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February 18, 2011

Since I haven't blogged in several weeks (months?), I guess I should try to get back in the game. Mostly I just don't think I have much good to say, at least in comparison to all the other great bloggers out there.

Anyway, in the category of self-promotion, I thought I'd pass along the news to those who haven't heard. I'm leaving Auburn for SMU. Starting in August I will be the [take deep breath] Jerome M. Fullinwider Chair in Economic Freedom in the William O'Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom in the Edwin L. Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

We're going to have to shorten that somehow on the business card!

A lot of people are asking about what happened here at Auburn. If you care, and I don't know why you should, I've written a little summary of the fun times I've had at Auburn the last three years.

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Posted by Robert Lawson at 03:19 PM in Personal

September 17, 2010
Braggin' 'Bout My Institution

Rhodes College was ranked #1 among "Most Service-Minded Schools" by Newsweek. In my experience with Rhodes students, this isn't surprising. Many of the students I'm around on a daily basis exemplify a strong service ethic, and the institution has put a lot of resources into developing service programs. Our students' service to the broader community isn't always obvious as we send a lot of students into commercial sector occupations (like investment banking) that don't fit traditional definitions of "community service" but that nonetheless do a lot to make the world a much better place.

Congratulations to everyone in the Rhodes community. It's an honor to serve with you.

Posted by Art Carden at 05:31 PM in Personal

September 08, 2010
"They talk about me like a dog." Er,...

The President says that his critics "talk about me like a dog." I just want to be clear that I never talk about the President like I talk about my dog.

Posted by Brad Smith at 11:50 PM in Misc. ~ in Personal ~ in Politics

June 19, 2010
Taylor Grace Carden

A picture of our most recent addition to the denominator in per-capita income measures is below the fold.

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Posted by Art Carden at 12:15 PM in Personal

June 17, 2010
For the Second Time in Two Years, We Have Lowered Per Capita GDP

Per Capita GDP fell yesterday at 5:03 PM when Taylor Grace Carden entered the world. She's 20 inches long and 7.25 pounds. If Bryan Caplan is right, I'm more optimistic about the future of liberty.

Posted by Art Carden at 08:37 PM in Personal

January 30, 2010
Chez Schumpeter: Creative Destruction in the Kitchen

I guest-post on No More Nuggets here.

Posted by Art Carden at 02:44 PM in Personal

July 09, 2009
Shameless Commercialism, Once More

My baby boy Shane has a second restaurant, in Oakhurst Village, Decatur.

Here's the last paragraph from a Creative Loafing review:

Did I mention that portions are huge? Neither of us could eat more than half our pasta entrees, so plan to share a starter. These four dishes cost under $35. I’ve had many meals twice the price that didn’t come close to Saba’s quality.
Posted by Wilson Mixon at 10:22 AM in Personal

January 29, 2009
Nice pic, Art, but...

...this is my kid, Keri, at age 3. I swear this wasn't staged. I came in the room and there she was with my copy of the book. She's 13 now and you can just imagine how much she loves this pic now. Ok, not.


Posted by Robert Lawson at 02:17 PM in Personal

August 28, 2008
Georgia picture

This is the lake resort where I'm teaching this week. No Russian tanks in sight!

Picture 003small.jpg

Posted by Robert Lawson at 10:19 AM in Personal

August 25, 2008
Baby Picture

My family visited this weekend; here's a Saturday picture of Jacob (courtesy of my sister Jenny). This one is now my desktop wallpaper at school. Jacob's carseat is covered with warning labels. For that matter, so is just about every other baby-related doodad we own. Here's Steve Levitt on carseats.

Posted by Art Carden at 02:10 PM in Personal

August 10, 2008
It's a boy!

I would like to introduce you to Lorenzo Hayward Lopez, born Sunday August 10 at 11:08 am weighing 7 pounds 13.3 ounces and measuring 20.75 inches. Everything's great.


Posted by Edward J. Lopez at 11:09 PM in Personal

July 02, 2008
Why my office smells of bourbon and diapers

After traveling for more than a week, I came back to the office for the first time this morning, and this is what welcomed me:


Good people here at Liberty Fund. Baby is due August 4th-ish.

Posted by Edward J. Lopez at 03:34 PM in Personal

April 30, 2008
A Haiku for my city?

Columbus sails away
An eagle soars in the sky
Auburn comes closer

Posted by Robert Lawson at 02:14 PM in Personal

April 15, 2008
Building Brand Equity: Book Review Grab Bag

I am grateful for my wonderful co-bloggers for keeping up the pace in my absence. A new job, new preps, and publishing commitments are keeping my blogging to a minimum for now.

Some of my recent book reviews you might find interesting.

A review of The Law Growth Nexus: The Rule of Law and Economics Development by Kenneth Dam for Law and Politics Book Review.

A review of Entrepreneurship and Economic Progress by Randy Holcombe in The Review of Austrian Economics.

A review of Thomas F. Walsh: Progressive Businessman and Colorado Mining Tycoon by John C. Stewart for EH.net.

Posted by Joshua Hall at 02:21 PM in Personal

February 13, 2008
War Eagle!

It's official.

I have accepted an offer to join the faculty at Auburn University as a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Finance in the College of Business. I will also serve as Co-Director of the newly-created Center for International Finance and Global Competitiveness where I will direct the Economic Freedom Initiative working with a team of faculty and students working on research and educational outreach related to the economic freedom project.

Anyone want to buy my house?

Posted by Robert Lawson at 09:18 AM in Economics ~ in Personal

February 06, 2008
ABBA to Zeppelin in Local Fishwrap

A local reporter for the Beloit Daily News did a nice story on my use of music in the classroom. Sorry Bob and Dirk, while I mentioned you two by name several times, the reporter decided to just call you 'two men.' C'est la vie.

BTW, Welcome Art!

Posted by Joshua Hall at 05:42 PM in Personal

January 30, 2008
Now blogging from NW Ohio

Having gotten a post-transplant doctor’s OK to drive, I am now in Bowling Green, Ohio, spending the rest of the spring semester at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center of Bowling Green State University. My email address remains the same. If my writing begins to seem a bit flat, blame it on the influence of the local terrain – I swear that the only elevated ground in town is the overpass ramp where Wooster St. crosses the interstate.

From the drive up, I have a question to the management of the I-75-adjacent Wendy’s in Troy, OH: did it ever occur to you that, men being the way they are, putting hot air blowers rather than paper towel dispensers in the men’s room really won’t save you any money when there are stacks of free napkins on the counter just outside the door?

Posted by Lawrence H. White at 03:56 PM in Personal

January 12, 2008
Medical update

My kidney transplant surgery on Tuesday was successful. Recovery proceded at what is apparently the normal pace: I slept for the next 20 hours, sat up a little on Wednesday, began walking a little on Thursday, got my IVs disconnected and meds adjusted on Friday, and waited around all day Saturday to be discharged. I'm now home resting. Thanks to all those who sent good wishes.

Posted by Lawrence H. White at 09:53 PM in Personal

December 31, 2007
Running/Hiking Year in Review

I had a very good year of running in 2007 with no injuries and several fun races:

2007 Totals:
Total Miles: 1654.7
Number of Runs: 221
Average Run: 7.5
Longest Run: 37.3
Average/Week: 31.4

Date Race Time Pace
12/29/ Huff Frigid Trail Run 50k (51k) 5:19:17 9:59
12/16/ Festivus Fat Ass 50k 5:20:00 10:19
11/22/ Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day 10k 39:39 6:23
11/18/ Ole Man River Half Marathon New Orleans 1:29:14 6.48
11/09/ Forestry Preserve Trail 5k (Auburn) 20:34 6:36
9/22/ Indian Run Hocking Hills Trail 60k 6:31:01 10:49
9/10/ Erie Marathon at Presque Isle 3:14:38 7:26
7/4/ John Barr Bexley 5k 19:08 6:10
6/10/ Penitentissime Trail 30k (France) 4:18:40 13:54
4/29/ John Bryant 50k 5:40:14 10:59
4/16/ Boston Marathon 3:29:23 8:00
2/11/ Last Chance for Boston Marathon 3:43:32 8:32
1/28/ Winter Run 15 Miles 1:52:44 7:31

I also had a pretty good year bagging mountains: Kilimanjaro (19340') in March, Turtlehead Peak (6324') in March, Charleston Peak (11918') in July, and Mt. Washington (6288') in December.

Posted by Robert Lawson at 04:00 PM in Personal

December 21, 2007
Medical news

For anyone who's interested in my medical saga: I'm scheduled to receive a kidney transplant on January 8, pending last-minute tests. The donor is my first cousin. I guess my parents actually had my long-run best interests in mind when they dragged me to all those family reunions.

Posted by Lawrence H. White at 06:56 PM in Personal

December 13, 2007
Winter Break

Like most of the other DoLers I've been quiet for the last week as final grading as been upon us. I'm looking forward to the break this year. Aside from the usual research time, I'll be running a 50k this weekend, doing a three-day winter mountaineering course that hopefully will culminate in a summit of Mt. Washington in NH, and then another 50k on Dec 30.

Yes, yes, I know, I know, yo soy muy loco. Just in case you don't know how loco, check out the current temps on the Mt. Washington summit. It's a balmy 9 degrees F and 40 mph winds as I write this. This morning it was -10F with 80 mph winds though. Yikes! I give us a 50-50 shot.

Posted by Robert Lawson at 08:26 PM in Personal

July 12, 2007
It's not Saigon, but...

The last of the Depken's are heading out of Texas this evening. For those who aren't up-to-date, I am taking a position at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte starting this fall. I am going to miss UT-Arlington and will have wonderful memories of one of the most well-kept secrets of academia - a place with great collegiality, brains, and output. I look forward to the challenges and experiences in my new position but will not lose touch or loyalty with the department that gave me my first job and tenured position.

New contact information will be forthcoming but for the moment any email can be sent to depken-at-sbcglobal-dot-net.

Blogger out for a few days until I get east of the Mississippi.

Posted by Craig Depken at 05:16 PM in Personal

July 06, 2007
Two steps ahead of SCOTUS

Associated Press on Yahoo! news reports, this story

"Justices to teach, travel in Europe"

Here's a proposition a majority of the Supreme Court can agree on, without rancor or regard for ideology: Europe is a good place to spend the summer.

At least five of the nine justices will travel there this summer, mostly to take part in international programs sponsored by U.S. law schools.

I just returned from three weeks in Europe with my wife. No teaching. But plenty of sun in Mediterranean Spain, France, and Italy, with a long weekend in Munich and a topper-offer in Rome. Sorry, no Tyler-esque observations sophistiquées. But I did meet up with Ed Stringham for a week. Great fun.

Oh, the Justice with the coolest Eurotrip itinerary? Probably Roberts, who's scheduled for Vienna and Paris.

Posted by Edward J. Lopez at 08:51 AM in Personal

March 15, 2007
Kilimanjaro Trip Report

I've posted a complete trip report (.pdf) online. Enjoy.

Posted by Robert Lawson at 02:09 PM in Personal

March 13, 2007
Mt. Kilimanjaro.

I hope to write up a complete trip report soon, but in the meantime, here's the money shot from Kilimanjaro.


Posted by Robert Lawson at 12:44 PM in Personal

February 21, 2007
Beloit College

I am happy to announce that I will be joining the Department of Economics and Management at Beloit College this fall. I am extremely excited about being able to work with such great colleagues and students.

Thanks to everyone who I had the opportunity to interact with this spring. It was a great opportunity to spend time with old friends and make new ones.

Posted by Joshua Hall at 08:35 AM in Personal

January 11, 2007

My baby boy Shane (baby: He's 6' 7" & weighs 240 or so) is co-owner of Saba restaurant in Atlanta. Saba was recently named best new pasta restaurant in Atlanta. Link here.

Posted by Wilson Mixon at 07:28 PM in Personal

June 27, 2006
Congratulations to Santiago Pinto

I am fortunate in so many ways. I have great friends, a loving family, an an intellectually stimulating environment.

One of the ways in which I am fortunate is the quality of the faculty here at West Virginia. When I decided to come to West Virginia, I did so because of Russ Sobel. The quality of the other faculty did not enter my decision-making process. Yet ten classes must be taken in order to take the one graduate course that Russ teaches. It was not clear to me at the beginning that I would make it see Russ's class or how beneficial my experience would be should I make it.

Fortunately for me, the graduate faculty here at West Virginia are excellent teachers. I certainly do not consider myself to be a "macro" guy, but after taking Ron Balver's Macro Theory 1 I feel like I really understand macroeconomics and it is no wonder that our graduates tend to be good teachers of introductory and intermediate macro given that they have all taken his class.

The best graduate faculty member, in my opinion, at West Virginia University is Santiago Pinto. He teaches Math Econ, Dynamic Methods, Micro II, and Graduate Urban. The quality of his teaching in Math Econ was extremely beneficial to me after being away from school so long. With a lesser teacher, I am afraid I would not be typing this today. His careful and detailed explanation of the basic monocentric model in Graduate Urban gave me a newfound appreciation for the usefulness of model building. In addition he is an excellent scholar with a recent publication in the Journal of Public Economics and a couple others in the Journal of Urban Economics. In my opinion his recent receipt of the College of Business and Economics' Outstanding Teacher Award is well-deserved.

Posted by Joshua Hall at 12:31 PM in Personal

The statesman who should attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals would not only load himself with a most unnecessary attention, but assume an authority which could safely be trusted, not only to no single person, but to no council or senate whatever, and which would nowhere be so dangerous as in the hands of a man who had folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it. -Adam Smith

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