading from The Independent Review
Tragedy of the Fiscal Commons: NoVa Income Tax Edition
On Walmart and Monopsony
The Bolivarian Paradise Must Pay Well
Educrats Outnumber Teachers in 21 States
Well It Looks Like the Sun Rose Today After All
Wonder What Multiplier She Uses in Her Macro Model
Arbitrage Opportunities: Colon Blow Edition
Fly the Fragrant Skies
Today's Installment of Hope and Change
Letter in WSJ
Mayor Bloomberg With Drones
The Taxman's (Upper) Cut
So Maybe "Idiocracy" Is Not Only a Movie
Herbert Hoover-san
"Magic Progressive Fairy Dust"
Some Questions for Mr. Ross
Maybe They Should Call It The Affordable Tomato Act
Update on the Bolivarian Paradise
Repeat After Doug North ...
Just Another Scare Story Paul?
Chicago Values Update
Scottish Library Offers Pole Dancing Classes to Boost Attendance
Anthropology Control Anyone?
Perverse Incentives
Argentina Goes on Two Month Diet
Correlation or Causation?
Holy Sophistry on Stilts Batman
People Respond to Incentives: Beckham in Paris Edition
Lefty Discovers Bureaucratic Red Tape
Non-state Creation of Law and Order
Economic Freedom and Nordic Prosperity
Minimum Wage, Minimum Logic
Another Diagram for Chico Harlan
Some Recent Letters to the Editor
Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong Again
Why, Yes, Police Can Deter Crime
Lessons in Tax Shifting
An Open Letter to Charles Rangel
Motel Caswell is Safe from Federal Seizure
More On Japan's Supposed Austerity
80 Year Old Priest Goes Mike Tyson ...
The Never Ending Evils of Ethanol
On Austerity in Japan
Lefty Shrugs
High Tax Rates Make M. Sarkozy Unhappy
"I will fly around the world doing good for the environment''
The Stench of Rent-Seeking Is In The Air
IJ Victorious Over the IRS
Manti Imitates "The Simpsons"
Time for Thinking Past Stage One
Demand Curves Are Downward-Sloping: Albuquerque Minimum Wage Edition
Incentives Matter: Obamacare and Full-time Employment Edition
An Open Letter to Brian Shactman
An Adam Smith Christmas
Going Galt Depardieu
Pro-Choice on Gasoline
On the Fiscal Cliff
Walmart & Prescription Drugs
A Neutral Arbitrator? I Doubt It
A Very European Christmas
Paris hit by wave of street muggings and grave robberies
Phone for You, Dr. Laffer
Did the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Lead to Risky Lending?
Deck the Halls With Macro Follies
Paging M. Sarkozy
Southpark Adam Smith
FEE Summer Seminars for 2013
Art Carden on Sugar Tariffs
Virginia Postrel on Copyright Law
The Welfare Trap
Incentives Matter: Unemployment Insurance Edition
Demand Curves Are Downward Sloping: Rolling Stones Edition
More on Sandy as Stimulus
New Dorian Electra Vid
Mike Lester on Free Stuff
T. Boone Rentseeker Is Alive and Well
Broken Windows--They're Not Just For Hurricanes!
Election Day
Price Gouging Laws in Action
May the Low Marginal Tax Rate Be With You
Incentives Matter: Looming Tax Hike Edition
Should Voting Be Mandatory?
Shifting the Median Voter
Crazy Barry's Car Lot
Hurricane Sandy as Stimulus?
Steve Horwitz on Herbert Hoover
Incentives Matter: Bureaucrats and Other People's Money Edition
The School Staffing Surge: Decades of Employment Growth in America’s Public Schools
Incentives Matter: Marginal Tax Rates and Hours Worked Edition
SNL on Obama and the Sluggish Economy
On Undecided Voters
PETA Up to Its Old Tricks?
Is Money Speech?
Owner puts house on market 'because the neighbor's an a**hole'
On Shared Sacrifice, We Finally Have a Taker
Free Falling
Another Dose of Hope and Change
Coase ... Where Have I Heard That Name Before?
Of Course He Is, It's Election Season
Should the Government Track Your Political Activity?
Bailing Out Greece Is One Thing But This Is Serious ...
David Leonhardt Gets a Minimum Wage Primer ...
Munger Vid on Majority Rule
Blame VA or Blame NY?
I Bet He Was Cheerful Before the Tumble Too
Some Reading for Monsieur Krugman
Bootleggers & Baptists: Missouri Cigarette Tax Edition
A Happiness-Adjusted GDP Recession?
David Henderson to Speak at Berry
Yuppie 911--Kayaking Movie Star Edition
DOLers on Franking
Do Charter Schools Crowd Out Private Schools?
No Such Thing as Free Health Care
Carden Award Speech
Deadweight Loss Ahoy!
More of Those Chicago Values ...
Cartoon of the Day
No Such Thing As a Free Lunch--Health Insurance Mandates Edition
Incarceration Nation
Up Next, Bra Control?
The Health Effects of Plastic Grocery Bags
The Curious Task of Economics ... : Class Size Reduction Edition
More "Chicago Values" Mr. Mayor?
What to Make of This Factoid
Mercantilists of the World Unite!
"Public Servant" Update
Stocking Up for Climate Change Deniers and Ponzi Schemers?
The Greedy Hand: Pet Edition
Regulation Roundup
George Leef on For-Profit Colleges
Hey Sarkozy--How's That Happiness Adjusted GDP Working Out?
Good News on the Home Front
The Greedy Hand--Inflation Tax Edition
Another Victory for Economic Liberty
More on the London Olympics
Olympic Crowd Out
Freeloader Nation?
Crony Communism
Being Free Market Is Not The Same As Being Pro-Business
About Those "Chicago Values" Mr. Mayor
A Zombie Automaker?
Hair Splitting
100th Anniversary of Milton Friedman's Birth
The Effect of Corporate Income Taxation on Wages--Half of the Tax is Shifted to Workers
Cronyism Video
On (the Lack of) Persistent Employment Effects from the Olympics
Economics of Cronyism
Incentives Matter: GEDs and Dropouts Edition
Recommended Reading
There's a Laffer Curve in Here Somewhere
Nanny Bloomberg Update
IJ Sues to Overturn CON Laws
Just Asking
White House Boasts of Being More Conservative than Herbert Hoover
Rational Exuberance in the Bolivarian Paradise?
A Tutorial for the President on 'Profit Maximization'
City Official Consuits Ouija Board Before Voting to Name Naval Ship After Gay Rights Activist
On Being Able to "Afford" Extension of the Bush Tax Cuts
Don't Get Too Hot and Bothered About the Homestead Act
Cool Paper
New Evidence on the Bennett Hypothesis
Unemployment Without Government Job Cuts = Economic Figuring Without Logic
Antony Davies on Social Security vs. Private Retirement
Steve Horwitz on Corporations as People
Bettery to Feel Good Than to Do Good: Used Eyeglasses Edition
Joplin, Tuscaloosa, and Media Bias?
Government Is Coercion
She'll Be Charged With Manslaughter
Christopher Buckley on Barack Obama?
Allegory and Political Economy: Communication and Cooperation
It's The Spending Stupid
What Is It About Ohio and Subtraction?
Are Wal-Mart Greeters Neo-Nazis?
Co-bloggers in Action
On Romneycare and Bankruptcy
Shouldn't They Call It the Divider Not the Multiplier?
Charles Murray, Cato, and Property Rights
IJ Sues the IRS: Op-ed and Video
Can You Say Rent Extraction Boys and Girls?
How About a Cough Drop Mandate?
Bootleggers, Baptists, and Gas Exports
Casting Stones in Glass Houses
No Surprise Here: Gwinnett Stadium Promises Fall Short
Seattle's Urban Food Forest
Looks Like She Might Be Appearing on "20 and Pregnant"
If It Keeps Them Busy: Stache Act Edition
A Great Way to Spend a Saturday
T. Boone Rentseeker
Pot Meet Kettle
Aeon Skoble on Smoking Bans
Paging Dr. Laffer ...
P.J. Hill in the House
On Public Employee Pay
Taxes Are For Chumps
Mike Lester on the Chevy Volt
The Greedy Hand
We're From the Government & We're Here to Help: College Tuition Edition
Romance Is In The Air
Markets in Everything: Bacon Milkshake
Why Not Just Call It Enslavement?
Speaker Moonbeam
Martin Wolf Dispenses Hooverite Nonsense
Don Boudreaux on Wage Stagnation
If It Keeps Them Busy: Kansas State Dog Edition
We're From the Guvmint and We're Here to Help
A Lawsuit Related to My Favorite Chinese Copier Salesman
No Money Gold Left on the Sidewalk
Economic Freedom and Income Inequality
Lightbulb Song
Private Equity and Employment
The Long-Run Effects of the Scramble for Africa
Art Carden Responds to the Story of Broke
More on Price Controls and Drug Shortages
David Theroux on Secular Theocracy
More on Santorum and Trade
If It Keeps Them Busy ...
Maybe Ron Paul Is Onto Something About the Fed
The Curious Task of Economics ...: Norwegian Corporate Boards Edition
Vid on Regulatory Capture
Santorum and Sanders--Like Minds on Trade
Will Global Warming Make Them Stop Voting?
Perennial Gales of Creative Destruction
"... the state is as prudent as it can possibly be with taxpayer money"
APEE Young Scholars Program
Round Up
DoL Holiday Gift Guide
Incentives Matter: Food Stamps and Labor Supply Edition
Health Insurance and Third Party Payment
Video Contest--Natural Disasters: The Economics of Aid and Recovery
NPR on Land Titling in India
McDonald's 1, Busybodies 0
Incentives Matter: Piece Rate for Professors Edition
Rent Seeking in Action: Pizza as a Vegetable Edition
On Organ Sales, Saving Lives, and Reducing Violence
The Louisiana Branch of the Bastiat Family
Free Money
It Wasn’t Government that Fixed Your Clock
Econ 101 Fail
We Are the 53 Percent
Truck, Barter, and Exchange
Adult Babies
A Musical Review of Differentiation ...
Maybe They Should Call It Solyndra Theater
Are Law Schools and Bar Exams Necessary?
So Much for Hurricanes as Stimulus, Part Deux
But I Bet It Benefits Trade Lawyers
Tournament Incentives Gone Bad
Date With Keynes
Economic Freedom Video
Senor Laffer, I Presume
Letter to the Baltimore Sun
Incentives Matter: Taxes and Labor Supply Edition
Two in Honor of Steve Jobs
Occupy Wall Street = Obamaville
GDP Song
Undergraduate Business and Economics Research Journal Call for Papers
Another Winner in Our Spot The Idiot Contest
On Trade Imbalances and Jobs
A New Video on the Atlanta Government Schools Cheating Scandal
Surely It's Just a Coincidence That ...
Smart People Can Be Slow Learners
Mr. EBT Eats Well
Even P-Kroog Thinks It's a "Ponzi Game"
Homeland Security: Just Another Part of the Rent-Seeking Society
Proof by Exhaustion?
The Social Security Ponzi Scheme in Pictures
Will the Real Paul Krugman Please Stand Up
Does the Lack of a Profit Motive Affect Hiring in Academe? Evidence from the Market for Lawyers
That Might Hurt
An Unsung Hero of Capitalism
Going Galt?
Hoover Letter
Capes for the Unemployed
White House-Backed Solar Energy Company Collapses*
More Evidence on the Relationship Between Council Size and Government Spending
Voting With Their Feet
Grover Cleveland, The Last Libertarian President
Irene as Stimulus
South Carolina Woman Scammed Into Buying a Fake iPad Made of Wood
Sheryl Crow Is Not a Suspect
Snakes on a Plane in the Pants
The Real Scandal of Dead Peasant Insurance
Sex Offenders as Babysitters
Fight of the Century, Part Deux
"Price Gouging" at NJ Best Buy
More Hooverite Nonsense
Pa. lawmaker suggests spread of STDs 'amongst womenfolk' a side effect of natural gas drilling
Beam Me Up, Kruggy!
Better to Have No Jobs Than Low Paying Jobs?
On Interstate Purchases of Medical Insurance
Public Choice Has A High R^2: Super Committee Edition
A Bank Goes Galt
Quick Hits
Joey Ramone's "Maria Bartiromo"
The Tax Hell That Is New York
Andy Zimbalist Needs The Diff
Competition and Teacher Pay
Hippies for Sound Money, or Does Ron Paul Wear Tie Dye?
Woodpecker-Saving Daughter Costs Mom $500, Possible Jail Time
Yuppie Puppy 911
About That "Balanced Approach"
Don't Bet on This
Too Much Safety Could Make Drivers Less Safe
Microcredit--We'll Lend You Money So You Can Put Your Kids to Work
Public Choice at the Box Office
85% of Statistics Are Made Up
Geez, I Dunno Why The Call Was Not Immediately Returned
Update from the Bolivarian Paradise
On My Dean and 3-D Printers
Mike Lester on Raising the Debt Limit
Is Bill Gates Trying to Impress Sheryl Crow?
Letter on Right-to-Work Laws
Paging Dr. Becker
On Netflix's Price Increase
Economic Freedom Video
Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Vote Buying--It Works!
Sheryl Crow's Favorite Beach
Better to feel Good Than to Do Good: Electric Car Edition
President Ludd
Yeah, Teachers Unions Are All About the Children
So Will Nanny-Stater Public Health Folks Propose Taxing Chairs?
PERC Vid on Property Rights
Jonathan Chait Peddles Hooverite Nonsense
Holy Manipulated Currency Batman! Protectionist Economist Pitches Foreign Made Copiers
Has Birnam Wood Come to Dunsinane? RFK Jr. Endorses Free Market Capitalism
Great Moments in Government Schooling
A Big Wet Kiss for Economics
Circumcision Ban to Appear on San Francisco Ballot
Institutions Matter: The Effect of Land Tenure on Investment
A Question for Randi Weingarten
So Much for Hurricanes as Stimulus
The Culture That Is Georgia
Incentives Matter: New Yorkers Voting With Their Feet Edition
And on the Topic of Political Bias in Academia ...
You Are So Money, Honey
Hong Kong Jobless Increase Thanks To Minimum Wage Law
The Decline of Studying
Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
Incentives Matter: Bin Laden Compound Edition
A Sad Day at the White House
A Knockout Blow Against Eminent Domain Abuse
I Want to Fly Like Superman
No Child Left Unmedicated
Tragedy of the Commons Dance
Incentives Matter: Lack of Death Penalty Edition
Happy Travels vs. Bernie Sanders
A Potpourri of Goodies
Round Up
The Beefy Crunch Burrito Is Too D@#$ High
Just Wondering if ...
Perverse Incentives in "Canadian Bacon"
Krugman & Hoover, Once Again
Tragedy of the Commons: Mali Fishing Edition
Quick Hits
Is That a Rotisserie Chicken in Your Pants or Are You Just ... ?
Markets in Everything: Bieber's Hair Clippings Edition
The Effects of Charter High Schools on Educational Attainment
The Curious Task ... SF Sewer Edition
Yet Another Way to Avoid High Cigarette Taxes
“It’s just adding zero to zero”
Tiebout Sorting in Action?
Lessons in Logrolling Networking
Better to Feel Good Than to Do Good: Nancy Pelosi's Compost Edition
Good to Know This Menace Is Off the Streets
Wonder If There Is a Connection?
Cartersville's Negative Railroad Bypass
"Professor Cornpone" Wants to Win the Future Too!
More Guvmint School Shenanigans
Mike Lester on SOTU
Guess She Should Have Used Fedex
Go Ahead, Make My Day
Hope and Change--Credit Card Interest Rate Edition
If It Keeps Them Busy--Bird Noises Edition
Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Mother Nature Likes Divided Government Too!
Art Carden on the SOTU
Deficit Reduction, Greg Mankiw Style
Probably Just a Coincidence
The Anti-Illinois
162 Years and Still Dismal!
Death by Market Power: Reform, Competition and Patient Outcomes in the National Health Service
The Only Sure Things Are Death and Taxes
On Rare Earths and Predatory Pricing
Did the Clean Air Act Affect Pollution?
On the Fraudulent Vaccines and Autism Study
Want a Crappy Meal Kids?
I'm So Confused
The Locavore's Dilemma: Why Pineapples Shouldn't Be Grown in North Dakota
Today is ...
An Interesting Observation by Ben Powell
Imagine That
Tattoo U
Dept. of Unintended Consequences
The Broken Roof Fallacy?
Not Exactly Made in China
Norman Borlaug Rap
Premium Seating, Elizabethan Style
Property Rights Matter: Elizabethan Edition
Good Grief, It's a Trash Can People
Logrolling 101
Yet Another Reason the Guvmint Shouldn't Make Medical Decisions
Life Insurers as Bootleggers
No, Officer I Have No Idea What That Car-Shaped Mound of Dirt in My Yard Is
Battles Among Licensed Occupations
Property Rights and Financial Development: The Legacy of Japanese Colonial Institutions
Hot Stove Economics
Lynne Rocks
Manufacturing a Problem
Make Good On Tea Party Rhetoric By Selling Federal Lands
Inflation 'R Us!
Because, Not Despite
PR Department: Vend It Like Beckham Edition
More federal workers' pay tops $150,000
Bernanke Dollars
India and Democracy
The War on Drugs + Occupational Licensing = ...
Myth of the Rational Voter: Georgia Supreme Court Edition
Incentives Matter: Afghan Girls Disguised as Boys Edition
A Coke for You, Prof. Peltzman?
What the Government Purchases Multiplier Actually Multiplied in the 2009 Stimulus Package
Incentives Matter: Death Tax Edition
Congratulations to Delta Airlines ...
Anti-Trade Pushback
The Great Plains: Tragedy or Triumph?
Mike Lester on the Constitution
Now That's Some Supersized Romance
Corporate reserves—Do they hurt economic growth?
The Law of 1/n: Evidence from Bavarian Municipalities
More Evidence on the Benefits of School Competition
Immigration, Offshoring and American Jobs
Yada Yada Yada
Fuzzy Math Barbara Boxer Style
IJ Takes on the IRS
Obama Admin Sides with Big Corporations over Low Wage Workers
So Obama Lied and Fish Died?
The Protectionist Instinct
Maybe Jimmy Hoffa's In There Too
Another Promise That Was Not Worth a @#$!
Try Telling These Folks Minimum Wages Are Good for the Poor
"We love New York's taxes"
A CBO Double Standard?
Mon Dieu! More French Happiness Pour M. Sarkozy
Doing Well While Not Doing Good
Perennial Gales ...
Don't Worry, I'm Sure They'll Do a Better Job with Your Healthcare
Hyperinflation as a Cure for Student Loans
Say What? "Market Mechanism" Nonsense Edition
Markets in Everything: A$$ Ads
Jon Stewart on the UCFW
Those Who Can't Do, Teach
How Does One Say "Hooverism" in Dutch?
Trade In Black-Market Cigarettes: Hot, Dangerous
Pot Growing Teamsters
Skipping Along the Road to Serfdom
You Mean She Wasn't There Already?
License to Describe: IJ Takes on Law Abridging Freedom of Speech for D.C. Tour Guides
Not a Fan of Hope and Change
On College Price Inflation
Undergraduate Business and Economics Research Journal Call for Papers
Utterly Speechless
Castro Practices "Hooverism"
This Can't Be Any Good for Sarkozy's Happiness Adjusted GDP
Marxist Place: "non-defense spending has already been pared down"
Tax Advice by Tim Geithner?
Life Imitates Atlas Shrugged
Unintended Consequences Department
The PERColator ...
Krugman on Public Goods
Money Can Buy Happiness but Only Up to $75K
Penicillin Pale Ale
Happy Capital Day
California Cities: D Is for Disincorporate
Obama & the Mendoza Line for Keeping Political Promises
On Competition Between Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Hospitals
Cigarette Tax Hike Backfires in Balkans
Tax Avoidance Native American Style
Berrynomics Update
More on Yuppie 911
George Will vs. Robert Reich on Hooverism
Stimulus in Action
Bobby Thomson's Passing and Sign Stealing by the 1951 NY Giants
"Hooverism" in Denmark
Government Spending: Real or Fake
Paging Mr. Laffer
Bully Hosts Anti-Bullying Summit
Rent (Subsidy) Dissipation
"Hooverism" in Canada
Police: Man had beer in pants
We're from the Government and We're Here to Help
Deadweight Loss--Snooki's Tan Edition
Monkeys Getting High for Science
Dispatches from the Bolivarian Paradise
Another Example of French Happiness
Incentives Matter: Filtered Cigar Sales Edition
Insurance Payments as Manna
Government Efficiency in Action
The Dangers of Extrapolation
Mike Lester on Voter Ignorance
Dead Letter Office Cognitive Dissonance in the White House Economic Team?
In Case You've Been Wondering What Naomi "Earth Tones" Wolf Is Doing These Days
Wonder if She Said It With a Straight Face
Just Asking
Another Day, Another Example of Government Waste
Incentives Matter: Where's LeBron Going Edition
The Greedy Hand
Broken Windows in Bozeman
Vintage Capital and Creditor Protection
The Rent Seeking Society
Depressing Stat of the Day
A Cash Free Restaurant: Geez, Credit Cards Have Benefits Too
In Honor of Independence Day
His Lips Are Moving
Tax Shifting in Action
Building Brand Equity
Mike Lester on the Supreme Court's McDonald Ruling
Munger in Fine Form
To Protect and Serve
Knowledge Problem
Aristocracy of Pull
Well, They Are In The Big House
A Tale of Two Disasters
So How's That Bolivarian Paradise Working Out?
Grasping Strawmen with Both Hands
Recommended Reading: Ben Powell on Immigration
Happenings Around Rome
The Myth of the Rational Voter
Of Course It's Not About Patient Outcomes
First Speed Traps, Then Revenue Red Light Cameras, ...
Auctions for Overbooked Flights: Been There, Done That
On Medical Expenses and Bankruptcy
Incentives Matter: Unemployment Insurance and Job Search Edition II
The Economic Illiteracy of the Left
Bootleggers and Potheads
If It Keeps Them Busy--535 Umpires Edition
Alan Blinder and Hoovernomics
Open Access Bikes Are MIA
Steve Wynn, Regime Uncertainty, and Entrepreneurship
Make Work Bias
Cigarette Taxes and Laffer Curves
On Government Inefficiency: NYC Bus Driver Recuperation Edition
Public Choice, Policing, and Soccer Hooliganism
An Inadvertent Admission
Wonder How Long This Will Last
Climate Change + Protectionism = ...
Pot Growers Troubled by Falling Prices
On Cigarette Tax Avoidance
Hot Air About Altitude
How's That Bolvarian Paradise Working Out?
Regime Uncertainty Sighting
Central Planning Kills
Grand Accomplishments Under the Gold Dome
Another Drug War Outrage
If It Keeps Them Busy
So Much for Cultural Hegemony
Unintended Consequences?
Counting Costs as Benefits
The Greedy Hand: Michigan Speedtrap Edition
Another Helping of Hooverite Nonsense
Not All Employment Declines Are Bad
Lessons from The Lorax
Best Sentence I've Read So Far Today
On the Pervasiveness of Rent Seeking
On Barbed Wire and Property Rights
"Freedom means freedom to be stupid"
Yuppie 911/Berry Economics Awards
Bootleggers and Food Inspections
The Other Shoe Drops
Pushing Back Against the Looters
Incentives Matter: Kidney Donation Edition
Say What?
Mike Lester on Obamacare
Maybe They Should Call It the Waxman Effect
Farmers leave strawberries rotting in the fields after price drops
Things I'm Glad Did Not Happen in Georgia
On Obamacare and High Deductible Health Insurance Policies
Pot Growers and Baptists
ER Visits by the Uninsured
Mike Lester on Obamacare
Compare and Contrast II
Mike Lester on "Free" Healthcare
On Feminism and the Forbes Richest People List
On Behavioral Economics, Ancient Refrigerators, and Landlord Incentives
Emergent Order Sighting
I, Pencil
The Yugo: The Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History
Casey Mulligan on the Minimum Wage and Job Losses
Bogus Bidding for Oil and Gas Leases
Does the U.S. Need More College Graduates?
Seventy-Nine Years Ago Today ...
On Larry Summers and Unemployment
Who You Callin' Greedy, Willis?
Diversity vs. Social Capital
Mr. Gandhi Meet Mr. Laffer
Incentives Matter: Unemployment Insurance and Job Search Edition
I'm Almost Sympathetic to Herbert Hoover
Distance, Trade, and Income – The 1967 to 1975 Closing of the Suez Canal as a Natural Experiment
How Does One Say Pinto in Japanese
Compare and Contrast
On the CEA and Economic Performance
Markets in Everything: Perky Jerky
Malinvestment Anyone?
Aristocrat of Pull
Yeah, But It'd Cost a Lot More If There Were No Snow
The Principal-Teacher Problem
Good News from the Top Co-ordinator
Truly Frightening
Markets in Everything: Rent-a-Crowd Edition
Caught My Eye
My Friend Sarah
Markets in Everything: Tiger Mistress Golf Balls
Mike Lester on TOTUS
Nattering Nabobs of Economic Ignorance
Toyota Enacts Stimulus Package
Hey, Honey, Please Pass the Bacon
Menacing Electric Blankets
A Bad Idea for a Drinking Game
Hit and Run
Kelo and Government Size
Bet You Didn't Know That ...
Failure Insurance: An Incentive to Fail?
Quality and the Commons: The Surf Gangs of California
Krugman Being Krugman
Snark and Run
Stimulus: The Real Voodoo Economics
A City Attorney Who Might Need "The Diff"
Coming Up Short on History: Robert Reich Edition
Letter to the WSJ
So Which Is It?
Looks Like Mike Lester Has Read Freakonomics
Bootlegger Alert: Tax Preparation Edition
Incentives Matter: Kitty Adoption Edition
Marginal Revenue Product
Not Much of a Race
Building Brand Equity: Hybrid Auto Tax Preferences Edition
Morning Snark
I'm Shocked
A Fish Rots ...
And These Folks Think They Can Design the Health Care System
The RomeDome: A Modest(ly Snarky) Proposal
Best Title for a Blog Post That I've Seen Today
Help Wanted
Quick Hits
The Underground Economy is Alive and Well
FSU Teaching Workshop
Humane Studies Fellowships
Two on Climategate
Geithner Discovers Regime Uncertainty ... (Updated)
Three on Occupational Licensing
A Penalty Flag for Bad Analysis
This Time It Is the University of Richmond ...
Somehow They'll Do Wonders With Health Care When ...
Add Georgia to the List ...
Arsonist to Start Firefighting Academy
Interesting Papers in the QJE
Markets in Everything: Vaccine Line Walkers
"How can Democrats favor such a tree-cutting, ecologically-destructive bill?"
On the Homebuyers Tax Credit
Jayson Blair Gives Ethics Talk at W&L
Good News--Well, Not So Fast
Making Poor People Not So Poor: Capital Market Integration and Wages
Incentives Matter: Learnfare Edition
Hillary Clinton, Tea Partier!
Wouldn't This Be Good News in Zandiland?
Dispatches from Chavez's Bolivarian Paradise
Regime Uncertainty?
La Tragédie de la Bicyclette
Steve Horwitz Talks at Berry
Large Changes in Fiscal Policy: Taxes Versus Spending
Moral Hazard in National Parks
Blaming Fee for Service
Stimulating Go Fish Georgia?
The Indentured Servitude Czar
A Consulting Opportunity for Pete Leeson?
Conservative Magazines and Liberty
Economic Illiteracy: Declining Wages Edition
Time to Buy Some Votes
Marktets in Everything: MJ's Burnt Hair Edition
Sums It Up Nicely
Dogs Bark, Cats Meow, and ...
New Airline Fees?
Update on Payday Lending in Ohio
On Sarkozy's Happiness Adjusted GDP
U.S. Energy Policy and the Presumption of Market Failure
Choices and Tradeoffs
On Foreclosures and Contagion
Pennies for Astroturf?
Coercion for Dummies
Incentives Matter: Doctor Edition
Make Your Own Sheryl Crow Joke
Real Members of Congress
Seen and Unseen: Demo Derby Edition
Markets in Everything: Class Notes Edition
Calling All Rogues!
Top 50 Business Education Bloggers
Stossel Moving to Fox No American Should Have to Choose Between Health Insurance and ...
A Little of This, A Little of That
On the Intergenerational Correlation of IQ
Listening Tip
If It Keeps Them Busy
Government Schooling as Indoctrination
Check the Numbers, Dude
Myth of the Rational Voter
Terminology, Part 3
Energy Sucking Climate Change Computer
Undergraduate Research Journal
ECO 110: Day 1
Cash for Crooks
Cap and Swindle
Leviathan on the Move
Bike Sharing in Montreal
Belly-Up for Some Bellyaching
Creating Jobs Obama-Style
Once More on Cash for Clunkers
Incentives Matter: Canadian Sperm Donor Edition
Now, They Have Second Thoughts
Just Wondering ...
Reform Health at the Margins
Movin' On Up
Cash for Clunkers Hurts Some Charities
The Use of Billboards for College Football Recruiting
A Bike Program That Might Work
The Health Care "System" and U.S. Life Expectancy
The Seen and The Unseen: Cash for Clunkers Edition
How About "Underwater" Taxpayers?
Sheryl Crow's Paradise
In Praise of Justin Ross: Kiwi Fruit vs. Going Postal
Rent Dissipation
Paging Dr. Bradbury (and Dr. Drinen) on Buying American
Rental Bikes In Paris Prove Popular With Vandals
Evidently Some Scare Tactics Are Better Than Others
The social cost of rent seeking in Europe
Cash for Clunkers Suspended
Latest Dispatches
Faculty Follies
Obama Bingo
Wisdom from Pee Wee Will*
Terminology, Part 2
Obviously Not Drawn to Scale
Friends, Romans, and Countrymen ...
A Hero of Capitalism
Dispatches from the Dan Quayle Reputation Rehabilitation Society
Sightings Around Town
Zimbabwe Prices?
What Do You Get if You Cross Starbucks and Hooters?
Universal Car Care
Consumerism--Quelle Horreur!
Markets in Everything: Sunshine Insurance Edition
Government Efficiency
Cops and Donuts
"The man of system, on the contrary, is apt to be very wise in his own conceit ..."
What's Wrong With This Picture?
On Obama, Africa, and Institutions
On Medical Expenses, Wage Garnishment, and Bankruptcy
A Second Stimulus?
Apples Meet Oranges
The Rent Seeking Society
Mike Lester on the Media Coverage of Michael Jackson's Death
Someone Better Read the "Pile of Sh!t"
Biking Across Europe
To Heck With Stimulus--Just Get a Facial
Talk About Green Jobs
Here We Go Again--Another Failed Bike Program
The Deadweight Loss of Taxation
More College Grads?
Odd Definitions of "Disruptive" and "Remedies"
Paris's pedal power sets free uncivilized behaviour
Open Access Bike Programs--Won't They Ever Learn?
Funny Line, Good Book
U.K. Minimum Wage Kills Apprenticeships
What's Farsi for ACORN?
That Must Have Been A Mighty Long Clothesline
Demand Curves Are Downward Sloping--Camp Counselor Edition
An Interesting and Important Paper
Mike Lester on Revenue Redlight Cameras
Milk in the Desert & Institutions in India
Cutting Through the Spin
Markets in Everything: Playstation 3 Controller Soap
Building Brand Equity--Current Issue of the Journal of Private Enterprise
Twenty Years Ago
Thanks to Tom Glavine
New Frontiers in Big Brotherism
On Fed Independence
"... business negotiations ... leave the parties not necessarily as adversaries"
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise
One for Munger
The Wisdom of Margaret Thatcher
On the Shortsightedness of Government
Dan Ariely on "Marketplace"
A Little More Brand Equity--Occupational Licensing Edition
Deficits Are Future Taxes
A Pet Peeve of Mine is ...
Thirty Years Ago Today ...
Uncle Sam, Predatory Lender
A Minimum Wage for Uganda?
Markets in Everything: Temporary Resident Edition
Can They All Take a Long Nap?
Thanks to Karol Boudreaux ...
100 Million Dollars
Moneyball, the Movie
A Timid Advocate of Freedom
Thanks to Scott Beaulier ...
I'd Take the Tea Party Movement More Seriously If ...
The Greedy Hand: Streetlight User Fee Edition
"The H&R Block and Liberty Tax Stimulus Plan"
Contra Jacob Hacker ...
If Only It Were That Few ...
APEE Conference and Roundup
A Doubleheader of Me in The Freeman
Regime Uncertainty Everywhere
Don't Know Much About History: Neo-Hooverite Nonsense Edition
Driving Drunk on a Motorized Bar Stool
Media Sightings Etc.
Dish Soap Smuggling
Two Thoughts on the Obama Presser
Looks Like a Bootlegger, Walks Like a Bootlegger, Quacks Like a Bootlegger
The Toxic Assets We Elected
Green Jobs
Obama on Leno
If It Keeps Them Busy: NCAA Brackets Edition*
Live Blogging Steve Horwitz
Lester on Tax Hikes
Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand: Hybrid Car Edition
Inferior Goods--Condom Edition
Deficit Hawk Blues
No Such Thing as Free Laundry
A CEO in Need of "The Diff"
Corruption in Romania
Income Elasticity of Demand: Shoe Repair and Pawn Shop Edition
Hey, Hugo, He's Doing It Already
Mike Lester on the Mortgage Bailout
Inauguration Tickets and the Failure of Central Planning
Closing the Barn Door After the Horses Escape
Economics Is the 'Just Right' Liberal-Arts Major
Just Another Partisan Hack
Calling Sheryl Crow
Congratulations to ...
Mike Lester on the Mortgage Bailout
Lou Dobbs Favorite Economist Must Be ...
The Greedy Hand
Lawson Talk at Berry
IHS Seminar at St. Vincent College
Innovation in Health Care
Tragedy of the Schwinn, Yet Again
Stop Digging
Mike Lester on the Stimulus, Part II
Obama's Next Cabinet Nominees?
Kudos Nancy
Sunk Costs Are Sunk
How is Mark Zandi Like a Psychic?
What NY Should Tax
About as Firm as Jello
Mike Lester on the Stimulus
Dog Bites Man
Quick Thoughts on Bonds
At Least They're Studying
Tax Cheats Withdraw
Line of the Day ...
Does Gordon Tullock Write for NPR?
RE: "... not magically transformed to selfless agents of the good ..."
I Guess We Now Know Why Michael Phelps Has a 12,000 Calorie Daily Diet
When Having One Tax Cheat in Your Cabinet Isn't Enough ...
Spot the Idiot Contradiction
RE: Friday Night at the Carden House
The Minimum Wage and Busboys
Repeat After Munger ...
Vending Beckham
Once More on Krugman and Air Traffic Control
Plagiarism is the Sincerest Form of Flattery
New Issue of Econ Journal Watch
Two Good Questions
Broken Windows Krugman at His Best
Condoms as Stimulus--What's Next Viagra?
How to Bailout the States (If We Must)
I'm Shocked, Part Deux
I'm Shocked (a la Capt. Renault)
How Can He Say This @#$! With a Straight Face?
Re Running--Berry Half Marathon
Dead Letter Office
For Your Viewing Enjoyment
Only 4 Days Left ... Things to Do ... Another Two More Bailouts!
Stimulus: The Real Voodoo Economics
Economic Viagra for the Porn Industry?
Property Rights and the Right of Retrieval
Politics Without the Romance
Selgin on Argentina's Currency Shortage
More Evidence on Property Rights and Investment
Recessions, Team Quality, and NBA Attendance
Stimulus ...
George W. Bailout Rides Again
This Might Be Good News--Update
The Most Depressing Sentence(s) I Read This Year
Just Wondering (Part Deux) ...
Economic Gangsters
Just Wondering ...
This Might Be Good News
Mon Dieu
Calling Steve Levitt ...
Markets in Everything: PETA Coffins
"Baby Mama" vs. Thomas Frank
I Didn't Know that ...
Coleman Wins B.S. Contest
Spend Spring Break With Me
More Market Idolatry from the Bush Administration
Markets in Everything: Senate Seat Edition
Cheating--A Countercyclical Activity
Pee Wee Discovers Consumer Surplus
A New Form of Stadium Financing?
The Follies of Central Planning: Currency Edition
WSJ Letter
NBER--Recession Started Dec. 2007
The macroeconomic consequences of disasters
Impeach Here and Impeach Now
Thanks to Craig Newmark ...
Mike Lester on the Detroit Three Bailout
Bailouts of Everything: Olympics Edition
Snarky Thought of the Day
Nonsense on Stilts
Drudge: UK Sperm Banks May Need Bailout...
Colleges Belly Up to the Trough
A Bailout for the Dallas Cowboys?
Gas Below $2 in GA
Kotlikoff Lecture
Incentives Matter: Signing Bonus Edition
Live Blogging the Election
Andy Rooney & The Minimum Wage
Income Elasticity of Demand for Sports Once Again
Nothing Like a Little Rent Dissipation
A Second Helping
Some Cool Economics
Bush, Obama, and the New New Deal
Is the Financial Crisis Harder on Public Colleges?
What Am I Missing?
Say It Ain't So
A Skybox Bailout
Political Quickies
Brad Smith on Campaign Finance Reform
Markets in Everything: Eau de Franklin Street Edition
Oh to Have a "None of the Above" Choice
More on the Income Elasticity of Demand for Sports
Institutions Matter: Dismantling the License Raj
Small Business Taxation
The Underground Economy in Germany
Mike Lester Hits the Bullseye
Fact Checking NPR's Fact Checking
The Real $700 Billion Transfer ...
On McCain's Health Care Plan and Tonight's Debate
Tony Romo, Las Vegas Voter
Bernanke on the Line ...
Don't Know Much About History
Someone Who Needs to Read Russ Roberts's New Book
Who Would Have Ever Guessed ...
Obama: Fighting for the Middle Class
Re:The Arsonists are Running the Fire Station...
How Washington Works
Afternoon Snark
"We Still Have Heavy Regulations ..."
Another Consequence of Rent Control
The Front Fell Off
Government Efficiency Example of the Day
Biden's Patriotic Duty vs. Obama's Coercion
Questions I Must Ask
Dry Cleaning Economics in One Lesson
Coke Dealer's Gas Surcharge
I Called This One
My Prediction
Don't Know Much Biology*
Birnam Wood Shall Come to Dunsinane
Vend It Like Beckham: David Beckham’s Effect on MLS Ticket Sales
Munger Interview
More Bloat
Markets in Everything: Palin Edition
It's Marginal Tax Rates that Matter
RE: An (Immodest) Proposal to Let the Taxman into Your Bedroom
Pigs at the Pickens Plan Trough
On Boob Jobs and Teen Jobs
Unintended Consequences
Demand Curves Slope Down, Even for P. Diddy
2nd Quarter GDP
A Longer NFL Season
It's Hard to Run Wearing Baggy Pants
Best Thing I Heard on the Radio This Morning ...
Cross Price Elasticity of Demand: Electric Bike Edition
Hey, Bill, It's Called a Point Estimate
A Thought on CEO Pay
Markets in Everything: Drivetones Edition
Stunningly Ignorant
It's Still Just a Mental Recession
Markets in Everything: Breast Enhancing Gum
Incentives Matter: Cash for Physics Edition
Quick Hits
Baseball Fan Loyalty & The Worst Contract in Baseball History
The Beijing Olympics Discovers Specialization and Division of Labor
Cross Price Elasticity of Demand: Pit Stop Edition
Transfers and Exchanges: Gov. Moonbeam is Also Confused
Tyranny Tarted Up as Art
Entering the Fray
Cross Price Elasticity of Demand: Guano Edition
Seems Backwards to Me
A Question for Martin Feldstein
Working Long Hours
Obamanomics--We Have a Taker
Transfers vs. Exchanges: A Lesson John McCain Also Needs to Learn
Drill Now, For the Children
Obamanomics: Any Takers?
Weirdest Sentence I Read This Week
A Coasian Solution? Inappropriate Use of Tax Dollars? Both?
Economic Growth: If It Wasn't Positive, It'd Be Negative
On the Minimum Wage, Part Deux
Puckish Minor League Baseball Promotions
More Handiwork of Pres. George W. Bailout
Tax Dollars at "Work"
Brett Favre Baseball Promo
Ontario School Choice and the Benefits of Competition
Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand: Length of School Week Edition
Interesting Paper
Markets in Everything: Chipper Chardonnay and McCann Merlot Edition
Movies for Econ
This Paper Looks Interesting
Is Sports Attendance an Inferior Good?
Community Bikes in Arkansas
Transfers vs. Exchanges: A Lesson for T. Boone Pickens
Incentives Matter: Traffic Ticket Edition
President George W. Bailout
The Way Not to Convince Me to Take Global Warming Seriously ...
No beer, no civilization
A Sports Economics* Lesson for Peter Gammons
Phil Gramm Is Right
EPA Reduces the Value of a Statistical Life
Markets in Everything: Gas for Baby Name Edition
Queueing Costs
Capital Tax Incidence ...
Adult Web sites enjoy boost from stimulus checks
Cross Price Elasticity of Demand: Push Reel Mower Edition
Shortage Time
Working Family Gibberish
Soccer > Opera in Vienna
Gaseous Admissions
Quick Thoughts
Markets in Too Much Information Everything: McCain and Obama Condom Edition
On "Market Idolatry"
Unintended Consequences
Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand: Scotch Edition
Farmers’ Harvest a Bumper Crop of Subsidies
Public Choice and Bureaucrats
Wal-Mart's "Green" Behavior
Teen Employment Letter in Today's WSJ
Bootleggers, Baptists, and Liquor Store Owners, Part Deux
"Nothing but Misogynists"
Happy Feet
Another Rent-Seeking _______
Quick Hits
Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand: Mule Edition
Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand: Gas Cap Lock Edition
Sob Story
Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand: Scooter Edition
Bootleggers, Baptists, and Liquor Store Owners
Something I've Known All Along ...
Subsidies for Millionaires; Tax Hikes if You Make $100k
Re: Ohio about to pass the "Loan Shark Full Employment Act"
Big Onions
Preliminary Idiocy Continued
Incentives Matter: Gas for Church Edition
No Such Thing as a 23-Cent Pizza
Not Too Chaotic
I Preliminarily Found Idiocy
Gas Prices (Partially) Explained
Why Are Food Prices Increasing So Rapidly?
Medical Insurance Crowd Out
Wise Words ...
The Flower Police and the Fight to Preserve Economic Liberty
Kondracke on Obama, Lester Brown on Ethanol, & Solar Power in SD
Repeat After Uncle Miltie ...
Connect the Dots
DC Trips
Top economists call on city chiefs to save Adam Smith's house
Today's Mike Lester Cartoon
Woman Bites Dog
Devoted Fans
Dental Economics
Pubs Ban British Treasury Chief After Alcohol Tax Hike
Cutting Taxes in GA
Rogoff on Zimbabwe's Hyperinflation
Best Paragraph I Heard on the Radio This Morning
Candy Prohibitions ...
Another Bush Failure
Steve Horwitz on Wal-Mart
Investors cheer lending rate cut, but professor casts warning
Booster Socialism
Eliot Spitzer Night at the Ballpark
Kudos to Mike Munger ...
Sunday Beer Sales and Baseball Attendance
Elephant Vasectomies, Who Knew?
Overlooking the Obvious Question
NPR Piece on Financial Privacy
Another Nanny State Republican
A Coasean Solution for Crummy Schools?
Berry Bikes on Capitol Hill?
On Cherokees and Former Slaves
While Haitians Eat Dirt ...
A Quibble with ...
George Will Channels Hayek
Those Who Fail to Learn from History ...
A Failure to Stimulate
Haven't I Heard This Somewhere Before?
Enhanced by Ethanol
An Awfully Short Memory
Play Ball!
Thinking at the Margin
The Consumption Inequality Kerfuffle
Good Work Dan
Wal-Mart for the Nobel Peace Prize?
Markets in Everything--Text Messages to Yourself Edition
Stimulating Cartoon
More on Sports Pork
Some Super Bowl Economics
Thanks to Jim Gwartney ...
Kickin' It Around Berry College
Stimulus and Tax Withholding
Many Thanks to Bruce Yandle ...
Don Boudreaux on So-Called Stimulus
Spot On!
Incentives Might Matter: Atlanta School Experiment Edition
Let the Vote Buying Bidding Begin
Stimulus Economics
Oink, Oink--Sports Pork
If It's So Rotten, Why Are You Running for It?
Caught My Eye
Maybe They're Onto Something
A Gathering of the Rent-Seekers?
Thousands show up for shot at Wal-Mart job
Stunningly Ignorant
Mike Lester, Sports Economist
RE Stranger Life Insurance
More on the Mitchell Report
A Not-So-Freaky Link?
Another Way to Waste Time
Buy This Book
Incentives Matter: Pretrial Release Edition
Free Minds, Free Markets, Squatters, and Stolen Electricity?
Pearls of Wisdom ...
Mike Lester Channels John Lott
In Case You Haven't Noticed, It's Already Here
RE: I say fix their rates, but make them give back the Lexus
Incentives Matter: Danish Income Tax Edition
Cry Me a River
Dictators in Glass Palaces
Is the Rome News-Tribune the Country's Most Libertarian Newspaper?
Political Blame Game--Detroit Housing Edition
Blondes Have More Externalities ...
Quick Hits from the Southerns
Self-Serve Beer
Keynesian Fairy Tales
Costs and Benefits
Fisking Diana Nyad
Holy Cow!
New Smith Quote
Many Thanks to Tyler Cowen ...
Tiebout Sorting?
Worst Chart of the Day
Masonomics in Action
Homo Economicus: Redneck Edition
Wisdom from George Will
Thanks Aeon
Say What?
Good Reading in Today's WSJ
Throwing Stones in Glass Houses
Another Entrepreneur Serving Customer Needs
Letter in WSJ
California Rebates
Institutions Matter: "African Time" Edition
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" ... the strangest product launch since that of New Coke in 1985"
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Katrina Aid Goes Toward Football Condos
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Inspired by Michael Vick or A New Event for the Redneck Games?
Headline Meet Article
On Preschool as a Poverty Fighter
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Eleanor Roosevelt's Utopia
Children's Book Suggestion
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Credit Snobbery vs. Credit Access
DOLers Against Protectionism
Demand Curves are Downward Sloping ...
On Breakaways in the Tour de France
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The Tax Foundation Joins the AMT Club
Saving the Tiger: A Contrast Between China and India
On Labor Force Participation, Inequality, and Returns to Education
An Astonishing Fact (if true)
Teen Employment--An Alternate Hypothesis
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Atlanta's Drug War on Old Ladies
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Single Payer Dreaming
Better to Feel Good than Do Good: Belgian Barbequing Edition
Better to Feel Good than Do Good: SF Baggie Edition
Which Team Should I Cheer For?
Rape Statistics in Need of "The Diff"
Incentives Matter: Campaign Cash Edition
Kudos for the GA Senate
Here We Go Again ...
Thanks Jim
Of Elephants and Bison
Time Article on Ghana
Caught My Eye
Keystone Kops Election Bureau
Compare Quotes
Markets in Everything: Swedish Bed Edition
Why do the poor seem to have more free time than the rich?
Markets in Everything: Love-making gets green light from adult stores
Pell Grants and College Tuition
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Market Based Management
Forensic Economics Blog
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Thanks David
Mike Lester on Gore's Carbon Footprint
Congratulations Gary
Another Installment of Al Gore's "Do as I Say, Not as I Do ..."
"Cars improved the air ... that's no bull"
Forever Stamp
Institutions Matter: Guinea and Zimbabwe Editions
Markets in Everything--Cat Flatulence Edition
Adam Smith Currency
On Electronic Beacons for Climbers
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Congratulations JC
Black Market for Cigarettes in California Prisons
NASA=Need A Sane Astronaut?
Adam Smith Bow
So the War is About Oil After All?
Minimum Wage Layoffs in Arizona
It's Friday--Time for Some Sports
Markets in Everything
An Eminent Domain Victory
Incentives Matter: Aussie Deaths Edition
Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations
Questions about the Bush Medical Insurance Proposal
Big CarbonCap and Other Pigs at the Trough
Best Line I Read in Friday's WSJ
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Fine Stuff on Mark Perry's Blog
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The Economist: Compulsion and Fuzzy Health Care Statistics
On My Radar
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Minneapolis Joins the Pigou Club
Cattle-lytic Converter
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Another Post on the Minimum Wage
Levitt vs. Levitt & Dubner
Vintage Beer
Better to Feel Good than Do Good: Prius Edition (Again)
My Two Cents on Grade Inflation
Wizard-of-Oz Diplomas
On Funeral Prices and Organ Donations
Bootlegger Sighting: Global Warming at the Supreme Court Issue
No Such Thing as Bad Publicity
"The subsidy is the problem"
Art Carden on Wal-Mart
A Sad Day
Another Highlight of Socialized Medicine
Bad News
Bootlegger Sighting
Random Items Including a Naked Man with a Concealed Weapon
Gridlock: Good News or Wishful Thinking?
"Sometimes our government goes too far"
Potpourri/An Incentives Matter Lollapalooza
Pee Wee at the Grand Canyon
Re: Cardinal Red October
Do as I Say, Not as I Do ...
Reading List
Is the Club for Growth Going Soft?
The Pigou Club and the Double Dividend Hypothesis
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9/11 Crackpots
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Bootlegging Optometrists
In Honor of McCain-Feingold
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PNC Park Threatens To Leave Pittsburgh Unless Better Team Is Built
Mexican Election
The Overselling of Higher Education
Incentives Matter: Oral Sex Edition
Slogging Through Labor Day: Productivity, Income, and Redistribution
William Chace on College Costs
Sheldon Richman On Income Inequality
Welcome Wilson
Baseball Postseason Probabilities
Korean grocers sue Young, Wal-Mart
Sonny Perdue Does the SAT Score Spin
Act locally, think globally: Shop Wal-Mart
College Costs
My Turn to Whack Gladwell
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Georgia Mercantilism
An Answer for Don Boudreaux
Once More on Medical Bills and Bankruptcy
Hal Varian on Gas Prices
Incentives Matter: Gas Prices and School Bus Ridership Edition
Government Supported Drug Use?
Wal-Mart Made Andrew Young a Bigot
Party School Competition
Letter to WSJ
Class-Size Limits and Teacher Quality
Andrew Young's Trent Lott Moment?
Another Innumerate Reporter
Reverse Causation Sighting
Education and Economic Development
Bootleggers Disguised as Baptists: Austin Taco Stand Edition
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TEL Testimony/Rome Braves
Pee Wee Starts Kindergarten
An Inconvenient Hypocrite
Sales Tax Holidays
Product Review--DOL Merchandise
Week in Review
French Seeking Jobs in Britain
Berry Econ Major at Cannes
Linguistic Gymnastics
Reverse Causation?
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Lies, D@#$ Lies, and Statistics
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My Grab Bag
More Ridiculous "Terror Targets"
Kangaroo Terror Target/Dumb & Unlucky Criminals
The Ultimate in Pork
Snarky Soccer Comment
Hit and Run
More Evidence Against Sporting Events as (Economic) Stimuli
Minimum Wage vs. Free Trade
A Leftist's Dilemma
Right Diagnosis, Wrong Cure
Incentives Matter--Doctor Pay Edition
"Our capital account surplus"
More IHS Seminar Follow Up
An Argument in FAVOR of Killing the Estate Tax
How the Government Spends Your Money
Teaching Economics to Fifth Graders
Cartoon on the Profit Motive, Competition, and Entrepreneurship
Markets in Everything--$100 Hamburger Edition
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What Detroit Can Learn From Bangalore
Ayn Rand U?
Stadium Economics and the World Cup
Incentives Matter: Two Buck Jacques Edition
Rottenberg Retrospective
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The Management Myth
Nude Campaigning?
Quick Hits
Something Else to Keep the Congressional Price Gouging Caucus Busy
Economics of Prostitution
Restaurants, Obesity, and Reverse Causation
Wal-Mart & Productivity; Wal-Mart's Land Seized Via Eminent Domain
Japanese Chopsticks Import Association--Who Knew?
Great Moments in Non-market Allocation
Economics "gets the chicks"
Dean Smith Endorsement Kerfuffle
Pre-paid Gasoline
Euro Jobs
Non-Price Rationing
Altoona Curve to Hold Frivolous Lawsuit Night
Santa Fe Minimum Wage
High School Exit Exams
Bush, Polls, and Gas Prices
Pornographers and Baptists
A Newspaper in Need of "The Diff"
Incentives Matter--"Gas Prices Force Locals onto Horses"
2008--A Good Year for Libertarians?
El Maximo Mooch & Other Parasites
Repubs, Dems, and Government Spending
One More for the Congressional Price Gouging Caucus
Prices, Growth, and China
Better to Feel Good than to Do Good--Ethanol Edition
Tax Incidence for Dummies, Part Deux
Gas Prices and Ethanol
Somebody Needs a Better Marketing Plan
Another Job for the Congressional Price Gouging Caucus
Political Gasbags
Channeling Hayek
More Fish, Less Crime?
Police Arrest Nude Man Stuck in Chimney
More Tinkering with the BCS
Better to Feel Good than to Do Good--Charitable Parachuting Edition
Geography of Government Abuse
Better to Feel Good than to Do Good--Prius Edition
Bow Tie Blog
Thanks, Mike and Congratulations, John
Can Sports Arbitrage Software Make You Easy Money?
Marginal Deterrence
Oprah on Wealth
Markets in Everything: Muhammad Ali's Name
Berry Grads Place in Morley Competition
Incentives Matter: Oregon Prisoner Edition
Common Property Cars?
Life Imitates Film--A Day Without a Mexican
Why Yes, Demand Curves are Downward Sloping
Markets in Everything--Porn Star Wine
Repeat After Uncle Miltie
Better to Feel Good Than to Do Good
Perverse Political Equilibria
Is College Worth It?
The Follies of Central Planning--Chinese Heat Edition
Vote-buying Pols
New Blogger
Hungry Yet?
NAEP and Teacher Pay
Too Much Outback
Incentives Matter--Aussie Driving Edition
Unintended Consequences in Action--Maryland Lending Law Edition
Paglia on Summers
Markets in Everything--Burial Sites Near Rosa Parks
Good Grief
Wealth Gap Fuzzy Math?
Markets in Everything--Gorilla Names
More Wal-Mart Harassment
The Joys of Socialism--Canadian Health Care Edition
Medical Bills and Bankruptcy Revisited
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Chubby Chinese Canines
Port Controversy
Nats to be Nameless Again?
NCAA Sued for Monopsonistic Price-Fixing
Congratulations to John and Dan
Florida Legislature Bans Gifts
Medical Schools: Conservatives Need Not Apply
"The Land of 10,770 Empty FEMA Trailers"
Easterly Follow-up
God's Gift to Jay Leno
McChesney on the Abramoff Scandal
The Appalling Labor Practices of...UNIONS???
Tax Incidence for Dummies
McCain vs. Obama
Incentives Matter--Chinese Scientific Research Edition
Paul Krugman, MD--A Follow-up
Ethanol, Science, and Religion
Paul Krugman, MD
Projects on the Prairie
Depken Sighting
Reporters Who Need "The Diff"
It Must Be Somewhere Around Here
New NHL Rules
Insert Georgia Joke Here
Proposed Wagers in Honor of Julian Simon
Markets in Everything--Shatner's Kidney Stone Edition
Nagin and Robertson
A TEL for GA? Now, More than Ever
Senator Kennedy
Will on House Republicans
Poverty now comes with a color TV
The Value of Political Connections
So Much for Cultural Imperialism
Catching Up/Detroit/Undercover Economist
Markets in Everything--Uncle Tom's Cabin
Eastern European Flat Taxes
Reporters in Need of "The Diff"
College Students Need "The Diff" Too
Bradbury & Sauer on WSJ Econoblog
Someone Who Needs "The Diff"
The World is Flat
Primer on Health Savings Accounts
What Took Them So Long to Figure It Out?
One for Neal Boortz
The Low Value of Teacher Ed Programs
Incentives Matter: Secret Grades Edition
Does PETA Have a Tokyo Chapter?
Illiteracy and Innumeracy
Markets in Everything: Christmas Light Hanging
"Environmentalism is collectivism in drag"
Markets in Everything--Proposal Gals
Incentives Matter: Driving Habits Edition
If Only He Was Serious
"It's all so tawdry"
Shouldn't This Be "Wage Gouging"?
Doughnut-style holes featured in Turin medals
Congratulations Gary
Once More on Wal-Mart
Time to Hit the Treadmill
Abortion and Crime Revisited
Koch Buying Georgia Pacific
NASCAR Romance Novels
Lies, #$%! Lies, and Misleading Wal-Mart Statistics
Welcome Ed Lopez
Books Bound in Human Skin
Incentives Matter: Metro Commuters Edition
That Pesky Downward Sloping Demand Curve
Wal-Mart Roundup
No Bridges to Nowhere?
Cool Paper on Institutions
Price System Sighting--Wilmington Convention Center Edition
On Happiness and Economic Freedom
Incentives Matter: Iowa Corn Crop Edition
Price System Sighting: New Orleans Labor Market Edition
Is ESPN Ruining Sports Reporting?
Jon Sanders, Masochist
Congestion Pricing Coming to NY?
Convoluted Krueger
Incentives Matter: Appalachian Oil Drilling Edition
Fowl Play?
Incentives Matter: Chilean Bus Driver Edition
French Film Star Le Pew Injured in Paris Cat Riots
Cloudland Canyon
Selling Land on the Moon
Rent Seeker Sighting
Classroom Tyranny
Your Tax Dollars at Work
Extended Fall Break at UGA
Man Kills Buck With Bare Hands in Bedroom
Tax Reform Day
Thanks JC/Name Game
Bootlegger Wal-Mart
Does he have a hood and robe in his closet?
JC in the AJC
More Coffee, Less Crime
Hey, Senator, is that a threat or a promise?
Help Wanted
The Price System at Work: Atlanta Transit Editon (Part 2)
TABOR and Colorado Higher Ed Funding
Gas Prices & Georgia's Tax Moratorium
Nude Disco in London
Iraqi Nose Jobs
Legal Entrepreneurship--Sales Tax Lawsuit Edition
Hit-and-run victim ends up in a PC trap for calling driver fat
Drug War Follies--Operation Meth Merchant
Incentives Matter--Dutch Witch Edition
Letter to WSJ
Committing Crime to Get Healthcare
NASCAR may break up multi-car teams
World Grilled Cheese-Eating Championship
Lynne Kiesling on Rebuilding New Orleans
Sexual Theme Park Coming to London
Jock Majors?
Does Paul Krugman Write for the AJC?
Adam Smith College
A Tax-Expenditure Limitation for Georgia
Common Property Bicycles--Won't They Ever Learn?
The Price System in Action
Another Eminent Domain Abuse
An Islamic guide on how to beat your wife
Another Kid Who Needs a Voucher
Smart beer mat orders refills
More Perdue Gasbaggery
Pink Locker Room Update
Sonny's Not Too Bright
Boortz/Marx Kerfuffle
A Celebrity Florist--Who Knew?
Gasbag Alert
Katrina Corruption
Nifty Paper on Property Rights
ACLU and Others Sue Georgia
Mike Lester New Orleans Cartoon
Summers Kerfuffle Update
Republican Spending/Club for Growth Suit
A Win for the Good Guys
Eminent Domain Use
Dog Shoots Man
Travis Gets an A
Book Suggestion
Why NOT to be a Government Lawyer
James Madison on Disaster Relief
More Wal-Mart Bashing
Give me a knife
Jacoby on "Price Gouging"
Catching Up
Opportunity Cost
The Price System at Work: Atlanta Transit Edition
California Wine Smog
Other People's Money/Atlanta Gas Panic
Here We Go Again
Brits and the F-word
More Fulton County Follies
More Support for Public Choice Theory
Beloit Mindset List
The Price System at Work
Corpse Display at Museum
The Ghost of Julian Simon
Environmental Economics
Pink Locker Room
Declining Teenage Summer Employment
Serious Riding
Incentives Matter--Student Testing Edition
Book Tip
Sadly, This Is No Surprise
Tort Reform Saves Lives
Flat Tax/Fair Tax
Unions' Anti-Wal-Mart Stunts
Peter Jennings Memories
Stadium Size and Season Ticket Sales
"Economics is All About Money"
Medical Tourism
Heroin Hairpiece
Must Have Been the Little Blue Pill
Lorax Reading Tip
NYT, Krugman, and France
Rational Voter Sighting
Productivity in U.S. and France
Freakonomics Review
Before Stadia Were Used for "Economic Development" ...
Quick Hits
Postrel on Child Labor Research
Fuzzy Math Sighting
Markets in Everything--Kenyan Runners
Snarky PBS Comment
The Klan's "Success": Secrecy or Violence?
Eminent Domain and "Economic Development"
The Minimum Wage and Welfare
Incentives Matter--Teacher Pay for Performance Edition
Corruption in Liberia
The Sexiest Discipline Known to Mankind
Calling Morgan Spurlock
Home Again/Tradeable Permits
Tierney on Eminent Domain
Quick Hits/Hiatus
Your Tax Dollars at Work
Howard Dean on Republicans Working
Hurricane Season is Here
Auto Industry Optimism
Sarbanes Oxley Causing Banks to Go Private
Bush/Kerry College Grades
"A really cold case: Fulton tries to prosecute dead man"
An Argument for Private SS Accounts?
Public Finance 101
Just Filthy
Oinky, Oinky, Oinky
Markets in Everything--Sex-Offender-Free Subdivision
Hazards of Smoking
Bidding for the Nationals
The Anti-Wal-Mart Jihad Continues
Do as I Say, Not as I Do
Flat Tax Hypocrisy
Another Voice in the Summers Kerfuffle
Worthwhile Reading
This Will Be Published?
"Pen makers cater to fussy scribes"
Girls Just Want to Have Rent Control
More on Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart Creates Jobs
Taxes on Everything
UK Doctors Imitate the Onion
Viagra: It's Not Just for New York and Florida Sex Offenders
Cambodian Midget Fighting League
He Should Have Gotten the One with Tinted Windows
Honey, What's that Stopwatch Doing in the Bed?
It's a Dynamic World
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Baseball Usage
Wal-Mart and a Rent-Seeking Union
More JC and Mazzone
No Teacher Left Behind
“If you think that China is a cheap place for labour, think again”
Repeat After Me: Voluntary Exchange is Mutually Beneficial
WSJ on the Mazzone Effect
‘Nine departed leafy friends’
Markets in Everything--Inkjet Cartridge Brokers
Bootlegger Sighting
"Researchers: To win in sports, wear red"
Interesting Figures
A Toast to Freedom
Does Jerry Jones Play Tennis?
Compensating Wage Differentials
Educational Malpractice
Tips for Riding Out Hurricanes
CNN Sophistry
Player Salaries and Ticket Prices
Steve Levitt on Crack
"I love freedom more than I hate cigarette smoke"
Town Declares Orgasm Day
Competition Lowers Prices
Using Pot to Buy Pizza
Freakonomics and Galbraith
Too D@#! Funny
Berry Commencement
My "Time Toilet" for Today
Government Planning Hall of Fame
Minimum Wage Data
Pythagorean Wins and Manager Skill Revisited
Prank Paper Accepted for Conference
Religion, Conscience, and the Workplace
Statistical Mumbo-Jumbo
Relative Price Changes vs. Inflation
Tour de GA Rolls into Rome
Rationality of NFL Draft
"Napoleon Dynamite" Resolution
Where's Coase When You Need Him?
Honey, Why is There Snoring Coming from the Closet?
"The Incentive Effects of Higher Education Subsidies on Student Effort"
"Economic Death Spiral"
The 65% Solution
Voting with One's Feet--College Choice Edition
Another Item from Paul Rubin
Costs of FDA Delay
Future of TSA
Union Rules?
Wal-Mart and Competition
Incentive Contracts in Sports
Back from APEE
Gas Prices/APEE
Junk Science Bankruptcy Study
Bankruptcy Reform
Makes Me Want to Scream
We're from the Government and We're Here to Help
Economic Idiot Award Entry
Flickering FIRE?
Good Light Beer? An Oxymoron
Novel Use for Gun Locks
"Schoolhouse crock"
On Social Security and Savings
Social Security Event
Congratulations John
Competition Helps Consumers
Incentives Matter--Public Housing Edition
French End 35-Hour Workweek
Freakonomics Blog!
Freakonomics Review
Confusing Solution with Problem?
Russ Roberts on Gender Pricing Laws
Unintended Consequences
Enviro Roundup
Manhole Cover Theft
Killing Him Twice?
Man With 'TIPSY' Plate Faces DUI Charges
"The Zeus"
Walter Williams on Summers Kerfuffle
Mike Lester on Justice Kennedy
State-Free Marriage
Georgia School Finance Lawsuit
On Bankruptcy and Medical Costs
Congressional Steroids Circus
Oh, The Poor Things
Funeral Home Housed Prostitution Ring
Slow Down in Class or You'll Be Sued
The Greedy Hand of Government--Red Light Camera Edition
Dinner with Doug
Maybe English is a Romance Language Too
Tax Exporting
Another Econ Major Makes Good
Men, Women, and Aspirin
The Dems Have it Backwards
RE: Lies, Damn Lies, and No Statistics!
Woman Accused Of Naked Dog Wrestling
A Buyout of the NHL?
Oil and the Law of Supply
Mike Lester on Blacks and Social Security
KnowledgeProblem/IHS Seminars
Eminent Domain Cartoon
Misleading or Worthless Economic Statistics
Trading Games and Governors' Report Cards
Supreme Logic--Get This Judge a Pollster
The Things You See at 3 a.m.
"Firm hits brakes on 'road kill' candy"
"97-year-old woman among 19 detained during drug raid"
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Legal Briefs
"Man Can Sue Woman For Sperm Theft Distress"
Of Genomes and Lemons--Better to Feel Good than to Do Good
I Bet This Won't Last Long
More on Kelo v. New London
"Economists Gain Star Power"
Quick Hits on Social Security
Rebates--Maybe the Glass is Half Full
Dining in the Nude
Freedom of Association in the Workplace
Citizens Against an Atheist Mayor
The NHL Season? Stick a Fork in It
Ann Coulter for Mayor?
The Greedy Hand
Economic Freedom Is Good for Women
But Mom, I Don't Want to Roll the Joints Today
Broken Windows and Tsunamis
"A lean budget"?
Union Outsourcing
Next Time Steal the Dime Truck
John Edwards
This Couldn't Have Been Comfortable
Ballpark Pork
Social Security Taxable Earnings Cap
Sanity in the Court
A Crappy Way to Die
Super Bowl Economics
Tour de Georgia
That Bob Lawson--He's Everywhere
Devils in the Details
Incentives Matter: Filipino Doctors and Nurses Edition
Democracy or Liberty?
Another Drug War Intrusion on Liberty
Markets for Everything: Richard Hamilton's Hair Edition
CNN Just Can't Help Itself
Viewing Tip
Quiz Time
One Big Cow Pie
Nip, Tuck, and Tax
James Taranto* Will Love This
Re: Males at the Tails
Legislative Busybody Update
Club for Growth Social Security Blog
What Do You Get When You Cross Beer and Jolt?
Is Hollywood Becoming a Red State?
Alert System for Social Security
Updates on Previous Posts
Friday Evening in the ER
On TELs and Recessions
Fabulous Stories About Property Rights
Not Funny
From the Dumb Criminals Department ...
Good News--Georgia Colleges Have Low Graduation Rates
Pull Pin, Toss Grenade ...
Hot and Bothered
"let's just have the players play naked"
Journalistic Mush on Class Sizes
Dispatches from the Anointed--Yet Again
Dogtown/Little River Canyon
Welcome Craig!
How Quickly They Forget
Carden Paper
"100 things we didn't know this time last year"
World Series Ball Kerfuffle
Bonehead Play of 2005
Lawn Mower Drag Races: Don't We Feel Safer Now?
UN Waste
Fallacy of Composition
Something Rotten in Denmark (and UK and ...)?
Re: Socialism: If at first you don't succeed...
Syllabus Prep
Atlanta's Assault on Liberty
Interesting Books
The Economy According to Toure
Junk Science?
A Rotten Way to Start a New Year
See You in 2005!
Property Rights
Life Imitates a Gross Arthouse Film
Confederate Prom Dress Kerfuffle
Who--Other than Tyler Cowen--Knew?
Testing and Standards
Bonehead Play of 2004
Incentives Matter--Merit Pay for Teachers Edition
"I am not a crook ..."
Social Security Bull$#%t--II
An Eminent Domain Abuse Thwarted
Social Security Bull$#%t
Dispatches from George
Sour Grapes
Commencement Economics II
"Well Trained" Law Professors
Advanced Placement Kerfuffle
Commencement Economics
On Capital Punishment
Democrats' Segregationist Conspiracies
Get This Child a Voucher!
Bootleggers and Baptists
Freezing Your B@#$s Off?
Cat Gets MBA for Life Experience
I Must Have Heard Him Incorrectly ...
Competing with Wal-Mart
Another Victim of the IRS
"Investing" in Education
This Will Be a Disability Soon
Bulldog Flambe
This Can't Be Good for His Self-Esteem
Incentives Matter--Atlanta Gridlock Division
Too Much Time on His Hands
And He Makes Movies Too
New to the Blogroll
Ode to Bow Ties
Say What?
Southern Econ Meetings Diary
Who Would Have Guessed?
Travel Tips
So Much for the Internationale
More on Arafat's Money
More on Cost-Ineffective Safety
Marketing Gone Bad
The Effect of Third-Party Payment
Working Poor
A Necessary Question
My Students are Slogging, So I'm Blogging
This Can't Be Good for Employee Morale
'Talk to someone in Cincinnati? Are you crazy?'
Practicing What They Preach
"Despite Drop in Crime, an Increase in Inmates"
Cleveland and Sports Subsidies
Values Voting
Should Professors Compel Students to Vote?
Media Bias
Hey, Bob, Pass the Crow
My Prediction and My Vote
So Much Money, So Little Class
Free Speech For Me, A Kick For Thee
Unemployment, Religion, and Voting
GDP and the "Jobless Recovery"
Images of Inspector Clouseau
Letter to the Weekly Standard
Dispatches from the Fever Swamps
October Surprises
Terrorism and Poverty
DC Porkers
NY Subway Centennial
Probabilistic Voting Models
None of the Above
Social Security for Dummies
Kerry & The Price of College
Good Stuff on Voting
Awesome Election Gizmo
Manny Ramirez
"... where unions exercise a lot of control"
Quick Hits
On Wild Cards and Beane Differences
Too Much Information
Not a Proud Moment for Georgia
On Flu Vaccines
Economic Freedom=Happiness
Cowboy Economics
Worthless Survey
Playing Doctor
Taxing Corporations
''Lawyers, not economists, designed the system.''
Nonsense on Stilts
So Much for a Free Press
Debate Tips from P.J. O'Rourke
Nobel Laureate Prescott Calls for More Tax Cuts
The Powerpoint Version of the Gettysburg Address
She's Back
Tragedy of the Commons
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Last Chance to Use Fannie and Freddie for off-budget subsidies
Japan fun fact
Martin Feldstein calls for a partial nationalization of household lending
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The FBI raid against the Liberty Dollar: new details
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Dennis Miller, unfiltered and overexposed
History’s warnings about cheap money
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Don’t Just Whip Inflation Now, Falsify the Numbers: Argentine President
Private note-issue to the rescue
Thankfully it wasn’t another Ruby Ridge or Waco
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The modern history of Austrian Economics, revised
Forthcoming paper on Hayek and the Great Depression
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Alan Greenspan and Jon Stewart on free markets versus central banking
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Advertising can get the public to buy anything
What's wrong with this sentence?
The Fed's role in creating the mortgage credit crisis
The Mythology of Panics
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Roach: The subprime bubble is a failure of central banking
Redenominating the Naira
Central bank scandal of the month: Burundi
John Kunze clarifies hedge funds’ withdrawal provisions
Not a "new kind of bank run"
Tiger had a good day yesterday
Set your Tivo
Rodrik's critique
Lott versus Levitt: Steve Levitt issues a “doozy of a concession”
Say what?
Where “to battle inflation” means “to generate inflation”
Bollywood star sentenced on weapons charges
Post-Friedman Monetarism and monetary policy rules
The down side of Hotwire
Will Canadian senior citizens be an effective lobby for lower inflation?
Argentina’s Economy Minister in cash scandal: the $64,000 question
Creative destruction: internet phone services
Easy bake ovens recalled again
Elliot's silly attack on financial liberalization
The NY Times has a slanted view of the economics profession's slant
Cultural weekend
Funniest blog comment I read today
Marketing genius
Have China Scholars All Been Bought?
Licensing in Everything: Disney™ produce
Central bank scandal allegations in Tanzania
The Fed is not losing so much seigniorage to the Euro
Rizzo vs. Summers
Hans Sennholz, RIP
New Bank of Scotland notes
One man’s ceiling …
A review of Freedomnomics
Who should get the next kidney?
Econ 101 for philosophers
Why central bankers fudge the truth, with illustrations from Sri Lanka
James Galbraith versus Paul Krugman on the history of economics
Earnings: the headlines versus the story
Wherein “heterodox” means “to the left of Samuelson”
Mmm, the Apple Pan
Problems with the Real-Bills Doctrine
Speaking of Scotch whisky
Islamic banking meets the credit card
Econ Journal Watch
Scotch versus the Labor Theory of Value
Talk is cheap: Milton Friedman takes NPR correspondent to school
The price of a live kidney
Jingle-jangle question
What denominations of notes and coins should we have?
Bang, bang, Maxwell's paper money hammer comes down
The parking meter's 75th anniversary
Division of Labor in comic book production
The End of National Currency
This will get me on Booknotes with Brian Lamb for sure
My 2 cents on the Wolfowitz scandal
Manipulating inflation numbers
Official licensing in everything: Major league baseball logo caskets and urns
The broadband jukebox
Dennis Miller's radio show
I was there: Bruce Bartlett vs. Paul Krugman on Keynesian economics of the 1970s
Private Virtual Currency in China: the QQ coin
Bollywood fact of the day
Euroization vs. dollarization
Consumer spending and Say’s Law
A Curious Balance
Iran's nuclear banknotes
Posner's dubious case for cost-of-living differentials
Opening Friday
Nobody drives to work any more – the roads are too congested
Why Krugman is wrong about Friedman
Dan Klein on “The Smith-Hayek Economist”
On On the Wealth of Nations
Free interstate trade in ugly tomatoes
Hear me on Weekend America
Endorsement Markets
Ecuador's default and dollarization
Germany’s alternative currency projects
Not my favorite argument for the gold standard
A socialist island in a sea of markets
Huerta de Soto on attempts to justify fractional-reserve banking
Milton Friedman and India
What kind of historian of economic thought is Paul Krugman?
Huerta de Soto's view of banking history
Guru review
India poised
Congresswoman Pelosi needs a lesson in supply and demand
Profiles in Courage
Dollarization versus Ecuador’s new leftist president
Digital gold and a flawed global order
Huerta de Soto's case against fractional reserves
Taiwan has a bank run
Where “normal” = “agreeing with me”
A change in the Fed’s mandate? Not with this Congress
Spot the Malthusian fallacy
Skousen on Friedman
James Brown, RIP
Charles Murray on immigration
Set your Tivo®
Another problem with government-issued currency
George Best banknote update
In Sen. Obama's world, does labor demand slope up?
Greenspan’s Legacy
Social Security Non-reform
Some light reading
Milton Friedman, RIP, and inflation targeting
Adam Smith, free banker, to appear on £20 note of the UK’s central bank
Cardinal Red October
Can the Van Morrison banknote be far behind?
Macro confusion
You don’t have to bank like a refugee
Microcredit by any other name
When are 650 economists fewer than meets the eye?
Can't stand the heat? Ban thermometers!
Should cab drivers be allowed to refuse fares that violate their religious norms?
Oklahoma vs. Texas
Washington Libertarian candidate "hocks" his way into TV debate
An overly common medium of exchange
For a fistful of gold bugs
Tivo tip
Kosovo now has a central bank – in name
The cleverest thing I've read today
Baby, you can drive my card
Couldn't they see the expiration date approaching?
Whither financial privacy?
Your federal tax dollars at work …
I want my L-TV
Old frontiers in economic policy
Rumble over central bank independence in Switzerland
Rumble over central bank independence in Poland
David responds to Goliath
Is private metallic currency legal?
Rouble rub-out
Rupee ka Kal Ho Naa Ho
Finance ministers threaten the independence of the European Central Bank
“Things are not well in Sweden”
I have yet another namesake
Santorum on Social Security Reform
Scrap the Canadian dollar?
Cui bono?
Put US aircraft to better use
Missouri mercantilism
More on abolishing the Fed
Abolish the Fed and freeze the base: Milton Friedman
F. A. Hayek, intellectual father of the Wikipedia
Where the money goes
Baptists and bootleggers, payday loan edition
Why Economists blog
Who will kill the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car”?
Inflation targeting and asset price bubbles
The Mexican corn paradox
Gambling and utility
Economists for open borders
Mishkin's appointment
Back from Zürich
Internalizing spillovers
Also back from an IHS seminar
Is it counterfeiting when there’s no real dollar bill in that denomination?
Consumer sovereignty and Indian food in America
Expert rates a bird flu pandemic unlikely
Too big to fail?
Zimbabwe's central bank struggles to keep up with its own inflation
Flavors come and flavors go
And they say fiat money is “intrinsically useless”
When more is not better
The soft drink aisle is running out of shelf space
Don't just privatize the state lottery, open it to competition
Monetary expansion for fun and profit
A welcome humility
The IMF books a loss
Medieval banking by any other name
Why bar Lithuania from the ECB?
Will on McCain's contradictory doctrine
Negative seigniorage
The Chevrolet HHR
Lebanese assasination tied to banking scandal
A barrier to cultural free trade falls
Stanley Fischer watch
Krugman on foreign debt
A Bridge Too Many?
Lott vs. Levitt
Can Sports Arbitrage Software Make You Easy Money?: Comment
Why Kenya's central bank governor is a political appointee
Can a medievalist head a modern central bank?
Cash for me but not for thee
Kroszner Watch: Speech against bank protectionism
Everyday Arbitrage: Starbucks
At least he’s not proud of it
A milestone in the world of cricket
Markets in everything: British titles of nobility
Nationalized health care doesn’t abolish the problem of scarcity
Is there hiring discrimination against black economists?
Raghuram Rajan, free-trader
Profiles in courage: Dr. Wafa Sultan on Islam and modernity
Greenspan cashes in
“Post-autistic” economics: what a dreadful label
The 2006 Homer Jones Memorial Lecture
Financial Market Center belatedly objects to Kroszner
Bumper sticker obliviousness
U. S. CPI inflation hits 4 percent
The Fed is losing seigniorage to the Euro
Curling mania
Kroszner, Warsh sail through
The "Austrian" self-labelling issue
Anti-Beijing Duck
Jobs I’m glad somebody else does: pig breeder
Warsh nomination draws heat
Back to commodity money: penny meltdown in Korea
Cupid, let your arrows go
With “property-rights-friendly” policies like these, who needs eminent domain?
Alan Greenspan and “The Lure of Fedthink”
Life imitates art: “Hans Brix! Oh No!” edition
Back to commodity money: the pre-1982 penny
DeLong on Kroszner and the "mainstream"
Randy Kroszner nominated to Board of Governors
Dave Barry Explains Why We Left the Gold Standard
Who are the “Fever Swamp Austrians”?
Friedman disses Austrian business cycle theory
“Is Ben Bernanke A Conservative?”
Jeffrey Sachs and the Underpants Gnomes
Central bank scandal of the month: Serbia
“Sarkar nikamma hai!”
I love the '90s, special surf music edition
Oldest US stock exchange goes all-electronic
Brace yourself: more junk emails from Nigerian bankers
New frontiers in monetary policy incompetence
Becker on transplant organ sales
One step closer to a private banking system for China?
Mario Draghi named new Governor of the Bank of Italy
News flash: Dick Clark has finally gotten old
One step closer to the coinless economy
Durkdurkistan President celebrates 20th anniversary in power
Bollywood 2005 in review
Sowell interview to air today
Haven’t got the balls to play cricket?
Back in college, we thought he looked more like John Denver
Cultural globalization personified
Scandal-tainted Bank of Italy head finally resigns
The young Stanley Fischer problem
Jim Hamilton on "the gold standard"
Water for rural Bolivia at what price?
Everything is connected
It’s for your sake, not for the sake of your beliefs
The interesting odysseys of Stanley Fischer
A plug: the perfect stocking stuffer
Watch me pull a rabbit out my hat – but no looking into the hat
Postmodern currency notes?
The newest variety of Coke
Where is the FCC when we need them?
More Missing Movie Quotes
Look to the real and not the nominal price of gold
Intrinsically useless no more
World’s most popular actor hospitalized
The price of gold
Don’t $#@! with my cable TV
Link Wray, RIP
Currency and the Constitution
Pension guarantee reform: Why not privatization?
Evidence for unintelligent design
Albert Pujols relieved himself here
Bernanke pledges “continuity” with Greenspan’s strategy
Is the Fed Overfed?
English is the new Latin
Oil Profit Idiocy comes to Scarborough Country
Mario Monti receives Hayek prize
Deepa Mehta’s Water opens (in Canada) to mixed reviews
Is the Alito nomination part of a "Constitution in Exile" movement?
Incentive compatibility
Why not paper €1 notes?
It ain't me, babe
"Core" inflation
Bernanke’s nomination
Something’s Gotta Give
Every country should have its own airline, steel mill -- and banknote printing operation
Vertical disintegration: Money-losing GM may sell off money-making GMAC
Inflation rears its ugly head
Should an airline be allowed to hire only young and pretty flight attendants?
The think tank balance of trade
It must be fall: pumpkin beer is here
What's in a "competitiveness" ranking?
More on the welfare state and race
St. Louis voters oust eminent-domain-pushing alderman
To Krugman, anti-welfare-statism is racism
Dueling units of account in Iran
Time-consistency problems
Pay for Katrina with pork
A slight conflict of interest
Alan Greenspan, central banking skeptic
I get double bonus points
Japan Post privatization back on track
Ugly politics department
Cato on TV
Koizumi, the privatization samurai
I have a question for those who oppose gasoline price “gouging” …
Absurd Economics of Mangal Pandey – The Rising
Why weren't the levees stronger?
Abolish the rupiah
So, will McDonald’s now be adding popcorn to its menu?
Don't wait to go bankrupt!
Randy Barnett, Tory Guru?
If you can't beat them, join them
Altig on the Fed's influence
All your gold are belong to us
After all, only criminals use cash
Gee, we never anticipated excess demand ...
Autism and types of mind
Who should follow Greenspan?
New fronteiras in bank robbery
Russia to issue pumped-up currency notes
A good question for Paul Krugman
The Kamehameha Schools case
New econ blog
Japan Post privatization voted down
Scandal rocks Central Bank of Kenya
Financial laissez-faire: Hedgebay
Scandal rocks Bank of Italy head
Bollywood summer movies
Whip Inflation Now: Argentina
Who polices the mall police?
The latest Econ Journal Watch
A letter to the Belfast Telegraph
A “solution” to counterfeiting – without a problem
Gordon Brown grabs for seigniorage
Fed rumor mill: who’s on the "short list" for appointment to the Board?
Buying crisps with a wave of the card
An end to tokenism
China's revaluation not a surprise
Move to privatize Japan Post in trouble
Al Qaida vs. Allstate
To crush liberty, crush moneychanging: Zimbabwe
Update on the Jack Nicklaus banknote from the the Royal Bank of Scotland
Reader mail department
Update on the terrorism insurance subsidy battle
The Wrath of Khan
Remember when Republicans believed in deregulation?
Where in the world?
Hillary Clinton channels Tipper Gore
No pork for Boise
Good news for curry consumers
The Senator from The Hartford
Socializing terrorism insurance -- but just the losses
Keep the change
New mass-spectroscopy method detects drug traces on currency
Randy Kroszner for Fed Board of Governors?
World’s largest financial institution to be privatized
On top of spaghetti
Brennan-Buchanan trumps Pigou in London
Gives new meaning to "circulate at par"
Nixon to Bangladesh: Drop dead
Labor theory of value
Bernanke and monetary regimes
Jolly Holly-Bolly
How Stella lost her groove again
Is the Iraqi central bank building credibility?
Kelo post-mortem
Latin American Sweatshop Report
Calculational curiosity
Has Tom Cruise been reading Tom Szasz?
A future of empty big boxes
Old Woodies
Alan Greenspan, free banker?
Outsourcing and academic tenure
An economist-blogger “shorts” the housing bubble
Liberty Film Festival
What the EU Constitution is about
My last five movies
Give me your tired, your poor, your remitters
When life gives you a bewildering variety of lemonades
What Mira Nair is up to these days
Have a curry with your Murree
Gasp – Canada’s Supreme Court legalizes private health insurance
South Park Libertarians, Self-image department
Markets in metal houses: Historical preservation via eBay
No Smoking in Bollywood
Illicit-market economics
Straight to dvd
France votes “non”
It’s all about the Benjamins
Will France vote “Oui” or “Non” on the European Constitution?
Sunil Dutt, RIP
The costs of Iraq
Economics of Public Policy exam
Even a smart Supreme Court Justice can have trouble with supply and demand analysis
FDR's legacy
The need for a secular political philosophy
Present values
"Progressive blending"
Students for "Saving" Social Security
The Krugman spin machine
Salon of the USSR wooden cell phones
Who will replace Greenspan? Bernanke the bookmaker's slight favorite
Movies about left-wing conspiracies?
South Park Libertarians
Steve Levitt on the Daily Show Thursday
Bernanke a libertarian?
The pension reform road we didn't take
Social Security reform theater, day one
Recommended reading
What use do sari-makers have for condoms?
Ecuadorian president falls; currency doesn’t
Clarida to replace Bernanke at the Fed?
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How not to explain inflation
A verdict on the new formula of Pepsi One (in the black cans) compared to the old formula (silver cans)
Link Wray in St. Louis
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Harmony with Nature
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Contra Shiller, Personal Retirement Accounts are a Smart Investment
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Should Philosophers Take a Pro-Union Stand?
Senator Kennedy gets it double-backwards
A fascinating account of “the most audacious bank raid in British history”, and its political fallout
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Update on Sinn Féin and the Northern Bank raid
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India treads water on economic reform
You navigate like a straight male
Reply to Professor Bainbridge on Social Security
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The myth of “transition costs” in Social Security choice
But will we also find out how Tony Nelson became an astronaut?
And you thought the FCC has become too Puritanical?
What's in a campus name?
Barry Bonds endorses vintage baseball
Hans Hoppe vs. the King of Swaziland
Petrol commodity traders kick ass
Gidget, RIP
Clarifying the benefits of Social Security choice
IRA / Sinn Fein implicated in Northern Bank heist
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De gustibus
Wage = discounted marginal value product
Don't bury my head in ice
Why take risks with your retirement savings? I'll tell you why ...
Life imitates cult tv
Should retirement saving be compulsory?
Comparing apples to oranges
I guess the ACT and SAT must not have included any questions about Type I vs. Type II error
Lake Woebegone investors
What Medicaid Cut?
Bollywood facts of the day
I guess the Pentagon and Medicare must not be part of the federal government anymore
Greenspan: two cheers for Adam Smith
Ward Churchill believes in Nozick’s concept of Utopia?
Super Bowl halftime thought
Another academic freedom case
Dean Wormer, RIP
Who’s the fibber here?
The paternalism of the anti-privatizers
The latest twist in the Ward Churchill story
Paul Krugman gives Cato mad props on Social Security reform
"Trade and Production are positive-sum games."
Pareto-improving Social Security privatization
"Fair Trade" coffee
I wish more of those who defend free speech ...
Undergrad demographics
Males at the Tails II
More ways not to refute Larry Summers
Males at the Tails
How not to refute Larry Summers
Biggest disappointment in the list of Oscar nominations
Two bridges too far?
That's F. A. Hayek, not Salma Hayek
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Of my 15 minutes of fame, I still have 14:45 left
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Those of you who listen to National Public Radio ...
Have the writers of Baby Blues been reading Russ Roberts?
The Aviator
We don't need no stinkin' government sewers
Sad news from Bollywood
Another question about currency
The Fate of One-Dollar Coins in the US: Counterpoint
More evidence that the second generation tends to assimilate
Yet another advantage of privately issued banknotes

Kung-Fu Fighting for Freedom
Something Odd about the WSJ/Heritage Index
Krugman on Social Security

Craig Depken
On rooting c. 1912
Musings of the Gentle Cynic c. 1912
On duty and bravery c. 1912
On marginal product of labor c. 1912
On response to disaster c. 1912
On what matters c. 1912
Marriage advice c. 1912
Heart Wrenching c. 1912
An unbeatable record? c. 1912
Protecting the Politicians or the Citizenry? c. 1912
Navel-gazing c. 1912
On faith c. 1912
On Efficiency c. 1912
Greenspan 2011 on Greenspan 2008
Correlation or Causation: Episode #78787
On Compensating Differentials c. 1911
Hey Maine! Thanks for nothing c. 1911
On Sausage Making c. 1911
On Full Information c. 1911
On Moving Pictures c. 1911
On legislating fashion c. 1911
On Environmentalism and Sportsmen c. 1911
On Opportunity Cost c. 1911
On the bid-ask spread c. 1911
On the price of prayer c. 1911
On the Southern Border c. 1911
On basketball tournaments in Charlotte
Yankees in Athens c. 1911
On betting in baseball c. 1911
On the "terrific pace" of basket ball c. 1911
Good one from my hometown newspaper
On wrestling c. 1911
On government and the hat pin c. 1911
On license plates c. 1911
On public angst about corporations c. 1911
On voluntary taxation c. 1911
On Financial Regulation c. 1911
Organ markets c. 1911
The good old days - textile edition - c. 1911
Hey Ohio - thanks for nothing c. 1911
More on negative externalities c. 1911
On negative externalities c. 1911
The Greenwood Lake Philosopher c. 1910
The Gentle Cynic c. 1910
On the customer is always right c. 1910
Raising rivals' costs c. 1910
Christmas Extravagance c. 1910
On the rationally ignorant voter c. 1910
I swear I don't make this stuff up c. 1910
On Capital-Labor Tradeoffs c. 1910
The Broken Window Fallacy
On Campaign Financing c. 1910
Anti-Obamacare c. 1910
On banning smoking c. 1910
Funny headline of the day c. 1910
Naivety c. 1910
How is this going to work out?
Yale vs. Harvard c. 1910
On Journalism c. 1910
Words of wisdom: Follow through
Some of what is wrong with economics
Bad idea #13424 c. 1910
Paris in the Terror
New working paper
Just a bit off c. 1910
A Headline for the Ages c. 1910
On Advertising c. 1910
On taxation and representation c. 1910
The compound interest of "compound interest" c. 1910
An open question
On drawing turtles and pirates c. 1910
On census jobs c. 1910
Web gem c. 1910
Those darned kids c. 1910
Just Say NO c. 1910
On compensation and efficiency c. 1910
Sport c. 1910
Which is it?
Correlation vs. Causation c. 1910
New working paper
On the first pitch c. 1910
Final call for papers
Best line of the day
Tween pregnancy crisis c. 1910
A tax by any other name c. 1910
Technology in sports c. 1910
Does anyone remember the recipe?
Price elasticity of beans c. 1910
Incentives matter c. 1910
Real HHS Spending
Piracy business model
New working paper
Suits over Suites
New working paper
Unicorn parking in the back
Amazing view behind the curtain
March Madness - Starting Salary Bracket
Minnesota gets ready to walk the plank?
Perks? What Perks?
Markets in everything: shade edition
Cat out of the bag?
Who is helping whom?
Out of Context c. 2010
This for that
Tyrannosaurus Debt
Pattern? What Pattern?
$170 million community center?
Think about how bad it could have been
How about this logic?
On the skedaddle effect c. 2010
For the car lover c. 2010
On perfect foresight c. 1910
On running up the score c. 1910
On potential moral hazard c. 1910
Vote early and vote often
Score one for the good guys?
Money I Found Today
Don't think it can't happen here
Markets in everything: Bobby Cremins Edition
Watching paint dry c. 1910
Markets in everything: BCS Grass Edition
Normative vs. Positive c. 2010
On stadium construction c. 1910
Case of insanity? c. 1910
Abusive acronym of the day?
Not quite what the founders had in mind?
On supply and demand c. 1909
On taxes and smoking c. 1909
Tiger externalities
On the Nobel Prize c. 1909
SEC and the Weatherman
What about conventional wisdom?
Raising costs or raising benefits?
Prediction c. 1909
Newspeak c. 2009
An X-prize c. 1909
On respect c. 1909
Informal survey of the day
Someone had to say it c. 1909
On the price of sports franchises c. 1909
On scientific fraud c. 1909
He said what when?
On Geithner's Tenure
On the price of Thanksgiving c. 1909
On feeding the poor c. 1909
The Gentle Cynic c. 1909
Football games c. 1909
On the value of conservation easements
On ticket distribution c. 1909
Making more with less c. 2009
On mandates c. 2009
On what's important c. 1909
On football c. 1909
Man vs. Beast c. 1909
An endangered species c. 1909
On appropriations and fraud c. 1909
On the squirrel c. 1909
On Art's Football Letter
And so the streak begins c. 1909
End-of-the-world festivities c. 1909
Option value lost c. 1909
Deterrence vs. Retribution c. 1909
On Presidential Busy-ness c. 1909
Yes, Virginia, it did sometimes happen
On downward sloping demand curves c. 1909
On "city" hospitals c. 1909
How long do you wait for a sub sandwhich?
A passing question
CARS joke
How about this for government accuracy
On the death tax c. 1909
Alternative energy c. 1909
Uh oh...
On substitute goods c. 1909
Devil is in the details?
She can dance for me but not for thee c. 1909
On a nationalized labor market c. 1909
Ok, Take Exit 185. Wait...what?
Help me please?
New (and different) business models
Now we know why it's called pork
On technical improvement c. 1909
From my recent readings
On the impact of Manny
On curses c. 1909
On taxation c. 1909
On protectionism c. 1909
Bailouts illlustrated
In a pinch?
On swimming upstream c. 1909
On substitutes c. 1909
Cycling c. 1909
On government efficiency c. 1909
On health insurance c. 1909
On rival leagues c. 1909
On military planning c. 1909
Don't tax you, don't tax me...
Possible unintended consequences?
Famous people in the NYT c. 1909
Style over substance?
On fighting obesity c. 1909
On ending fraud c. 1909
On killing giraffes
Open question
A government study, no doubt
Government spending on sports
On motive c. 1909
On justifying college sport
On a proposed income tax c. 1909
On signaling Mars c. 1909
On stadiums and development c. 1909
One gallon test c. 1909
Hope springs eternal c. 1909
On the M.R.S. c. 1909
On temperance and de-criminalization c. 1909
On Mars and signaling c. 1909
On Socialism c. 1909
Making crime pay c. 1909
Unintended consequences c. 1909
History repeats itself c. 1909
Non-traditional sports c. 1909
On Fixed Costs c. 1909
Non-PC Headline c. 1909
The Umpire c. 1909
On Newspapers c. 1909
Non-PC Headline c. 1909
Bold but wrong c. 1909
Temperance c. 1909
Tax policy c. 1909
Symbolism vs. Substance
Price as a signal of quality? c. 1909
Frustration c. 1909
The 41,250% return c. 1909
On politician salaries c. 1909
Auctioning President Obama?
On taxation c. 1909
Failure in the law of one price c. 1909
Rent-seeking c. 1909
Anti-competition economics c. 1909
Anti-trust economics c. 1909
The art of the understatement c. 1909
Actual vs. perceived value c. 1909
Quintomom c. 1909
Economies of scope c. 1909
The seen and the unseen c. 1909
On raising rivals costs? c. 1909
Letting the cat out of the bag c. 1909
On regulating prices c. 1909
Silencing the silencer c. 1909
On the alcohol problem c. 1909
On the interregnum c. 1909
On the good old days c. 1909
A cure for insomnia II c. 1909
A cure for insomnia c. 1909
The RAAT Board?
No earmarks tomorrow?
Economics via M.C. Escher
On college football c. 1909
On vice c. 1909
Crisis of Credit
School reading c. 2009
Customer-made Theatre c. 1909
Newspaper Publishers Full Employment Act c. 1909
"Because I Want It So" c. 1909
On trade unions c. 1909
An ode to C.Q.D. c. 1909
On presidential salaries c. 1909
On government financing c. 1909
On Lying Bank Presidents c. 1909
On bigness c. 1909
On Sunday Baseball c. 1909
Laundry Worker Full Employment Act c. 1909
On the paparazzi c. 1909
On All-stars and Churches c. 1909
On business cycles c. 1909
The Musing Philosopher c. 1909
Progressive economics c. 1909
On Mere Man c. 1909
On president-elect propriety c. 1909
Valuable New York insights c. 1909
On Congressional license c. 1909
On progress c. 1909
On the costs of TB c. 1909
On Bashing the Rich c. 1909
On price elasticity and football c. 1908
On opportunity cost c. 1908
On "free trade" c. 1908
On the intertubes c. 1908
On Stadium Construction c. 1908
Price vs. Value? c. 1908
On election day c. 1908
On age in politics c. 1908
Bizarre medical advice c. 1908
Prediction markets c. 1908
Why fear Socialism when you have Republicans? c. 1908
Atlas threatened to shrug c. 1908
A good bet? c. 1908
On presidential favor c. 1908
On bold predictions c. 1908
Trade Sports c. 1908
Baseball writers association c. 1908
World Series c. 1908
On PDA c. 1908
New world order c. 1908
Price elasticity of (a) newspaper c. 1908
On stock prices c. 1908
The guns of October? c. 1908
Battleground states c. 1908
Prices matter c. 1908
A limit to markets in everything? c. 1908
On demand shocks c. 1908
The Gentle Cynic c. 1908
College football scores c. 1908
On Performance Enhancing Drugs c. 1908
Public Health Policy c. 1908
On creative destruction c. 1908
Substitution in recreation c. 1908
On bailouts of the banking industry c. 1908
On academic eligibility c. 1908
Markets in everything: Marijuana U.
On academic eligibility c. 1908
Petty tyrants c. 1908
On banking crises c. 1908
On National Anthems c. 1908
Grand steps in medicine c. 1908
On surcharges c. 1908
On border control c. 1908
On deposit insurance c. 1908
Masses vs. Classes c. 1908
On inventions c. 1908
Baseball transaction c. 1908
Transportation costs and hotels c. 1908
Olympic events c. 1908
Tax on Cupid c. 1908
Point to ponder c. 1908
The Greenwood Lake Philosopher c. 1908
Party platforms c. 1908
A monitoring problem c. 1908
The cost of an Olympian c. 1908
The birth of a "special interest" c. 1908
Musings of the Gentle Cynic c. 1908
X-prize c. 1908
On immigrants c. 1908
On Memorial Day c. 1908
On party pride c. 1908
On Congressional spending c. 1908
On entry fees c. 1908
Politics as usual?
Supply of dog catchers c. 1908
On white overalls c. 1908
On party politics c. 1908
Delegate dilemma c. 1908
Kentucky endorsement c. 1908
Remember shutting down the horse slaughterhouses?
Taxes, rental rates and bureaucracy c. 1908
Pre-OSHA workplace regulation c. 1908
Four lines c. 1908
Learning by doing c. 1908
Value of time c. 1908
Food crises c. 1908
In-kind Taxation c. 1908
On early warning systems c. 1908
Dog mangles child c. 1908
Home Ownership c. 1908
Boston Marathon c. 1908
Flawed experimental design c. 1908
PETA moment c. 1908
The beginning of the end? c. 1908
It's good to be the king c. 1908
Elections matter c. 1908
If it sounds too good to be true?
Administrators know demand curves are downward sloping?
The Greenwood Lake Philosopher c. 1908
On labor supply c. 1908
School disasters c. 1908
The value of a concscience c. 1908
Patience c. 1908
On Prohibition c. 1908
On inside jobs c. 1908
On rebuilding after disaster c. 1908
Musings c. 1908
On bridge tolls c. 1908
Pre-election antics c. 1908
Political hot air c. 1908
CCC at the state level c. 1908
Clinton vs. Prosperity
Security vs. Privacy
De gustibus non est disputandum c. 1908
On lost chances c. 1908
On political dynasties c. 1908
On school shooting c. 1908
Anti-smoking ordinances c. 1908
Football as king c. 1908
On holding parents accountable c. 1908
The Gentle Cynic c. 1908
Water "treatment" c. 1908
Volunteer Fire Fighers c. 1908
Atlas Shurgged (a little) c. 1908
Ode to the Constitution c. 1908
Harvard c. 1908
Bryan's cross c. 1908
The War on Smoking c. 1908
Real estate bubbles c. 1908
The Gentle Cynic c. 1908
Yale c. 1908
Externalities of work stoppages c. 1908
Government waste c. 1907
Smoking policy c. 1907
Government and alternative fuel subsidies c. 1907
Woe for the ice farmer c. 1907
Legislative restraint c. 1907
Christmas scams c. 1907
Basket ball c. 1907
Marginal benefit < Marginal cost c. 1907
Corporal punishment c. 1907
On prohibition c. 1907
Wildcat football c. 1907
More on "canned" music c. 1907
In Praise of Capitalists c. 1907
Hot Stove League c. 1907
"Christmas Cheer" recipes c. 1907
Malthusian economics of Christmas trees c. 1907
Cynical Yuletide Musings c. 1907
On intellectual property rights c. 1907
On government corruption c. 1907
Domestic use of the Army c. 1907
On the forward pass c. 1907
Higher (general) education c. 1907
You've come a long way, baby c. 1907
Organized vagrants? c. 1907
Musings of the Gentle Cynic
Army-Navy c. 1907
On economic slowdowns c. 1907
Technological miracles c. 1907
CSI c. 1907
The U.S. as arms importer c. 1907
On book reviews c. 1907
More on Thanksgiving prices c. 1907
Price of a Turkey c. 1907
Principal-Agent Problem c. 1907
On drug sentencing c. 1907
Anti-scalping laws c. 1907
"In God We Trust" and TR c. 1907
Bad ideas in education c. 1907
On Michigan Football Coaches c. 1907
"Tootsie" in reverse c. 1907
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
Revolutionizing war c. 1907
Musings c. 1907
College football notes c. 1907
Musings of the Greenwood Lake Philosopher c. 1907
On automobile innovation c. 1907
The next big thing c. 1907
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
On the World Series c. 1907
Principal-agent problem: Bronx Bombers edition
On centralization c. 1907
On foreign remittances c. 1907
TR vs. GWB c. 1907
On class warfare c. 1907
On Republicans c. 1907
Customs rulings c. 1907
On fairness c. 1907
On mass transit c. 1907
Taxation for thee but not for me c. 1907
In response to anarchists c. 1907
Capitalist anarchists? c. 1907
On being wealthy c. 1907
On dead bees c. 1907
On campaign financing c. 1907
Time is money c. 1907
On the value of facial hair c. 1907
On free(r) trade c. 1907
On rising sea levels c. 1907
On battleships c. 1907
On ticket scalping c. 2007
On infant mortality c. 1907
On the income elasticity of children c. 1907
Demand curves are downward sloping c. 1907
Prohibition in Georgia c. 1907
"Salary" vs. "Wages" c. 1907
One local economic development strategy c. 1907
Call your Congressman c. 1907
The Nigerian lottery scam c. 1907?
On "Bad" money c. 1907
Nutrition in school c. 1907
On the bookshelf c. 1907
Bad history in Charlotte c. 1907
Intolerable losses c. 1907
It's not Saigon, but...
New working paper on land use restrictions
March to the Sea c. 1907
On to-be famous ships c. 1907
One answer to my AER problem
On the weather c. 1907
On the public provision of goods c. 1907
Here's a question - pass it along
Then and Now c. 1907
Demand curves are downward sloping c. 1907
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
Artists full employment act c. 1907
Lindsay Lohan Moment c. 1907
Musings of the gentle cynic c. 1907
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
One "benefit" of the trade embargo with Cuba?
New paper about the Cowboys Stadium Referendum in Arlington
Rosa Parks c. 1907
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
On global warming c. 1907
Curious headlines c. 1907
On food purity c. 1907
On tuberculosis c. 1907
One small victory c. 1907
On technological advancement c. 1907
Musing of the Gentle Cynic c. 1907
The Hamermesh effect c. 1907
On Memorial Day c. 1907
On weather headlines c. 1907
On Memorial Day c. 1907
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
Sports headlines c. 1907
On income inequality c. 1907
On technological advance c. 1907
The horse vs. horsepower c. 1907
Tyranny of the majority c. 1907
On predictions c. 1907
On political symbolism c. 1907
On baseball salaries c. 1907
On coaches salaries c. 1907
Crime of passion c. 1907
The gentle cynic c. 1907
Congrats to UTA's Paul Dorasil
Bizarre weather c. 1907
Oldest continuous family business - Kaput
On revenues vs. freedom c. 1907
On cigarettes c. 1907
On terrorism c. 1907
Sports heroes c. 1907
Parisian barbers c. 1907
Dyspeptic Philosophy c. 1907
On authors and star value c. 1907
Opening day c. 1907
Detroit and gloom c. 1907
Economic forecasting c. 1907
What's the impact on M2?
Global warming c. 1907
The scientific method c. 1907
Anti-scalping laws c. 1907
Innovative taxation c. 1906
On speeding c. 1907
Socialism vs. Individualism c. 1907
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
What's in a word? c. 1907
$300 dollar hammers c. 1907
What's the point? c. 1907
On immigration c. 1907
Don't look under this rock
Class warfare c. 1907
What's a Final Four worth?
On moral hazard in the subprime lending market
The cost of raising a dollar - Federal Government Edition c. 1907
On the value of a reputation c. 1907
Local Harvest c. 1907
Are we buying this one?
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
Did they really get the message?
Is Climate Change Science a Cottage Industry?
The On-Star System (tm) c. 1907
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
On taxation c. 1907
Baseball rules c. 1907
Presidential debates c. 1907
When transportation costs matter c. 1907
On the cost of government c. 1907
On family values c. 1907
On G.W. (the first) c. 1907
Something to think about?
On regulating tea c. 1907
On the price of gasoline c. 1907
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
Mr. Anyone vs. Mr. Lincoln
In favor of less hot air on campus
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
Leviathan must feed
On tipping c. 1907
Anti-smoking laws c. 1907
Climate Change c. 1907
Taxation silliness c. 1907
The (recent) evolution of economic research
$300 hammers c. 1907
Gobal warming c. 1907
On lobbyists c. 1907
The supply of prayers c. 1907
Ice harvest c. 1907
Is there dead weight loss from Valentine's Day?
A war on drugs c. 1907
On disaster damages c. 1907
How Times have changed c. 1907
On the price of street sweepers c. 1907
Future known via CBO
The smoking gun?
On the nature of conflict
Appeals for help c. 1907
Eiffel Tower decision c. 1907
Marriage counseling c. 1907
Asking the wrong question?
Markets in everything c. 1907
On the income tax c. 1907
GSP of state i = GDP of country j
Excuses, excuses, excuses...
Anti-scalping legislation c. 1907
Georgia's Gubernatorial Race c. 1907
Right place, right time
On Christmas debt c. 1907
Maringal income tax rates c. 1907
Climate change c. 1907
The Gentle Cynic c. 1907
Civil War defined c. 1907
On States Rights c. 1907
On technology adoption c. 1907
Famine Relief c. 1907
On workplace safety c. 1907
Thank you sir, may I have anouther?
This says it all
On droughts and the people affected by them
An idling engine is an inefficient engine
The War on Drugs c. 1907
Tax rates c. 2006
Trends in U.S. Tort Costs
Transaction costs do matter
Tipping in France c. 1906
The Gentle Cynic c. 1906
On ticket scalping c. 1906
Is it that good to be a Dane?
Arguments against the (military) draft
Caveat Emptor c. 1906
One 'A' too many c. 1906
The broken window effect in gambling c. 1906
On curriculum reform c. 1906
The "Wise Men" Solution c. 1906
Quote of the day
To be a record holder or to be alive? c. 1906
On foreign remittances c. 1906
Christmas materialism c. 1906
Taxation c. 1906
Know thy enemy c. 1906
Bad economics c. 1906
What am I missing?

Dyspeptic Philosophy c. 1906
English 1, Teddy Roosevelt 0 c. 1906
The perfect crime c. 1906
On Socialism c. 1906
On the Rottenberg Hypothesis c. 1906
On Africa c. 1906
For the cat lover c .1906
The Gentle Cynic c. 1906
At least he can joke about it
On Congressional salaries c. 1906
On college slobs c. 1906
Car manufacturers c. 1906
Tax compliance c. 1906
Czarist favors c. 1906
Bernard Shaw on Religion c. 1906
Self-citations and selection bias
A different take on sports c. 1906
On cigarette smoking c. 1906
Big Time College Football c. 1906
On cigarette smoking c. 1906
Football reform c. 1906
Coasian action c. 1906
Short run aftermath of the Super Bowl?
The beginning of the end c. 1906
Sixes are Sevens: California edition
The next big idea from the U.N.
Speed traps and perp walks c. 1906
The Gentle Cynic c. 1906
Midterm elections c. 1906
Vote early (and vote often?)
Cultural commentary c. 1906
The value of a reputation c. 1906
Courts and ballots c. 1906
Revealed preference in the arms trade?
The Gentle Cynic c. 1906
The value of a finger c. 1906
Priorities alignment c. 1906
Conspicuous consumption c. 1906
Ice c. 1906
Fire hose prices c. 1906
Grounds for divorce c. 1906
Pre-election blues c. 1906
Underpaid Yalies c. 1906
Interesting comparisons
Cooperative means zero profit?
On public corruption c. 1906
Curious headlines c. 1906
On the World Series c. 1906
On media bias c. 1906
Sixes are Sevens: Observation #1467
In the wilderness c. 1906
Project Posner
Everybody is wrong?
San Francisco recovery c. 1906
Nobel prediction
Campaign finance reform c. 1906
Ticket prices c. 1906
Mass diagnosis c. 1906
Walmart v. My Space
Quote of the day
Why not change the name of the bank?
Boots on the ground c. 1906
Post storm recovery c. 1906
Cultural comparisons c. 1906
The Gentle Cynic c. 1906
Hurricane X c. 1906
On wealth c. 1906
Microeconomics question of the week
Request for comment
Fixed vs. Variable Costs at the Three Gorges Dam
Ig Nobel ceremonies coming up
College football c. 1906
Yale's finances c. 1906
We're paying how much?
Incentives matter - 1906 San Fran Earthquake Edition
On baseball c. 1906
Man v. Nature c. 1906
Free trade argument c. 1906
Bad prediction c. 1906
Important lesson c. 1906
Real genius c. 1906
Government projects c. 1906
Incentives (Don't) Matter: Texas Teacher Edition
On campaign contributions c. 1906
Party advice c. 1906
On the public sector c. 1906
He said what?
Is the solution the problem?
Food Safety c. 1906
Homeland security c. 1906
The Gentle Cynic c. 1906
350 years of discovery
Property rights in the classroom
Will sunshine help or hurt?
Those who can do, those who can't?
Markets for everything c. 1906
Interesting read
Headlines c. 2001
Musings of the Gentle Cynic c. 1906
On Government c. 1906
The MEAL Act
Take that government monopoly!
Google does it again
Something to ponder
On "The Plan" c. 1906
Legislative proposals c. 1906
What's in a name c. 1906
What's in a name?
On negative externalities c. 1906
Another poor prediction c. 1906
Security searches c. 1906
Musings of the Gentle Cynic c. 1906
Rationally Irrational Politicians?
"You're Fired" - Who me?
Cornell's Football Schedule c. 1906
On Walmart
On spelling reform c. 1906
On disaster's aftermath c. 1906
On monopoly c. 1906
On immigration c. 1906
Musings of the Gentle Cynic c. 1906
On American Football c. 1906
Eating Crow c. 1906
College vs. Diapers?
Good strategy or shakedown?
What's good for astronomers is good for economists?
Drunkest cities
Party Schools c. 1906
Appearance vs. Reality c. 1906
The know not what they missed
The Possible vs. the Probable
Rebuilding c. 1906
How things change c. 1906
Big Tobacco - get it outta here!!
Keep your hands off my conveyor belt
College Football Rules Changes c. 2006
The next generation of DoL
Baseball Lawsuit c. 1906
On AOL search data
Personal privacy concerns c. 1906
Consumer shakedown c. 1906
Football rule changes c. 1906 and 2006
Musings of a Gentle Cynic c. 1906
The Taximeter c. 1906
Competition for inputs c. 1906
On tax holidays
Misleading headline of the day c. 1906
Perhaps it was worth it? c. 1906
Job openings for economists
Time waster of the day
That's all?
On Heat Waves c. 1906
On cynicism about the media c. 1906
Military blunder c. 1906?
Non-price competition c. 1906
On College Football c. 1905
Setting the bar high c. 1906
Cornerstones c. 1906
ESPN moment c. 1906
Sunday baseball c. 1906
Socialism debated c. 1906
Bad economic reasoning of the day?
Quote of the day
Reading for the day?
Palestine c. 1906
Weather forecasts c. 1906
Private health care c. 1906
Misleading Headline c. 1906?
Sunday Baseball c. 1906
Is that whiplash?
A good excuse for light blogging
Nigerian email c. 1906?
Immigration Reform c. 1906
Public Choice c. 1906
Potentially interesting history book?
Musings of the gentle cynic c. 1906
New York real estate c. 1906
Interesting business ideas
Global warming c. 1906?
Phone company overcharges c. 1906
Too busy to care? c. 1906
The Gentle Cynic c. 1906
Protect the fan makers c. 1906
Big Oil c. 1906
Advertising restrictions c. 1906
Sad days a century apart
What Zidane was dealing with
Politicians + Ignorance = Bad Policy
Historical preservation c. 1906
Selling off Texas c. 1906
The power of (free) trade
On immigration c. 1906
Historians take on money
Track Le Tour
Happy 230th birthday U.S.A.
Political rhetoric c. 1906
Rent Seeking c. 1906
Light blogging
An interesting idea c. 1906
Updated working paper
Obesity concerns c. 1906
Learning by doing c. 1906
On World Cup Discipline
NYT editorial page c. 1906
The Gentle Cynic c. 1906
On Weather c. 1906
CADPI sighting in Dallas
Lack of endowment at U of C c. 1906
New working papers
The Searchable Bard
On workman's comp c. 1906
On the price of baseball c. 1906
Statistical discrimination in advertising
Presidential campaigns. c. 1906
Presidential travel c. 1906
Teacher pay c. 1906
Happy Birthday DP
Self Serving Study of the Month
On ticket scalping
On the effect of The Cup
Interesting visual
On gasoline prices
More on soda
The price of soda c. 1906
Media induced violence c. 1906
$300 hammers c. 1906
On bribery c. 1906
It takes a village c. 1906
On immigration patterns
Interesting math in Minnesota
Nicotine Fiends c. 1906
How many ferry runs is that?
Weird Science c. 1906
Head Start c. 1906
Mind-boggling quantities c. 1906
On Tuition Increases
Diversifying Risk c. 1906
Incrementalism in education
Irving responds to the Cowboys leaving
The tariff question c. 1906
Yum wins?
Bad prediction c. 1906
Happenings c. 1906
Up off the mat...
Union Pacific Embargo
$100 is insulting?
Market entry decision c. 1906
Marriage reform c. 1906
Relief lesson c. 1906
Intermission blogging
13mm vs. 1/2 in. plus epsilon c. 1906
Eminent domain concerns c. 1906
What's the cure to cancer worth?
Economics Friday
Interesting ranking of U.S. Business Schools
Disaster aid fraud c. 1906
The solution to soaring textbook prices?
The origin of the fleet car?
Post-disaster aid c. 1906
One Week Post-disaster c. 1906
Who's gonna be knocked off?
Tin ear at Royal Philips
Corruption and credit ratings?
Laffer Intuition c. 1906
The Income Tax Debate - Solidified in 1906?
More immigration opinion c. 1906
San Francisco Earthquake c. 1906
On Tax Policy c. 1906
Request for advice
Immigration concerns c. 1906
A rose by any other name c. 1906
Missed Opportunity c. 1906
Free market rhetoric c. 1906
Sloppy economics at the Pew Research Center
Jobs Englishmen Won't Do c. 1906
Musings of the Gentle Cynic c. 1906
A worthy cause c. 1906
Typo or cyber-squatting?
Seal of approval c. 1906
We've come a long way
Partial victory in KC
Counterfactual analysis
Bad idea #25 c. 1906
Markets for everything
Immigration and Unemployment c. 1906
Poor prediction c. 1906
Mobile communication technology c. 1906
Uncommon sense c. 1906
Radical solution for airlines?
The Tax Man Cometh (later than he did)
"Markets for Everything?" or "Am I paying for that?"
What's in a name?
Latest GM app
Why the United States is a wonderful country
Ivy League education?
Check It
Supply or demand? And does it matter?
Uncommon sense c. 1906
Moore's Law for Razors?
Time waster
Backstop Technology c. 1906
Death and Taxes
Moral Hazard Solution c. 1906
Thanks Microsoft - now give me money!
Surprise!! Non-profit Venture Yields Negative Profit
"Cops" Moment c. 1906
Why we have little to worry about
Sound familiar?
Trust Busting c. 1906
Gold Medal in Spin
Genius bank robbers
A must see
Follow up on "Ignorance Revealed"
On the economic impacts of sporting events (once again)
Politics c. 1906
A possible explanation for why Hollywood revenues are down?
Something to think about
Enron-like fraud? c. 1906
Economics book review c. 1906
The cost of cars c. 1906
Orthodoxy in Heterodoxy
Rent protection c. 1906
Creative destruction c. 1906
20 points in 4 minutes
The Blind Leading the Stupid?
Lunacy in New York c. 1906
On "Buy American" c. 1906
Poor justification for $1 billion
Is it because it's too cold?
The cost of "class"?
Dershowitz on Summers
The NBA as market maker
The end of burger flipping?
Harvard Faculty get their man
Why pay when you don't know what you bought?
An idea for those old books?
Division of Labour in action
Daddy won't be happy
For the distance runners out there
The cost of amateur athletics c. 1906
Why not public funds?
Failed states index
Alarming headlines c. 1906
Fair Pricing c. 1906 - An Update
Bold prediction #245
Fair pricing? c. 1906
The spoils of war c. 1906
Shameless plug
Censorship on the Internet
Blame it on the courts?
$7.2B vs. $2.7T
Food for thought
Price as a rationing mechanism
C.S.I. c. 1906
On church fires c. 1906
Liveblogging Fox?
Those poor telegraph operators
What? We can't hear you
Just a minor point
The status of the whipping post c. 1906
Cartel? What cartel? c. 1906
Mardi Gras Travel c. 1906
Student athletes are students too?
Where's my share?
On naming rights
Time waster
S.P.C.A. c. 1906
Time waster
Cause vs. Effect
Path dependency and oil c. 1906
Government and Cars c. 1906
Per-pupil spending c. 1906
Taxing opinion c. 1906
When a regression isn't necessary
Heck - it's free!
Ben Franklin at 300 vs. 200
Malthusian Rhetoric c. 1906
Religion in the classroom c. 1906
Will this make your day?
This type of advertising I can deal with
A legend passes c. 1906
Foreign policy advice c. 1906
Trade deficits c. 1906
The Economic Impacts of Iconic Rainbows
Thinking big c. 1906
State Branding
Cigarette Taxes Chicago style
Alternative monopoly rules
Election reform c. 1906
NFL to EDS: Adios
Football as we know it c. 1906
Back from Boston
Independent confirmation c. 1906
An interesting teaching example?
Trade issues c. 1906
New Year's Celebration c. 1905
Presidential pursuits c. 1905
Stock market advice c. 1905
Noise pollution c. 1905
Motorcycle airbag?
The next Y2k+ bug
Cause or Effect?
A cartel by any other name c. 1905
But Apple is so much better!!
Macro effects of a pandemic?
Insurgency c. 1905
Can we imagine this today?
Decreasing Returns to Scale in Typing c. 1905
Especially if it's broke, don't fix it?
Private vs. Public Education c. 1905
Taking advantage of drunks?
Perhaps a little late
Saber rattling in professional sports c. 2005
Moral Authority c. 1905
Incentives matter: Cigarette Edition
The efficient bureaucrat? c. 1905
Can you imagine?
Possible typo?
Useful quips c. 1905
How to bring down a government?
Which is more demeaning?
On Police Uniforms c. 1905
How about Joan Jett for 24 hours?
Markets at work
Immigration concerns c. 1905
Worker's Paradise - AFL-CIO style
Anti-smoking c. 1905
With a title like that
Incentive problem? What incentive problem?
When to buy a new car?
Katrina relocations
Turkey prices c. 1905
Negative externality?
Happy birthday pong
More on college football reform c. 1905
BCS system not out of the woods yet?
Public admiration of Congress c. 1905
Football reform c. 1905
Football in poetry c. 1905
The next big thing c. 1905
Follow up on $100 laptops
This [blank] for sale
Virtual Tiebout model and spam
Frivolous law suits c. 1905
The Game c. 1905
Big money in college sports c. 1905
Why the windfall profits tax?
How long did this last?
Laptops as foreign aid?
Adulterated products c. 1905
That time of the year again
Gas c. 1905
Elections c. 1905
Big Oil getting grilled?
A testable hypothesis?
New research
Rent seeking in Florida
Interesting funding proposal
Population growth in NYC c. 1905
Hubris or revenge?
Why Hayek was correct
It's good to be the king
On common names
History in pictures
The Federal Department of Tuition Management?
On counting streams
Permissum venalicium increbresce
Cash for change
Ordinal vs. Cardinal scales
Cha-Ching (Part II)
My eyes are burning!!
Price discrimination c. 1905
The benefits of advertising c. 1905
Leviathan feeds
Exercising is the Source of the Obesity?
Zig when the media says zag?
Multicar teams in NASCAR
Hurricane coverage c. 1905
Reality vs. Hype
Leviathan Feeds c. 1905
Economic damages and MLB
Ig Nobel in Economics
Hopefully this will change soon
New argument for a stadium
Ig Nobel Prizes
Extra!! Extra!!!
Spam stocks are dogs?
Rafael Palmeiro - Anecdote Spinner
What are you doing with your life?
Counterfeit $10 Bills?
Drought law? What drought law?
Statism and Environmentalism
Fear and loathing c. 1905
I dunno
Sound familiar?
Jerry Springer households c. 1905
Why stop at two days?
Touchdowns c. 1905
There are principles and then there are principles
Property rights? What property rights?
Public benefits exceed private costs
Lump sum hurricane relief
Will the insanity never end?
How far we have come
On government employment c. 1905
The difference 25 years can make
Price goes up, quantity demanded goes down
Tonight's speech
Drug regulation c. 1905
Kudos to Pat Rishe
How to get PETA activated
Bureaucracy and relief aid c. 1905
Patience in war c. 1905
Children as retirement plan c. 1905
Be careful what you write
If you dig, will you end up in China?
The predictive power of econometrics
Goole Maps and NO flooding
Comment on Opportunity Cost
Broken window theory revisted
Adverse selection c. 1905
LA Wants the Winner's Curse
Privatization in action?
History repeats itself? Part II
Labor day celebrations c. 1905
History repeats itself?
Civil War Sites vs. Katrina
DOL having an impact?
A remedy that might work
Katrina damage
Comments on Fox News
GDP as political football?
Government - the paragon of efficiency
We are a much-governed people
That which is not mandatory will be banned
Where the higher ed jobs will be?
Academic productivity
Cheap gas an issue in 1905?
We've come a long way
Yet another GM hack
Excess demand and iBooks
Evidence of what?
One day ten years ago...
NYT 100 years ago
Who said it?
Ben, Ben, Ben...
When in doubt, please ask?
Grumbling in Hollywood
Economists vs. Historians
Some comments on Rafael Palmeiro
Worrisome google maps hack #2
The smartest thing I have heard out of Washington in some time
Free money isn't free?
Conversation piece
Is it worth it?
Interesting rejoinder to Sen. Clinton
How valuable are the Olympic Rings?
Fortune 500 stupidity?
Payola in radio
When cost is no object?
Is it the actor or the director?
Scary use of Google Maps
De gustibus
Google to replace NASA?
One economist's prediction
Aftermath of a Hicksian Paradox
Diminishing marginal returns and the space shuttle
Can I have my one-nth portion of the bailout back?
Euro-Dollar Parity closer than we think?
More GM uses
What do we think about this?
You go girl...
What's good for GM is good for Ford?
Google Transparencies
To Kelo or not-to-Kelo? or "Shut-up and learn to love Kelo"
More google maps apps
A little fun for the kiddies
Thanks mom, I think?
Why stop at one property
Beyond cool
Iraq War Casualties
The solution to illegal immigration?
How is this NOT progressive?
DUI Laws in Ohio
Buzzword of the day
The Big G to the rescue
E-bay is an "electronic pimp"?
The beast won't die!!
Supply side or Demand side?
Adam Smith in the Houston Chronicle?
It takes all kinds...
Bad News for the Backstreet Boys?
Sanity in New York?
Why my job application to Harvard was ignored
Optical illusions
Don't tell the terrorists
If only we paid them more
Pay my doctor more, but only if it costs me less
20% off at Barnes and Noble
National Carbohydrate Day
Lie of the day
The future of on-line mapping
Synopsis of various SS reforms
Buzzword of the day
What's up with Europe and Africa?
Hate groups in the USA
Another trade deficit with China?
More on the Wright Amendment
Economists making a difference?
Yet another cool use for Google Maps
Interesting use of Google Maps
Borders coupon
How much would you pay?
Interesting take on country music
On ticket prices and salaries
Quality control at BYU
Moral hazard at UK
Have a Frosty on me..
Uh oh...
Economist spends $1 for public good
Low activity this week
The painless fix to SS?
Does this sound right?
Concentration in on-line advertising?
Teachers against privatization
Global warming panic a result of publication bias?
Duluth, Georgia - Fashion Center of the World?
Can we vote again?
The future of war?
Price elasticity of demand?
More on cars...
May Day - The Real Story?
Anyone up to the challenge?
House rich and cash poor?
Pirate radio remixes from the 1980s
Prediction: Major scandal at the IOC
Sports Economics = No Respect
Buzzword of the Day
Corruption in Louisiana (and elsewhere)
Some notes on the minimum wage?
The next big thing?
Who owns the family name?
Death drives a Blue Bird
Interesting "game"
Kudos to The Economist
Mini gets longer
Of newspapers and candlestick makers
I need a shower
Let's make it even easier.
Well, it's about time.
Everything in life is an option?
FDA to Levitral - No more PDA
Concentration in the gaming industry
A couple of interesting commencement speakers
My Saturday night...
140 years ago today
The opportunity cost of government?
More things found in food
Those in glass houses?
Political Correctness in Occupational Titles?
The solution to GM's problems?
Buzzword of the day
How many Red Bulls does it take
As I predicted...
Tiger's shot at the 16th
Chicago's World Fair 1933
Team owners are altruists?
Subway coupon
Forgotten password or stolen password?
More trouble with $2 bills
Hubris or Energy Policy?
Robust inference on four - er six - observations
Yet another picture of oil prices over time
The various uses for Google Maps
Midweek gas price update
Some more commencement speakers
Economics everywhere
Buzzword of the day?
Germany - Now and Then
Best Buy to cease offering rebates
Some words of reason from Harvard
Profit margin on a DVD?
What does the UN Security Council Do?
From Google Labs
Weekly gas price update
The end of the world as we know it?
IRS might tax sales on E-bay
More color photos from WWI
Another look at the price of oil
Jets get to build stadium on Manhattan Island
Somethings are better left unknown
Your tax dollars at work
It is probably not surprising
More commencement speakers announced
Si Tanka University to shut down?
Who is more right or less wrong?
The miracle that is e-bay
Then and now...
For those with empty doors
Spring commencement speakers
Buzzword of the Day
More on real vs. nominal
Well, at least I used quotes...
DOL Attacked!?
Other "good" light beers
Property Rights to the Letter 'Q'?
Headline is backwards?
Friday Gas Price Update...
The Hopes and Dreams of Soviet Russia?
Towing moral hazard
The Global Oligopoly of Money
A two-party bidding war.
Wake me when it's over
You mean those free I-Pods aren't free?
Which one is faster?
No sense of irony in Florida?
Why, Why, Why?
Ft. Worth police get AR15s
It was in the newspaper, it must be true.
Does there have to be a limit?
A fool and his money
Canada - Lake Woebegone?
The value of property rights
Best line in tonight's Simpsons?
Correlation or causation?
Larry's biology made him do it?
It's official...
Just wait, you guys are next
Another Bell Curve
The future rests with China?
Because I can...
What's good for the goose?
Is this symptomatic?
Who's the friggin' genius?
Hang on, let me get the vacuum cleaner
Trust the Toad
Econometrics and the Oscars
Principle-Agent Problems in Arlington
Even more bad behavior
More bad behavior...
Why Peer Review?
What isn't in the encyclopedia?
More from Swaziland
How easy is it to destroy the earth?
We aren't the only ones
PAWs vs. PIWs
You know what assuming does...
Larry Summers in Print
Students for Academic Freedom?
Think taxes don't matter?
Fragile Flowers at Harvard
Why don't economists pipe off about engineering?
It just keeps getting better...
Yeah, but who pays for it?
How much would you pay for a 10 inch television set?
What was and what could be?
Canadians can break Orville Redenbacher
Why the ten year plan?
Hook, line, and sinker?
Interesting omission
Problem? What Problem?
Best line in tonight's Simpsons episode?
What's your opinion of the first amendment?
German women are not forced to work in brothels
Remember eToys?
The 1933 San Francisco Earthquake
For future reference...
Would you vote to freeze your taxes?
Want a free house?
Was that a pig that just flew by my window?
Who's buying whom?
Parsing previous Bush speeches
There's lake front property
Game on...
The 85 foot shot...twice?
Is it moral hazard if the actions aren't hidden?
Are we looking at the same thing?
How long will the 'Boys be in Arlington?
When is enough enough?
You really can't make this stuff up
Wanted: Curator of Mollusks
How many Starbucks is too many Starbucks?
Does it really matter what Bill Gates makes?
Long lines to vote?
For those who miss hockey
Was Larry Summers right after all?
Lucky or not?
What would you need
How to be a philosophizer
A new way to scare your kids straight
Baseball Fights
On the technology of protest
Reasons to celebrate and mourn on January 21
What's your next vehicle?
How to avoid jury duty?
Back when it was "just" a game
Life is better than fiction...
Supply curves slope upward
Monopsony power works!
More evidence that we're worth something
Dancin' with the devil
Prof. DeLong's opinion
Why the dot-com era ended
What kind of party will it be?
Time waster of the day
Who's really stingy with tsunami relief?
Would this be possible today?
Larry, y'gotta have a website...
Why do we sign for credit card transactions?
Is absence evidence of non-existence?

Tim Shaughnessy
Just an observation...
One reason college costs may be rising
Dancing for dollars
Out of the mouths of students
An easy fact to find, less easy to understand
Blame Technology
Law of Demand: College Tuition Edition
Election Day Ironies
Industry X's Union supports the Union, not necessarily Industry X
Markets in Everything: Cuddling
"Free up your economy or bust..."
"It's a walkout!"
High School Football
Minimum thought to the minimum wage
Association is not causation, but...
Equating MU/$
QOTD: grocery store crisis Headline Writers
Consumers under monopolistic competition
An illuminating post
"For a limited time..."
Sowell quote
Moron More On Unions
Someone needs to call Diebold
In Soviet Russia, board walks on you!
Incentives Matter: Jimmy John's Edition
Making Enemies with Monetary Policy
Money ain't worth nothin' and your checks aren't free
Cost of Regulatory Compliance
Reading during exams
The Diff: mortgage foreclosure edition
Gross National Happiness
Something is spinning under the altar of St. Peter's Basilica
Socialism is inefficient? Is the Pope Catholic?
This is why economists will always be employed
Irrational politics, and are you a real person?
Bread and circuses
Being rich enough to afford not being greedy
Health Care Costs
Obama going North in Africa
The Median Voter Casts Lots
"Capitalism isn't working"
Mises meets chemistry
Utterly stimulating
Quote of the week
Selection bias
CNN headlines aplenty
When will the economy start listening to the press?
Good sense from the Brits
Who said it?
I guess some people still think the earth is flat too
Reason #74 why libertarians don't gain much ground
Re: Election Prediction
Charity is easy when it's not your money
Rationing function of prices
Don't get sick!
That's some fine police work, Lou
Getting church and economics right (concurrently)
Impact fees in the news
The devil is warming up the snow blower
Spring Haiku--work ethic version
Is the GDP glass half empty or half full?
Repealing economic laws
A great April Fool's joke
What would Smith say?
Home schooling news
Not-so-spontaneous order
Stossel quotes me!
Don't we know this already?
"At last - a column from TIM that makes sense"
Spend, spend, spend
Happy Bolshevik Day!
Ayn Rand love chimps
To have, or not to have
Fair Tax in Liberty
Funding for Big Apples
Read now before 2008!
A Fark overload
Paging Julian Simon
This can only end well...
When adaptive expectations goes wrong
Riding a bike? Wear a wig
Markets in Everything: Holy Water Edition
Don't smoke! Wait, no, smoke! I mean, don't!
Make your voice heard! maybe...
What's all the Caracas?
Going green means less green
GDP example
Markets for Everything
Stealing Frank's idea
The world loses a giant
Bush still a Keynesian
Appealing to the Median Voter
Opportunity Costs
Tiebout sorting and mortality
Creative Destruction
Let's change course! Wait, no, just kidding!
Which "world issues," exactly?
Proudly coming in last
Send flowers to Havana
Soccer Thoughts
Hire education
Libertarianism and religion
With friends like these
I'm not being morbid...
Exporting bureaucrats
The Fed is more powerful than we all thought
More evidence for private- or home-schooling
Some links for your students
Consumer use tax
Lowered Expectations
Silly rabbit, litigiousness is for kids!
Fun Friday Newsday
Green chocolate?
Illegal annoyances
Thoughts from the plane back from FSU
But the Union says it's bad!
Incentives matter, cont.
View Tax
It's high Noonan for the U.S.
Name Game, and Sowell on Parks
Pre- post-Wilma
Trying to not be repetitive
Are DOLers shooting themselves in the foot?
Giving a new meaning to "stealing home"
"Those hurricanes do say that God is real"
Give me some aloe for this Reich
Oh yeah, my grandma used to talk about property rights
Thanks for gouging me
Quasi-personal Katrina stories
New London Strikes Back
Those who can, do. Those who can't, can't do it alone.
Unions losing strength (boo hoo)
Proper Sin City pricing
Here's dirt in your eye
Who cares about property rights? American Idol is on!
Busy Day at
Welcome to Flavor Country
Haven't heard this interpretation 2
Haven't heard this interpretation 1
Ripping off James Taranto and BOTW
One-liner about externalities
Lobbyists are Constitutionalists?
Tiny Nations Hold Much Wealth
We're always close to last
Transitive Property Abolished
Macro Movies?
MSM and swamps

Edward J. Lopez
The Public Choice Society at Fifty Years: 2013 Call for Conference Papers
Markets in everything -- cremation with implants
Another very nice final exam response
A very nice final exam response
Gary Becker on market vs. government failure
Reverse Rent Extraction: How Refreshing
Apology accepted, Mr. Murdoch. Now how about Bush and Obama?
Interesting history of thought items
Brian Wilson or Vilfredo Pareto?
What does being an Austrian economist mean for teaching?
APEE 2011 is nigh!
The Profit Motive: ¡¡Arriba!!
SJSU Econ: THE All-Tournament Team!
Incentives and Market Design in Forensic Science
Warren Nutter on Arthur Okun on political speech
The broken window on an equity standard rather than efficiency standard
Teaching Corner: Firm behavior
Madmen, Intellectuals, and Academic Scribblers: The Economics of Political Change
What we're saying about Wisconsin
Glaeser and Bastiat, Intellectual Neighbors
Fashion as timeless
Truth in Economics: Do Economists Need a Code of Conduct?
Is the U.S. justice system broken? Transcript now available
Very high transaction costs
"Divided We Vote," forthcoming Public Choice
Hans Rosling's story
How to avoid a TSA pat down
Penn Gillette's latest on TSA
The Emergence of Institutions
New paper on effects of post-Kelo state laws
Divided We Vote
Rapping Keynes v. Hayek v2.0
What's the opposite of moral hazard?
Teaching Corner: George Stigler on what makes a teacher
Herbert Spencer on Fashion and Freedom
Teaching Corner: Changes in Teaching Economics
Carry on baggage fees: An idea whose time has come?
Teaching Corner: What is "fungible"?
Teaching Corner: The division of labor and critical thinking skills
The Forensic Economics of Rent Seeking in Action
Third Degree Price Discrimination: Apology Not Necessary
Decline of Newspapers as Market Success
Podcast on market failure vs. market process and the decline of newspapers
Is the reinvention of journalism too important to be left to the market?
New entry on Pursuit of Justice
Blogging The Pursuit of Justice
Hayek on the Road to Meta-Number One?
This is not your father's market failure
Why is Hollywood Anti-Capitalist?
Marginal Cost in Action
Universty of Donja Gorica
Fashion Copyright?
New Home for JEFE
The social function of price gouging
F. A. Hayek, born May 8, 1899
Chavez & Morales on a stroll down the road to serfdom
Latest in Bolivia Nationalizations
Toward Understanding Ideological Polarization in the Blogosphere
SDAE: Carl Menger Undergraduate Essay Contest
One Flew atop the cuckoo's nest
State-level taxation data in search of hypotheses
Tantrums as credible commitments

How much spending is too much spending?
New paper on exclusivity in wireless telecomm
Creative Destruction in Action: Legal Opinions on Google Scholar
Measurement error and temperature records
Yandle on the current economy
I, Beer
What is the market?
Bilateral Monopoly in Action
Google Chrome's Invisible Hand
Latest on Policy Communicators Contest
Once politicians began taking credit for homeownership rates it was all over
Happy B Day Elvis -- are you out there?
Hey man, that's nacho cheese!
Today's relevance of Gertrude Stein on Money
Economics in Culture class for winter session
Connecting two Mercatus Center stimulus dots
Be My Boss: SJSU College of Social Sciences Dean Search
Eminent Domain Abuse: What Would Homer Simpson Do?
And now a finals thought
Policy Communicators Contest at APEE 2010
How did liberating electricity markets in Texas work out?
Public Choice and Legal Systems
Public Choice and Legal Systems
Let the invisible hand get that
APEE: Your upgrade is confirmed
Smoking the Kanesian Regulatory Dialectic
Jeffrey Flier on Health Care
APEE 2010: Final Call for Papers
One reason why I am a fan of the Berkeley Electronic Press
We all find our equilibrium price one leg at a time
Michael Moore never met a strawman he didn't like
Nye on Williamson & Ostrom
Ostrom and Williamson
Curious roll call vote patterns in Italian Parliament...
Harvard Econ demonstrates case for Tullock Nobel
Did I pick a great time to go to Europe or what
Health Care Redux: What central planning of health care looks like
Health Care Redux: Teddy Roosevelt
Learning Economics at Harvard Medical School
Best two paragraphs in a while: Bruce Yandle
Boo journal rankings?
File under "there are no free lunches in politics either!"
Emerging Economic Development Takings Cases
File under "what crisis?"
Mexico decriminalizes....again
GM Bails out Cash for Clunkers
New season, new city, new network: Project Runway is back
Rest in peace, Rose Friedman
DOL welcomes Noel Campbell
Inequality: Another Symptom of "The Albany-Trenton-Sacramento Disease"
Need an indulgence? There's an app for that
Knocking off the knock-offs
Foul developments
Scrap "judicial activism"? Pros and Cons
Sotomayor qua appellate judge
"The Simpsons" does The Fountainhead
Pass a Law, Any Law, Fast! State Legislative Responses to the Kelo Backlash
When Stimulus Meets Eminent Domain
Reefer Gladness
Wind in sails of Atlas Shrugged movie...?
What's in a name? Apparently self-selction, for one
The witty gritty on Billy Gillispie
Palin as Dorothy; Pelosi as Queen of the Field Mice
Randy Barnett: The presumption of liberty; Mario Rizzo: Of Human Design; and Gary Becker: Save the Ideas
What's my problem?
PERC environmental summer programs
Adam Smith Fellow, Pembroke College, Cambridge
Krugman, Stiglitz and me
An amusing invitation
Eminent Domain Progress in California
Mason Pride
Independent Institute's 2009 Templeton Essay Contest
Stimulus Watch
What it feels like to be libertarian
Pith & Wisdom for Bailout Nation
"Don't leave me, come back"
Morningstar CEO of the Year
Party Pooping the Proposed Stimulus
Friday Grab Bag--With Cheer!
Ponzi Wisdom from WSJ Opinion
Are we Japan?
Three thoughts on corruption in America
Acton University
Privatize, Pilgrim
SEA Meetings
Clawing back up the slope
Why you should be watching the NBA this year
Marginal income tax rates are a weak policy instrument
Regional banks into tarp vortex
Job Opening at San Jose State
Humane Studies Fellowships
Is the LIBOR the world's most important number?
Eminent domain links
My talk on campaign finance
A billion here, a billion there...
Big trouble for big banks ... and markets
DDF on the technological end of the human species
Diagram of Hayek's Slippery Slope
Kickin out The Goodwill
The skin cream Phil Gramm needs
Creative Absorption: Wave a long goodbye to Zipcar
Boettke on Gustav and the Mercatus Katrina Project
Unilateral free trade
It's a boy!
The word of the day is "execrable"
Fed's batting average under Bernanke dips
Deficits: The Movie
Here is a Van Gogh you haven't seen before
Why the airlines don't really mean it against oil speculators
Alcohol costs and benefits
Rent Extraction on K Street
Who would want to be Vice President?
Development Takings, Alive and Well
A face for radio...
APEE 2009
Sir John Templeton, 1912-2008
Celebre su independencia
Exercising outside the box
Why my office smells of bourbon and diapers
Pope Benedict's shoes: Not knock-offs
Pigou Club, and Rejection of, in Nutshells
George Carlin
Kelo redux.....(not)
Up with Campaign Finance
The Division of Labor is Limited by the Extent of Tolerance
The Paternalist State
LiveBlog on Supreme Court Decisions
Francisco Marroquin University
2008 Meeting, Society for Development of Austrian Economnics
Markets in Something
"The plastic"
Sports as the World: Income Inequality Edition
John McCain: True Anti-federalist
Good ole QWERTY
I, Pencil Skirt
Income Effects
Koppl in Forbes on Forensics
Collars for Dollars
1968: The revolution that wasn't
Spring Haiku -- Liberty Fund edition
Review of The Dirty Dozen
Crack baby steps: update
McCain on Clinton-Obama
Bad incentives in the legal system
Internet and Freedom
Bailout mentality
Space Tourism II
Tax Freedom Day
Houston, we have a development takings problem
Anthony Downs was on to something
"Interesting" piece on GMU econ
"The retirement savings of millions are meanwhile gradually being confiscated."
Happy 400th to John Milton
Socializing risk, ex post
"Capitalism without failure is like religion without sin—it just doesn’t work."
As they say...
Majority tyranny
Why Fashion? Paris gets clothed.
Individualism and the Long Arc of Fashion
APEE buzz has reached freakish proportions
Fashion Cycle, Business Cycle
The Economics of Repugnance
Fashion Week
Marijuana Vending Machines
In the long run we're all carbon
Snail mail, literally
All those bad incentives!
Catching up via quick hits
Thank you, thank you very much
d(cold)/d(booze) < 0
What color is in your laundry chute?
Boettke on Frum on Paul
Getting a Liberal Education
Crack Baby Steps
Keeping track of Subprime
How to Live Green: Pull a Kangaroo's Finger
College Football Head Coach Salaries
The Politics of Truth
Is there war on your t.v.?
I only date guys who drink Snapple
Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
Two new books I should read
Trade and Cultural Progress
Ron Paul and Sound Money
Interesting investment-as-development paper
Two cheers for Bob Tollison
Sandra Day O'Connor on election of judges
Pre-Season Hoops poll
Is there a GMU economic way of thinking?
Congratulations Garvey Essay Winners!
The Inconvenience of Truth to Myth
OJ Trial: On two, ready break
Machiavelli on eminent domain abuse
Speaking of hockey
The 3oz. Bottle in a Baggy Explained
Higgs on 9/11
Markets for queues
The Bayou Belles: They've got soul!
Pandora Radio
Hurricane Dean vs. Howard Dean
Nasdaq going private
What's the optimal number of donkeys?
On the move....again
"No Revision" Policy at Economic Inquiry
Should U.S. Americans instead call themselves United Statesians?
NYT "economic scene" shuffle
Economic Imperialism Redux
Two steps ahead of SCOTUS
How's your liberty?
Global warming non est disputandum
Hurricane Forecasts: Part Deux
Now THIS is reality t.v.
Moving farther down the PPF
The best MR post EVER...
Indefinitely renewable rent seeking
On race bias in NBA foul calling
Property rights vids & news
Cerberus Paribus
How SARBOX may be creating MORE white collar crime
Justices on McCain-Feingold
Brentwood Academy vs. Tennessee
Eminent domain roundup
Thoughts on "Harrison Bergeron"
Creating on/off the hooch
Old Wine
Forecasting: Weather and Economy
Ben Powell on Penn & Teller
Bush yucks it up a notch
Two great quotes on eminent domain
Restaurants: Bastions of Asymmetric Information?
RIAA Sues....Some More
Pills for everything: Cow Burping Edition
"I, Java"
Listen to Milan Kundera
Raise a Glass to George Washington
Full vs. money price 101
New: Southern Journal of Entrepreneurship
Garvey Fellowship Contest
Nuevo Speak
Two New Papers Out
Chip Blips
Milton Friedman Day
Berndt Coffee: Why Fair Trade Fails
Eminent Oddity
"You violated my fargin robot rights"
A Student Writes...
What a bunch of criminals
The intermediate micro of planning your own wedding
World's worst pork
World's best beef
Two Cool Space Photos
Time Inconsistency Problems in Coaching Football
SJSU Tenure Track
Redevelopment without Eminent Domain
IJ Props
College Football Stadiums
The Font Wars
The WP's One-Bladed Scissors
Congressional Politics roundup
Observations on the minimum wage debate
"Serious Study: Immaturity Levels Rising"
Kelo One Year Later: Part 5
Best jobs in America
Buffalo's rampage on drugs
Kelo One Year Later: Part 4
Kelo One Year Later: Part 3
Kelo One Year Later: Part 2
Kelo one year later: Part 1
Judge Alex Kozinski: Hot Libertarian?
New Baby Congrats to Josh
I was too scared to post this yesterday
Business, Takings, and Skyscrapers
How to cook a frog: immigration version
Negative Political Ads
Public Choice Meetings 2007
What's a Plog?
Cheers! New wine blog from USA Today
The Business of Academia
Vincente Fox folds on drug decrim
Mexico decriminalizes small quantity drug possession
Watch a Pulitzer in the Making
David Gordon on Charles Murray on the welfare state
Gas prices: Chin up, Americans!
European Public Choice Meetings
First Nixon, now Reagan goes to China
The Market Saves the Homeland
GMU hoops: Got legs?
Free entry in journalism, and...?
Greatest Ever Run to Final Four
January issue of Public Choice
The War of Ideas
Kite Aerial Photography
Ideas, David Friedman's blog
The Oscars: Paragon of Democratic Efficiency
Blogosphere: Revolution or Reinforcment?
Housing Bears on the Vanguard...?
Congressional Term Limits I
Bottom-up Democracy, Fred Foldvary Style
"There ain't no more draft, son"
Ahem, 12th Man Version
Partisanship…or Party Polarization—In reply to Craig
Bubbilicious Data? Silicon Valley Version
The REAL 12th Man
And for my next trick…
It's the most wonderful time of the academic year...
Jeff Spiccoli, Public Choice Scholar
Wal Mart: Schumpeterian and Kirznerian Entrepreneur
The Division of Labor is Limited by the Extent of the....Roster?
David Friedman, Legal System Traveler

Brad Smith
"If you like your plan, you can keep your plan:" Marketing flaw, or design flaw?
Worst Business Projection Ever
The "Fiscal Cliff": You Got to Know When to Fold
New Heights in Polling Absurdity: The "Fiscal Cliff"
Libertarian views score well on ballot issues
Why are liberals so angry this morning?
Tuesday's Results: Executive Offices Down the Ballot
Down Ballot: State Legislatures
Way down the ballot: Treasurers, Auditors, and other people and offices you never heard of
Downticket: Secretaries of State
Down Ticket: State Attorney General Races
2012 Elections: Governors
Why this libertarian is voting Romney, with enthusiasm
Ken Burns supports Obama: but has he seen It's a Wonderful Life?
This is my life
Quick check on the presidential race
Out of Touch
Is Harry Reid a Liar?
"You didn't build that" - Stop digging, Democrats
While Obama keeps trying to get the poop off his shoes, Mitt finds his raison de etre
Obama's cramped vision of society
Obama reveals self in comments about small business
Friedman Collaborator Anna Schwarz passes at 96.
June, 1980: Reagan takes lead from Carter
McCotter out: libertarian in?
A Quick Take on the 2011 Elections: There is no Quick Take
Is Obama's new attack style working?
Obama: Most economically ignorant president ever?
More on tolerant conservatives
Some early electoral college math
Iowa Straw Poll: Dumbest Event in Politics
One more reason to hate Woodrow Wilson
Lanny Friedlander, R.I.P.
Early evidence shows benefits of Citizens United, decisions
The plight of the (Wisconsin) refugee
Final National Congressional Vote Totals
I'm in love with Hayek
Libertarian Party Founder David Nolan Dead at 66
Election Wrap Up: What Happened in the States
Election Wrap-up, Federal Races.
Is raising taxes on "the rich" inherently good?
"They talk about me like a dog." Er,...
Government: A lying, threatening bully
Senator Byrd departs
GOP Picks up Hawaii Seat
Could Ron Paul Beat Obama?
Mr. Smith Returns to Washington to Discuss Citizens United
Justices Set to Make Gun Ownership a Right?
Do We Need a Deficit Reduction Commission?
A great First Amendment win
"Politics is getting so weird"
Lindsey Graham opposes the industrial revolution
The Myth of Campaign Finance Reform
Anti-Science Liberals
So Many Bowl Games, So Few Bowl Teams
My Frivolous Reaction to the President's Speech on the Afghanistan Surge
Gary Johnson for president?
Tuesday's Democratic losses bode well for freedom
What are the 10 best Supreme Court decisions?
The Stimulus in Cash for Clunkers: Giving Economists Something to Do
Norman Borlaug, R.I.P.
Should Obama Be More Like Reagan?
Why I hate Obama's Speech to School Kids
Citizens United: Corporate Political Speech and Shareholder Rights
Cash for Clunkers: Under Budget?
Cash for Clunkers: Why not a demolition derby?
Cash for Clunkers Idiocy on Display
Government Announces "Rebates for Recipes" Program
The Best of the Beatles
I'm sure this has some significance
Will Libertarians Really Vote for Obama?
No Wonder Protectionism is on the Rise
You've Got to Love Bureaucracy
Why Vote McCain
What Was Missing In Senator McCain's Speech?
Presidential Campaign Miscellania
McCain Touts Role in "Campaign Reform"
The Barr Factor
Fat State, Red State; Thin State, Blue State
Calling Santayana
The Partisan Perils of Winning the Presidency
Election Reflections - A Center-right Country
Finally, Someone Has Captured American Economics
The Elephant in the Room
Washington Stock Exchange is Now Active: Check it Out
One book Meme
9/11 Lunacy
I've been Tagged!
Shut Up! - McCain-Feingold Ban Kicks In Today
The Problem with Candidate Debates
Blackwell-Strickland Debate
The Duke Rape Case Fraud
A New Wave or Political Forecasting?
This Year's Minimum Wage Politics
50 Greatest Libertarian Songs
Must Love Dogs
McCain: "I would rather have a clean government than one where quote First Amendment rights are being respected"
Galbraith dies
Putting the Freedom in Free Enterprise
Act Now to Keep Internet Political Discussion Unregulated
FEC Showdown on Internet Regulation Set for March 16
Putting Excitement Back Into the Winter Olympics
On lobbying and campaign finance reform
Conspiracies and Elections
McCain, Obama & Me
Oh Brother
Writers on the Take
Alito and the Unitary Executive
The Age of Reagan turns 25
Government of the Government, By the Government, For the Government
The Week's Most Important Event
The Dishonesty of Judicial Confirmation Hearings
Good News from the Alito Hearings
Unsolicited Abramoff Scandal Control Advice for Republicans
Academic Conferences: Is this Session Worth Attending?
More Hypocrisy
Hypocrisy in Action
Stranger in a Strange Land

Mike DeBow
Something to keep in mind during your faculty retreat/meeting, etc.
The perfect way to observe Marx's birthday (today)
Schools for Misrule
What Do Deities Maximize?
Government job training programs for (wait for it) . . . ex-pirates
What is seen and what is not seen
One vote making a difference, 2010 edition
Do-it-yourself constitutional history webites
An honest (and revealing) headline in a law school publication
"Trial lawyer for Big Oil"
Another voter faces up to the unforgiving reality of "politics without romance"
Three cheers for Adam Smith!
"Education Secretary Duncan calls Hurricane Katrina good for New Orleans schools"
Obama vs. the Supreme Court
Spontaneous order . . . or something like it
Integrity distinguished from morality and ethics
The Tiger Woods stock market event study
Christmas Eve wisdom from Harry Reid
Nobel blogs
New, improved (free) online sources for legal research
President Garfield on monetary theory
Nothing Succeeds Like Political Failure
Two books to recommend
Posner interviewed, "How Judges Think" reviewed
Reviewing Stearns and Zywicki (forthcoming), Robinson Crusoe and the Constitution, Maryland's mobile millionaires
George Orwell, blogger
Are you headed to law school? Do you know someone who is?
An anthropologist looks at APEE
Wealthiest Americans across time
A preview of HillaryCare II
Vivid example of change in demand; George Will reviews Amity Shlaes
New book on Smith
Robert Bork interview
A sunny day for the Chicago School
Governments and business: Dixie edition
Markets in everything: Toilets at Mardi Gras
Self-awareness can be an elusive thing
Did Huey Long read Bastiat?
Free to Choose and U of C memorial service now online
More Milton Friedman
John Edwards vs. Wal-Mart
If you're looking for more Milton Friedman links
"A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World"
California dreamin'
Wal-Mart round-up
"Age of the Empirical"
Carnival of Wal-Mart
Eulogy for an exemplary economist
How important is Wal-Mart?
Random links
Galbraith again
Happy Hayek's Birthday!
J.K. Galbraith obit roundup
"Why Isn't Socialism Dead?"
Random economics links
"Social Security, Medicare trust funds sink"
Ridiculing gas price hysteria
Rent-seeking observed
Public utility follies in Maryland
Cato Institute is hiring
Is College Still Worth the Cost?
The Iron Lady vs. the mandarins
Health care nirvana declared -- Chilean edition
"Commercial Virtue, Romantic Ecstasy"

Art Carden
Outline for my Economic Outlook Talks
Economic Freedom: A Study Through Video
The Revealed Preferences of the Super-Rich
Resources for IHS Career Development Seminar
The Association of Private Enterprise Education is Decadent and Depraved: 2011
The Thirteen Million Dollar Band
Trade is made of Charlie Sheen Win, Part 2
Trade is made of Charlie Sheen Win, Part 1
Building Brand Equity: Courtemanche and Carden on Warehouse Clubs and Grocery Prices
Adam Smith on Wisconsin
Environmental Economics Post-Doc at Rhodes
Building Brand Equity: Mises Academy Course on "Capitalism and Socialism"
How Economics Saved Christmas
Tyler Cowen on Bourgeois Dignity
Hayek on Inflation
In Which an Anonymous Commenter Wishes Death for Me, My Friends, and My Family
The TSA Trilogy, With More at
Building Brand Equity: More on the TSA
Building Brand Equity: Courtemanche and Carden, J. Urban Econ
QOTD: Kenneth Elzinga on the Market Process
Election Day 2010: Read, Watch, Listen
Building Brand Equity: Speaking at CSU-East Bay, Taxes and Tea Parties
Building Brand Equity: The Housing Market on a Sandy Foundation
Speaking in Denver on Tuesday
Braggin' 'Bout My Institution
Boise Bashers and the Boise Bus
Levitt on Root Beer and Chicken
Cavalcade of Miscellany: New Forbes Column, Caplan Against Libertarian Reform
"Oh No, I Have To Miss Class To Travel!"
Easterly Quote of the Evening
Easterly on Reversing Conditional Probabilities
What is the cross-price elasticity of demand...
Nick Saban Understands the Economics of Prohibition
Paper Idea: African-American Seminary in Memphis?
Building Brand Equity: Carden & Lawson, "Human Rights and Economic Liberalization"
David Friedman on Anarcho-Capitalism
Building Brand Equity: New Working Paper, New Column, More Mises Blogging
Rent-Seeking Exercises
Immigration and the American Economy
Love It Or Leave It!
History of Economic Thought Fail?
Cavalcade of Miscellany: Nullification and Conservatism
Cavalcade of Miscellany
It's About Intentions, Not Effects (Updated)
Horwitz on Payday Lenders
Sam's Club Versus the Fatal Conceit
Interviews with Hayek
Well Said
Interview with Bryan Caplan
Building Brand Equity: Crazy in Alabama?
If It Saves One Life, It's Worth It
168 Hours: Because Opportunity Cost Matters
Great Papers I've Read and Re-Read in the Last 36 Hours
I Still Love Monopoly...
Building brand Equity: Nullfication
Don Boudreaux, Man of Letters
Should Alabama's 7th Congressional District Secede from Alabama?
Letter on Prohibition
Economists Have Work To Do
Econ Exercise from XKCD
Cavalcade of Miscellany
Frederic Bastiat, Born 6/30/1801
A Great Question from George Will
Tom Woods on "Interview with a Zombie"
Building Brand Equity: Pictures of the Socialistic Future
Politicians, Compromise, and Public Office
Is Neoconservatism Dead?
A Thought for a Sunday Afternoon
World Cup Knockout Round: EFW Bracket
Ideas and Civilization
Links for my IHS "Exploring Liberty" Lectures
Quick Links on Voting, Redux
Taylor Grace Carden
For the Second Time in Two Years, We Have Lowered Per Capita GDP
Building Brand Equity: Sowell Review
A Book I Look Forward to Reading
Brain Candy Links: Homer Economicus
Free* Municipal Wifi Networks are Unnecessary
Environmental Economics in One Sentence
Now We See the Violence Inherent in the System!*
JFK, Opportunity Costs, and the Moon
World Cup Participants Ranked by EFW Score
The Spirit of Radio
Yandle on the Crisis
The Road To Serfdom, Condensed
Why Wal-Mart Crushed Downtown Competitors, N=1
Sam Walton and Subsidies (Updated)
Cavalcade of Miscellany: Pileus Blog Edition
I Know What You're Not Going to do This Summer
Don Boudreaux: Man of Letters
Cavalcade of Miscellany
Charles Spurgeon on War
Cavalcade of Miscellany (Updated)
Sowell on the Economics and Politics of Crises
Comforts of Modernity
Corner Solution Parenting and Choking Hazards
The Road To Serfdom, Condensed
Sentences to Ponder*
We Have Work To Do
YouTube: Interviews with Julian Simon
Building Brand Equity: On Nuclear Energy Subsidies in The Freeman
Building Brand Equity: Immigration, Against Fire Socialism
Handy SWEDOW Flowchart
Candy Defined in the Process of Its Emergence
"Common Objections to Capitalism" in Copenhagen
Links for Northeast Shelby Republican Club Meeting
Don Boudreaux: Man of Letters
Quote of the Day
Morning Reading
Peter Klein's The Capitalist and the Entrepreneur
Switzer on Badgering BP
Would This Be Price Gouging?
More Immigration Links
Desperately Seeking Cuffy Meigs, or, That's Just Theory!
Building Brand Equity: Contributions to Medical Progress Today
Building Brand Equity: Carden & Verdon, 2010.
Immigration, or, Why This is a Battle Worth Fighting
Walmart and "Economic Enlightenment" (Updated)
Unintended Consequences and Voting
Tucker on Voting, Swag Bleg
What I've Been Reading Lately
Why I Love Teaching Intro
Public Choice Outreach Seminar
Early QOTD Candidate: Zetland on the Stimulus
Never Forget: 40 Years Ago Today
Hey Students! Intellectual History Project Idea
Empty Statistics
There's No Way This Can Be Real, Right?
Forays Into Commercial Society
Never Forget: May Day 2010 (Updated)
Sports and Politics Paper Idea
Economic Calculation in the Militarist Commonwealth
Best Recent Addition to My Google Reader Feed
Revitalizing Memphis!
Denmark Dispatch: Education is Too Important Not to Be Left to the Market
In Defense of Capitalism
Ghate on Rand and Smith
Writing in Books
Gaia's Wrath and Frederic Bastiat
Economics and Ethics (Updated)
Evening Links
Quote of the Day: Otteson on Rights and Duties
What I've Been Writing Lately
Environmental Colonialism
Capitalist Power and Consumer Sovereignty
McCloskey on the Economics of Advertising
Against Prohibition
The Anti-Economics of Socialism with Heterogeneous Preferences
"Opportunities for Students" Bleg
Taxes and Spending
Protests and Counter-Protests on Tax Day
Melissa Yeoh Owes Me $20
Ross on Otteson and Brook on Smith and Rand
Public Choice Panel on The Myth of the Rational Voter
The Association of Private Enterprise Education is Decadent and Depraved: 2010 Edition
APEE 2010: Penn and Teller
APEE 2010: What Happens in Vegas...
Quote of the Day: Economics and the Environment
Books on the Review Pile
Americana the Beautiful: "Memphis IS Music"
"Profit and Production" available for Download
The Stand-Up Economist In Nashville and Birmingham
What I've Been Re-Writing Lately: Decisions and Revisions Which a Minute Will Reverse
Palmer on the Broken Window Fallacy
What I've Been Writing Lately: On Timothy Ferriss, The Four-Hour Workweek
March Madness: I need a Bracket Bailout!
A Time for Reflection: Thomas Sowell on Experts
On Twitter: 140-Character Microblogging
Baseball Card Bubble
Samizdat: The Libertarian Alarm Clock
Libertarianism v. (American) Liberalism: Has the Market Spoken?
What I've Been Writing Lately: How Shall We Live?
Will Europeans Pay our Medical Bills?
Add Your Name to History
Process Costs of Health Care
Stuff To Read While You Watch College Basketball
NCAA Picks by Econ Dept Ranking
A Day-Brightener
The Process Demonstrates Hayek's Importance
Free Banking for $0
Reposted: Boudreaux on Voting
Southern Civilization Bleg
The Slippery Slope is Greased with Trans Fats
Otteson on Smith and Marx
More Student Opportunities
Quote of the Morning
The Good Morning Burger is a Reality
Sweatshops and Development in China
The Kids are Alright
Catching Up With the Internet
Capitalism and Socialism Bleg
Cavalcade of Miscellany: Race and Rational Voters
Memphis Music
Minimum Wages and the Economic Way of Thinking
Caplan on Crony Capitalism
Building Brand Equity: Trans Fats and The Substance of Style
The American Dream
Building Brand Equity: Foreign Aid & Growth, Entrepreneurs in Memphis
Food Production and Delivery As a Rent-Seeking Society
Foreign Aid as a Rent-Seeking Society
Building Brand Equity: Carden and Hall 2010
What Executives Should Say When They're Hauled in Front of Congress
Quote of the Morning
Music to My Ears: Johnny Cash's American VI: Ain't No Grave
The Wages of Labour (Updated)
CTV, not the Onion
Cavalcade of Miscellany: Quotes and Links (updated)
Admiral Ackbar for Ole Miss Mascot?
Walmart, Obesity, and Produce
Thought Experiment in the Economic Way of Thinking (UPDATED)
Free-Range Kids
Lots-o-Links Roundup
Recent Reading
Indiana Retrospective
Greetings from Indiana
Knowing is Half the Battle, Revisited
Cavalcade of (Semi-)Miscellany: Bloomington School Resources
New Light on the Star Wars Saga
The Truth Isn't Always Found By Meeting in the Middle
Knowing is Half the Battle
Super Bowl Subsidy Shuffle
Milton Friedman on Steel Protectionism
Has "Technology...Subverted the Original Idea of America?"
Buena Vista Links and Suggestions
Summer 2010 Opportunities
The Myopia of Politics
On Prying and Gossip
Keynes/Hayek Rap with Chinese Subtitles
Inconsistencies in Public Discourse: Che Guevara
Chez Schumpeter: Creative Destruction in the Kitchen
Cavalcade of Miscellany: Politics & Power, Moral Decline, Arachno-Capitalism
Generic News
Brilliant Protest
On the Road Again...
SOTU Takeaway Points
Steve Jobs Unveiled an Amazing New Product...
Baptists, Bootleggers, and Bingo
Jobs, Power, Politics, Tolkien
"Do You Have a Minute?"
On the Bookshelf: Paris Under Water
On the Hayek/Keynes Video (Updated)
Wise Words
A New Addition to the Bookshelf
Haiti, Immigration, and Development
MLK and Poverty
Haiti and the Development Idea that Hasn't Been Tried
The New Paternalism Crashes Down the Slippery Slope
Did a Deal With the Devil Cause the Haitian Earthquake?
Political FAIL, c. 1866
New Paper: Economic Progress and Entrepreneurial Innovation
Segregation and Public Choice
Eschatology Bleg
Walter Block on Tour
Big Mac
The Caveman Diet
Stossel on Atlas Shrugged
If Rush Can't Play "Tom Sawyer" on Rock Band...
Easterly, Acton, and Visionary Leadership
Predictions: Indentification Strategies Through Sports
The BCS Trophy Goes to Walmart
Review of The Retail Revolution
Boettke on Academia
What I've Been Revising Lately
Otteson on the Great Mind
Dispatches from Sabbatical Prep, Part II: Kemmons Wilson Quotes
Dispatches from Sabbatical Prep
Building Brand Equity: The Freeman and Radio Free Market
Jeff Tucker on the 1.6 Gallon Toilet
What I've Been Writing Lately
On Economics, Theology, and Evidence
What I've Been Reading Lately: Holiday Break Edition
Restaurant Reviews from Birmingham: The Baskits, Saigon Noodle House
Drip: Black & Decker Junior Play Workbench
An Idea for a New Constitution
Reason.TV on the Naughties: Worst. Political Decade. Ever.
Sex and Housework
Political Romance Versus Political Reality
Sentences of the Day, So Far
The Afghanistan Plan in a Couple of Screens
Gary Becker, Call Your Office
What I've Been Reading and Writing Lately
Building Brand Equity: New Issue of NPPE
I Am Not Proud of My Alma Mater
Richard McKenzie, "Microeconomics for MBAs"
Climategate, Growthgate, and the Pretence of Knowledge
Apply for a Humane Studies Fellowship
In Honor of Final Exams, Here's XKCD
Tuesday Wisdom from Hayek
What I've Been Reading Lately: An Application to Climategate
On "Conspicuous Compassion"
Salvador Allende's Potemkin Interwebs
Modifiers for Good and Bad
First Degree Price Discrimination FAIL
Guest Post: Mike Hammock on Climategate
Building Brand Equity: Links for Radio Free Market Tomorrow at 1:00
What (Bob Lawson and) I Have Been Writing Lately: Human Rights and Economic Liberalization
No Free Lunch: Education
A Terrifying Message from Al Gore
Cavalcade of Miscellany: A Deep Breath on Monday Morning
Cavalcade of Miscellany: Sunday Morning!
The Funniest Thing I've Heard Over Thanksgiving Break
Black Friday Price Discrimination
The Minimum Wage: An Open Plea to My Friends on the Left
Questions on The Price of Everything
Cavalcade of Miscellany: On the Road Again...
Building Brand Equity: On Profit in Health Care
Thinking Globally, Acting...Globally and Locally
Studies in Government FAIL
Science Funding
Considering Socialism
Remember, Remember, the Ninth of November: Democide in Perspective
Never Again
Relativism: Lazy and Strong
Cavalcade of Miscellany: Capitalism, Food, and Health
Boudreaux on Voting
Roger Garrison at Rhodes Tomorrow Night
Party Like It's 1989: Anniversaries
Drugs: Should They Be Legal or Illegal?
Cavalcade of Miscellany: Overcoming Bias in College Football Edition
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Rhetoric and Rebound After Katrina
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Revealed Preference
I Expect to See This in Roger Garrison's "Austrian Business Cycle Theory" Lecture at Mises U
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Econ-pwned by Don Boudreaux
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Fascinating Propaganda
Word of the Day: Environmysticism
Deadweight Loss
Not From the Onion
Waiting, or Paying, to Exhale
Have the Editors of the Onion Read My Paper?!?!
Economists on Ethics: Caplan v. Hanson on Liberty and Efficiency
Paper Idea
Guerrilla Economics: Student Housing at Rhodes
Douglass C. North at Rhodes Tonight
Can't We Pass a Law or Something?
What I've Been Writing Lately: Property, Prices, and the Environment
Notes on the State
What I've Been Writing Lately, Part II
What I've Been Writing Lately
Minimum Wages Again
The Economics and Theology of Aid
Cavalcade of Miscellany
Conformity, Virginity, and Booze
John O'Sullivan's Conversation with F.A. Hayek
We Don't Care. We Don't Have To. We're the Phone Company."
Ought, Can, and Calculation
Excellent and Vivid Example from Don Boudreaux
What I've Been Writing Lately
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Mises Block Quote of the Day
Anti-Foreign Bias
Your Vote Matters: Help Pete Leeson get on "All Things Considered"
Econ 101 Exam Question?
Letter to the Editor on Stadium Subsidies
Douglass C. North at Rhodes, April 23
The Association of Private Enterprise Education is Decadent and Depraved: Reflections on the 2009 Conference
Misplaced Faith
Student Programs and a Culture of Excellence
Markets in Everything
Big Gestures: Earth Hour, Buy Nothing Day, Etc.
Not From the Onion
Mapping the Road to Serfdom: Communism Can't Handle Dissent
Renaissance Men: "Ask U2"
Deirdre McCloskey Comes to Rhodes Wednesday Evening
Property Rights Matter: Karol Boudreaux on Community-Based Natural Resource Management
Lant Pritchett on Immigration
Article on Email
Doing Good, Feeling Good, and Looking Out the Window: Best Sentences of the Morning
Are Strong Borders a Human Rights Violation?
Unintended Consequences: Biofuel and Food Prices
Interesting Working Papers
Score One for Perceptive Reporting
David Hart on Karl Marx
Bourgeois Rhetoric: Respect for Individuals
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Coming Events: Lectures at Rhodes
The Economics and Politics of Prohibition
Stone-Throwing and Glass Houses
Wisdom, Compassion, and Responsibility
Entrepreneurs and the Great Conversation
Classical and Marxian AV Club
Paul Heyne Quote of the Day
More Rhetoric and Narrative: Are There Limits to Growth?
A Contribution to Bourgeois Rhetoric
People Respond to Incentives: Law Enforcement and No-Knock Raids
A Possible Exam Question: Are Lives "sure to be saved"?
Recent Reading: Unfinished Thousand-Page Tomes
Endless Summer
My Labour Confronts Me as Something Alien
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David Harvey on Karl Marx
Brad DeLong on Karl Marx the Economist, the Activist, and the Moralist-Prophet
Notes on Julian Simon
David Boaz on Disaster Socialism
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Dan Mitchell on Economic Growth, Brad DeLong on Karl Marx
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DeLong on the Academic Job Market
Bleggar Thy Neighbor
Books in the Home and Child Development
Treatment Effect of Cohabitation Bleg
Bob Lawson Owes Me a Drink
Running While Thinking About Bohm-Bawerk and Marx
Reality TV and Economics
Render Unto Caesar?
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Atlas Shrugs in Florida: Falaschetti and Douglass on Political Risk
I Can't Tell if This is Funny...
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Friday Night at the Carden House
A Thought Experiment
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Best Blog Post Title That Should Be An Album Title That I've Read Today
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Bryan Caplan on Parental Investment in Kids
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Course Syllabi
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Today's Reading: Macroeconomic Populism
What is THE Multiplier?
Technology and Household Bargains
Best Sentence I've Read This Afternoon
It Depends on Your Perspective...
Headline Double-Take
Black-Market Kidney Sales
California Dreamin'
Is the Productivity Bubble Popping?
For 2009: McCloskey on the Bourgeois Virtues, Once More with Feeling
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We're Taking Your Money and Putting You on the Hook For Others' Bad Decisions
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Is Bush's Ambition Made of Sterner Stuff?
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Hayek in 1975 (updated)
Best Sentence I've Read Today*
Transaction Costs and Institutional Change: Saturday Morning College Football Blogging
What Creates a Self-Policing Corporate Culture? (Updated)
Rent-Seeking and Public Finance in Monty Python
Voting Essay Contest Winner
What I've Been Writing Lately
What Conversations About Economics Are Like Sometimes
Emek Basker is Right on Target
Build a Better City By Stifling Innovation
What Would Good News Look Like?
Louis CK on the Tragedy and Poverty of Modernity
Building Brand Equity: "Under Review" Becomes "Forthcoming"
Three Reasons for Optimism
Anticipating Obamanomics?
Chez Schumpeter: Creative Destruction in the Kitchen
Drip: Bollywood Workout Videos
The Law
We're Number One...
Building Brand Equity: Obama's Economic Policy Proposals
Division of Labour Contest: Rock the Vote or Mock the Vote?
If I Had A Trillion Dollars: War and Opportunity Cost
Will Politicians Retract?
Human Action or Material Forces of Production?
Moral Suasion: God Bless the NRA!
An Unintended Consequence of the Minimum Wage?
Won't The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?
Virginia Postrel on Glamour
Blog Action Day: Poverty
Klein on "Drug Approval Denationalization"
What I've Been Writing Lately
Nothing New Under the Sun
A Hayekian Economist's Serenity Prayer
Free Markets, Greed, and the Bailout
Debate Chat Transcript
On the Road Again...
College Football, Conference Fandom, and the Economics of Identity
Cavalcade of Miscellany: College Football Edition
Building Brand Equity: Why Gas Prices Rise (updated)
Introduction to Comparative Advantage
Recent Reading and Writing
EconTalk: Podcast with Shiller on the Housing Crisis
Revising My Priors: Alabama Football Edition
Cavalcade of Miscellany
Wal-Mart Picks Up Our Paper
Households: Making Apples-to-Oranges Comparisons
Lisa Verdon at George Mason
Building Brand Equity: Fill-in-the-Blanks about Price Gouging
Cavalcade of Miscellany
Specialization and Division of Labour
What I've been Writing Lately
McCloskey versus Her Critics
Building Brand Equity: we're #1!!!
Creative Destruction: this is a really neat idea, but...
Third-Party Politics
Recent Reading
The Chewbacca Defense
More Economics Haiku
Economics Haiku: Transaction Costs
Compete With Me: Another Freakonomics Contest
To Serve and Protect, cont'd.
To Serve and Protect
Compete With Me: Economics Haiku
Baby Picture
International Economics
Political Action
On Gordon Tullock
But What About the Blogging Economists Who Like College Football And Barbecue Demographic?
Leadfoot Fed Shreds Cred: Recession Ahead?
Music Review: Eve's Burden
Recent Reading
Destructive Fallacies
The Milton Friedman Institute
Adam Smith on "Folly and Presumption"
Chez Schumpeter: Creative Destruction in the Kitchen
I Wonder How Long This Will Last
Drip: Iced Coffee
Building Brand Equity: Paper on Hayek and Buchanan
Infant Nutrition Bleg
Building Brand Equity and Blegging Shamelessly: Saving Gas
A Great Question About Markets and State
Will Wal-Mart Destroy Potsdam, New York?
The Revolution Will be Printed on a T-Shirt That Retails for $17.99
Walter Block on Point-Shaving
A Lot Has Happened Since Thursday
On the Minimum Wage
The Future is Now
Best Sentence I've Read This Morning*
Review of Richard Land, The Divided States of America
The Shock Doctrine Gets Taken Apart
Building Brand Equity: Economics in One Lesson With Grandmaster Flash
Building Brand Equity: the XM/Sirius Merger
Best Sentences I've Read Today*
Playing the Game
Wal-Mart, Obesity, and the Battle of Los Angeles
Heterogeneous Human Capital
Size Matters: Cell Phones and Cancer
Speaking of Alcohol...
Speculators, Continued
Best Sentences I've Read Today*
Interesting Lists
Joe DiMaggio Was Great and All...
Best Sentence I've Read Today*
Financial Literacy
Leave Ronald McDonald Alone!
Building Brand Equity: Wal-Mart Op-Ed
Letter on the DIY Economy
What I've Been Reading Today*
Lindsay Campbell: Mock the Vote
Firms in the Marvel Universe
Re-combining Knowledge
Mike Moffatt's Fitness Challenge
What I've Been Reading (and Watching) Lately*
Higgs on the "Credit Crunch"
PhD Comics
Letter to the Editor: Marx in Economics
Letter to the Editor: Stimulus Package
Top Ten Paper
Letter to the Editor: Mike Munger in the NC Debates
Letter to the Editor: Oil
Colbert Report Online
Armentano and Paul on Antitrust
How Should One Decide Who to Support?
Building Brand Equity: Thoughts on Speculators
Tough Questions for John McCain...
Read 'em and Weep
Moral Sentiments: Billy Graham speaks at TED
Free-conomics, or, You Say You Want an Education?
Building Brand Equity: Local Foods and the InBev/A-B Deal
Chad Vader on Customer Service
Best Sentence I've Read Today*
What I've Been Reading Lately*
Freakonomic Serendipity
Truth v. Truthiness: Will Wilkinson Takes Down Barbara Ehrenreich
Paging Wesley Mouch: The War on "Speculation"
Building Brand Equity: Congratulations Mike, Caleb, Evelyn, and Alison!
"Nickel and Dimed"
Compulsory Volunteering
Best Sentence I've Read Today*
Drew Carey on the Bacon Dog War
More Stuff Online
Building Brand Equity: Op-Ed on Globalization and Culture
Poor Yorick: Rockin' the Late-90s Tuscaloosa Scene
"It's a pornography store. I was buying pornography."
Best Sentence I've Read Today*
Go East, Young Man
What I've Been Reading Lately*
Building Brand Equity: Profit Paper
Celebrating Independence Day
Limiting Access to the Political Order in North Carolina
More Resources on the Great Depression
Internment Camps and You: Partners in Freedom
Hans Rosling on Global Poverty
Building Brand Equity: Stuff in Print
On the Road: Notes from the Northeast
It Can Still Be Useful Even if It Is Thrown Away
Dey Tuk ehr Jehrbs!
Building Brand Equity: Paper on Biases
Building Brand Equity: Articles on Price Controls and Rent-Seeking
Reduce Your Expenses by Slowing Down
Underpants Gnomes, Care Bears, and Economic Development
Falaschetti et al. on Firm Governance
Obama Moves to the Middle
South Park Online
What Should the Pigou Tax Be?
Responding to Higher Gas Prices
Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy in Academia
Taxes and Government
The Depravity of Modernity: Rocking Out to Pachelbel
Leak: Deadweight Loss from the Minimum Wage
Dilbert on Presentation Skills
Building Brand Equity: Wal-Mart and Social Capital
Where Economics and Political Philosophy Meet
Building Brand Equity: Another Paper about Wal-Mart
Bruegmann on Sprawl
Flooding the Market With Cheap Goods: Defending the Undefendable
Stick-it-to-the-Man Bias
The Locavore's Dilemma: Think Globally, Act Globally?
Irony: Internet Shopping
My Inner Julian Simon: Putting My Money Where Their Mouths Are
Will Wilkinson on Production and Distribution
Powell on Sweatshops
Bryan Caplan Calls Our Bluff
Steal This Book: Capital-Based Macroeconomics
Drip: Matthew Sweet
The Art of Economics: Recycling and the Equal-Marginal Principle
Fast-Food Feedbags
Drip: K-Cups
Building Brand Equity: The Third Man
Building Brand Equity: AIER, ISNIE, IHS
Graduate Student Sessions at SEA
Building Brand Equity: Mike Moffatt's Coasean Bargain
Research 2.0
Government is a Force That Gives us Meaning
Drip: Baby "Travel Systems"
Oil Potpourri
Verbing Weirds Language*
Thinkiness: Adding to the Spontaneous Order
Papers on Katrina, Review of "Making Poor Nations Rich"
The Farm Bill: Rent-Seeking and Rational Irrationality
Thomas Sowell, Caplanian
Paper on Corruption, Economic Freedom, and Economic Growth
Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children?
Moving Harvard?
"Lessons from the Great Depression" (Updated)
Happy Birthday, Dear Peter...
Dilbert, Hayekian?
Happy Birthday, Dear Hayek...
Scooping Up Surplus
Paternalistic Mission Creep: A Paper I Look Forward to Reading
Trent Reznor, Price Discriminator (Updated)
Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand: Gas and Camels in India
The Falling Relative Price of Knowledge (UPDATED)
Who's Your City?* A Haiku for the Mid-South
Incentives of the Untenured
Violence in Chicago
The New Economics of Mass Collaboration
Stevenson and Wolfers on Happiness on CNBC
Building Brand Equity: Questions on Tax Incidence, Externalities, and Consumer Choice
Caplan and Krugman: City Dwellers
Green Business
The Use and Abuse of Powerpoint
This has got to be an Instrument for Something
Visions of Paradise
Procrastination is Blogging
Building Brand Equity: Environmentalists and Economists
The Pork Barrel
Brad DeLong's Morning Coffee
Education in Africa: Science and Entrepreneurship
Chris Coyne at Rhodes, 3/24
Fooled By the Randomness of March Madness
This and That
Krugman on Interstellar Trade
Building Brand Equity: Memphis Entrepreneurs
Baptists and Bootleggers
Building Brand Equity: Ethics and Development
Building Brand Equity: Helping People Lose Weight
Building Brand Equity: Division of Labour at Public Choice
Developing Markets in Ethiopia
Systematic Voter Errors
Bryan Caplan at Rhodes
Castro Steps Down
The War on Cold Relief
Big Business Versus Mom-and-Pop
Trade Creates Wealth
Looking Out the Window: Epidemiology and Sippy Cups
Environmentalists and Economists: Common Ground?
The Art of Economics: Biofuel and Indonesian Rain Forests
"The Division of Labour Gradually Becomes More General..."

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Best Question of the Year
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Towards a Theory of Gustatory Preferences
Proof That Infectious Buzzwords Have Reached China
Session with Dr. Bullard, continued
Session with Dr. Bullard, President of the St. Louis Fed
Important visitor on campus
Academic Bleg
Rut roh..., China Edition
Paging Professor Friedman
Mexico… again
Investment in non-transferable, intangible capital in Mexico and drug decriminalization
Last posting on the Fed for a while
Doin' it wrong...
Money supply, inflation, and envelopes, part 3….
Real and nominal effects of monetary policy
Back of the envelope calculations


The statesman who should attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals would not only load himself with a most unnecessary attention, but assume an authority which could safely be trusted, not only to no single person, but to no council or senate whatever, and which would nowhere be so dangerous as in the hands of a man who had folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it. -Adam Smith

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